Report: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Costume Designer Refers to Game as “Final Fantasy XV”

While it’s been rumored a time or two that Final Fantasy Versus XIII might actually have morphed into Final Fantasy XV, we haven’t really seen any concrete evidence to back that claim until today. One of the costume designers for the game, Hiromu Takahara, who designed the outfit worn by Noctis, lists Final Fantasy XV on his job history in place of Versus XIII. According to his resume, his contributions ended in 2008, which falls in line with what we know about the game’s development so far.

We know that a new Final Fantasy game is coming this year. Could it be Versus XIII in its new FFXV guise?

Source: Hiromu Takahara via All Games Beta

  • zdog

    Wow, that is some big news, they have a TON of explaining to do!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1758190677 Brian R Dalgetty

    If they turned Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV but kept the combat and story it was originally going to have I have zero complaints, I have been looking forward to this game for years and if it is just getting released under a different title then I am really excited.

    • zdog

      I think it would be tough though, so much of the story shares the mythos and themes that were had in XIII that I think it would be really hard to keep that story and give it a new numbered title. I know all final fantasies share common elements, but I think it would confuse consumers to have a game that continues to touch on specific elements from the previous entry.

      • Primus

        I believe this game might be that exception. From what i understand, this game only shares the same mythos, meaning it shares the same concept of the Fal’cie and the Ilcie, but it never intertwines with Lightning’s Story nor Final Fantasy 13 type-0. Even with this similar mythos, it seems as if the worlds is completely different.

        And honestly, from what they have shown from the game, the world looks completely different than the other final fantasy 13(s). I wouldn’t even have guessed a similarity if it werent for the portrait of Etro. So even through their similarities, I believe this game is unique enough to be called Final Fantasy XV without problem.

    • Primus

      I have the same feeling as you do. However, I have become fearful as of late. I recently read a rumor that the combat system originally shown may be changed in this game to feel more Final Fantasyish as opposed to Kindom Heartish.

  • CChaplin

    I don’t care *what* they call this game as long as there’s hope of playing it in the foreseeable future!