RUMOR: Activision Upset at Black Ops II Wii U Sales, Says Nintendo Fans Are All Talk (UPDATE)

Given that the Wii U has a relatively small install base, no one expected Call of Duty: Black Ops II to sell like hotcakes on the system, but according to supposed indie developer “Calvin Hall” the sales numbers are much lower than what Activision expected. Hall claims to have met with “an employee for a studio that makes games for Activision” who revealed that Activision is extremely unhappy with the sales of the Wii U port, going as far as to call out Nintendo fans for their hypocrisy.

UPDATE: Starting from the fact that “Calvin Hall” is posting from a brand-new WordPress blog and Twitter account, that his sites feature a photo of a completely different individual, identified as “Booz Celestine”, as well as the utter lack of a trail for “Calvin Hall” anywhere else in the industry, there’s reasonable room to suspect that this might not be a “real” developer. Of course, none of those things necessarily confirms that “Calvin Hall” is not a real person, either. We’re still marking this as a “rumor,” but we’d like to further underline that this whole thing should be taken with a heaping pile of salt.

UPDATE: The ruse is up, “Calvin Hall”! As you can see, the WordPress account has been deleted. Thanks to Jared Pryatel for alerting us! We’d forgotten about this story long ago!

The unnamed Activision employee painted a pretty bleak picture of the company’s opinion of Nintendo fans.

Activision didn’t expect much from Wii U sales of Black Ops 2, but they sure didn’t expect it to be that abysmal. Activision gave Wii U owners the best version of Blops 2 with Off TV features, and Nintendo fans didn’t support it. It’s easy for Nintendo fans to trash publishers for not giving them ports, but publishers have wisened up. They realize Nintendo fans are all talk. Nintendo fans are vocal with their mouths, but when it’s time to open their wallets, they’ll spend that $60 on New Super Mario Bros instead.

Hall’s source went on to voice his opinion that developers at D.I.C.E. remain unimpressed by the Wii U, echoing a sentiment similar to another report from D.I.C.E. that surfaced a few weeks ago.

There’s just no enthusiasm for it. The only reason publishers are still going to bring games to Wii U is because they don’t want to damage their relationship with Nintendo.

Low software sales numbers are to be expected from such a young system, especially when the software in question is available on other consoles with larger install bases. It’s also no surprise that Nintendo fans “would rather buy New Super Mario Bros.,” given that Mario is Nintendo’s bread and butter.

Still, there’s a growing concern in the industry that third parties are already losing interest in the Wii U before it has any chance to get any momentum. How about it, Nintendo fans? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and buy the Wii U version of multiplatform games like Call of Duty?

Source: Calvin Hall via GoNintendo

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  • Jared Pryatel

    You could also blame 360 fans who slam the Wii U ports at every turn.

    • Erimgard

      Well, the crossover between 360 owners and Wii U owners is pretty low at this point. I can’t imagine many Wii U owners would be swayed by the opinions of 360 owners right now.

      • Jared Pryatel

        The kinds of comments they make are “It’s not worth buying unless it’s Xbox” and similar. Although I mostly agree with you. I own the game and love that I can literally get cozy and play CoD while exploding peoplez but I really get irritated with those people.

        Note: unless you have tried it firsthand, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL IT TRASH”

        • Jared Chong

          i tried the trail and it really sucks after a while i quit the game you know why cause IS A TRASH
          sorry for saying black ops fanboy

    • Blake Wigert

      Why would they slam the ports, they don’t have to play them? If anything Nintendo fans should complain about the games we don’t get.

      • Jared Pryatel

        Don’t ask me. I don’t understand CoD enthusiasts and their blatant racism, sexism and homophobic ways.

  • Ghoti

    I honestly don’t like Cal of Duty too much, but I prefer that to NSMBU because NSMBU was so vanilla. The only CoD I own is Finest Hour, and I was thinking that upgrading to a newer one would be fitting now (don’t worry, more than once every few years is too extreme for me.)

  • Jared Pryatel

    Also I find it surprising considering how active the miiverse community is for it.

  • Alex Plant

    If developers are disappointed that their ports of games on established platforms aren’t selling on Wii U, I wonder how they’ll feel when they don’t sell on PS4…

    • Erimgard

      Well, Sony fans are more conditioned to buy third party games than Nintendo fans, but as always, any new system is going to struggle at launch. That’s just how it goes.

      • Shivam Chandra

        didnt PS3 struggle at start with devs ?

        • Erimgard

          Yes, it did. It was hard to program for.

          • Charles Crowe

            It wasnt just hard to program for. It had very low sales and very low software sales. So low that at one point Activision said it might cancel support for the console.

            • Gehennakat

              Activision seems to do that a lot. They remind of a small child when you tell them something they don’t like to hear. “FINE!!!, I’m not playing with you anymore!!!”

        • Alex Plant

          It had a LOT more support than Wii U currently does.

          • Rich Garriques

            no your a dumb as s , wii u has more support then ps3 did back in the day.

    • Kayoss860

      The problem with your argument is that most games coming out for the ps4 will be new ips or sequels of previous ps3 games not ports. If it comes out for the Xbox 720 it will most likely come out for the ps4 and vice versa. Most games that are out for the wii u are ports of 1-2 year old games that came out for the ps3 and xbox360. Most wii u owners already own those games . They will not throw more money to own another. This is why Nintendo is late to the game. They will continue to struggle with developers not porting old games to wii u because it won’t sell that we’ll. when the ps4 and 720 are release the wii u will continue to struggle with multiplatform games because the wii u can’t handle ps4 and 720 games. If Nintendo release a new console it might be too late or fans would abandon them all together. Nintendo is in a tough spot coming this next gen.

      • Alex Plant

        The rate of multi-console owners last generation was about 25% (across all platforms), according to some studies (which I’ve cited elsewhere). I seriously don’t think “most Wii U owners” owned multiple consoles last gen; these games are selling largely to people who did not own hardware to play them on when they previously came out.

      • Fayt Saotome

        “continue to struggle with multiplatform games because the wii u can’t handle ps4 and 720 games” Says who?

  • Juan Manuel Hornos

    Ubisoft may think otherwise. I havent bought black ops 2 but i have gotten both zombie u and AC3, and nano assault neo on wii u, and gonna get tons of third party games in the future (RE: Revelations, MH3U, The Cave, etc). So fuck off Activision.

    • Bill Ginzburg Bronson

      yeah exactly i also got zombie u and loved it. Its trying something new when was the last time the cod franchise tried something new

      • xmanataclan

        lol typical ninedrones argument is about nintendo why are u drawing sony into this how do you know ps4 is going to have the same problem can u see the future u guys make me laughs every time and they say xbox fans are blind

        • Annon

          In English please?

        • HaakonErlingLaland

          Did anyone bring the PS4 or Sony into this before you did?

        • Jared Pryatel

          No one is talking about sony here you goddammed idiot.

        • Churze

          How do you know it won’t. I very small percentage of gamers are actually vocal on the internet. EVERYONE said Xbox 360 and Ps3 was going to destroy Wii. So, I was very worried that would happen. Then the sales for the first years of each console came up. I realized that comments on the internet and E3 reactions are not a very reliable source.

      • Auouywonz

        When’s the last time the Mario franchise tried something new?

        • Fayt Saotome

          The Galaxy series? Paper Mario? Luigi’s Mansion? Mario & Luigi? yeah you’re an idiot.

          • eyedunno

            Everyone of those games is a sequel or rehash. Mario hasn’t done anything new since sunshine. I love nintendo franchises because I grew up with them. But you have to admit nintendo has a problem with changing up the formula.

            • Jared Pryatel

              The only rehash or sequel in there is Galaxy. Are you stupid?

            • Jordan DeBono

              And so what’s Call of Duty and Fifa. We’ve been holding the same gun and kicking the same pile of pixels longer than mentioning every Nintendo franchise in existence !!

            • Churze

              Wait wait wait. Does anyone know what a sequel is? A sequel is a follow up to a specific game that focuses on fine tuning the experience of it’s predecessor. A successor is simply the next game in a franchise. Please explain how Super Mario Galaxy is a rehash. It plays extreamly different from Sunshine and 64. Super Paper Mario was extreamly original. Name a few other platform-rpg hybrids. Luigi’s Mansion you are right about though. There have been what, 12 Luigi’s Mansions?.

          • cade blind

            mario party theres like 9 of thoose and they are all amazing there mariokart mario baseball mario sunshine (best game ever) all the morio sport games ur right mario has tried new stuff

          • Auouywonz

            The galaxy series is a different spin on the same old gameplay. Fun as it was, it was nothing new. Paper Mario is now more than 10 years old. Luigi’s Mansion, although it doesn’t say Mario in it’s title, was an original stab, you’re right, but Nintendo didn’t shown much interest in it until it’s very recent handheld sequel. And Mario and Luigi was the last Mario game I bought, once again, not part of the original franchise, but yeah a fresh take on the brand. It was fantastic.

            I haven’t even played Blops 2 but I know from glancing at articles that they’ve tried tons of things to vary up the gameplay, as well as having a completely new game embedded in it in the form of Zombies, one which started off as a simply minigame.

            I have a good feeling that if you counted every new feature implemented in every subsequent game in either franchise you would find there were more in the CoD Series then any of the mainline Mario’s. Same go for it’s spin off’s and they’re sequels.

            Now go play NSMB2 and all it’s millions of sales and pretend name calling all these games changes the fact that Nintendo doesn’t care about them (because the market doesn’t care either).

            • Churze

              Galaxy wasn’t about introducing new innovations to the platform genre. It was about perfecting 3d platforming. And you are really downplaying Galaxy. It wasn’t just in little spin on the franchise. It wasn’t on the same level as Super Mario Bros 2′s throwing mechanic. The “non-sense” space idea completely changed how the game was played. True, Galaxy isn’t what I would call innovative, but trying to argue it wasn’t fresh or original is impossible.

        • Churze

          Wow those comments always bothered me so much. Super Mario 64 and SMS play completely different from Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are very different from Super Mario 3d Land and World. The Mario series is ALWAYS changing. True, the NSMB franchise has fallen into a viscous cycle of rehashes, but I only view NSMB as filler content to satifsfy 2d platform fans like myself in between Mario releases.

  • Crimson

    I did not buy either CODBO2 or NSMBU

  • Shivam Chandra

    Lol BO2 , 2+1=3 , Half Life 3 = Confirmed

  • Gary Ryckewaert

    The reason alot of Nintendo console owners shy away from third party games is because the quality of many ports has been “abysmal”. Consumers will only get burned so many times before they stop buying bad ports or just plain bad games. When you spend $60 on a game and it ends up being awful you tend not to fall for it again. I believe the Activision comments, if true, is a 2 way street. Developers are shy to spend the money making a game for Nintendo’s console for fear of low sales…and the consumer is gunshy about buying the game because they have bought too many third party dogs. It’s a 2 way street. So, if developers make good games and GAIN THE TRUST of the Nintendo consumer they will buy. Developers can’t complain about their games not selling on Nintendos consoles because I can tell you first hand that there are certain companies I will not buy from because I’ve gotten burned on the quality of their games too many times.

    • lalalsdas

      more like the hardware of the orginal WII has made the ports unplayable because the wii hardware specs sucks and they end up having to downscale it so much just to run on the damn system. WISEN UP YOUNG NINTENDROID. Nintendo Wii U is about to do the same when the true next gen games get released, Wii U will always get the inferior port because of its hardware specs.

      • Annon

        >implying Ps4/ next xbox will be next generation.

        • lalalsdas

          we have already seen ps4 is next gen, no reason to doubt nextbox will be next gen as well. Wii u is only slightly more powerful than a 360.

      • Fayt Saotome

        >Still talking about power
        >Every generation, the powerful system loses badly.

      • Churze

        As usual, people blame Nintendo. I can’t speak for the Wii U, since I don’t own one, but the Wii ports were half the fault of the developers and half the fault of Nintendo. The fact that Nintendo couldn’t have some ports due to technical limitations is inexcusable. 3rd parties however, were to lazy to work around the Wii’s limitations to make an experience unique to the console. That is just lazy. Sonic Unleashed is nearly the only Wii game that did a port right.

    • Blake Wigert

      This exactly what I say about 3rd parties on Nintendo’s consoles, and why I am angry about the same subject, and just in general the hate of Nintendo

  • Dee Bee

    If these reports are true then its a bit ridiculous to have high expectations that a franchise that sells like hot cakes on Xbox360 then second on PS3 will sell well on a new gaming consoles as the Wii U. Many earlier adapters of the Wii U also own a PS3 or Xbox360 ( I am one of them) so naturally they will gravitate to getting for the PS3/360 first.

    An overwhelming majority of fans of this franchise plays it on the established platforms where the larger communities online are. Plus the Wii U version is a direct port, missing a very popular map and has a tacked on WiiPad functionality. Activision needs to shut up and move on.

  • Sharif

    I have nothing against 3rd part games on a Nintendo system…if they’re good – I skipped Blops2 fro Wii U because I don’t see the value in it – I got World at war, black ops, modern warefare reflex and modern warefare 3 and I am burned out by COD – It’s as simple as that. I’ve seen what the series has to offer and I’m no longer impressed. Perhaps Nintendo fans are smart enough to know crap when they see it….

    • Jared Pryatel

      Nintendo fans demand quality.

  • Stealth

    They are basically trolling, activision releases the game with no dlc, no marketing, 2 weeks later and expects a miracle

  • Aaron Lefebvre

    What a fuc*ing idiot.. Yeah sorry bud, but Nintendo fans want quality games, and games that can be just as good, f not surpass the best franchises of Nintendo, which Blops 2 doesn’t even come close to. Nobody said, ” We want Blops 2 on the Wii-U more than anything. Activisions ego for their pathetic excuse of a franchise has gone to far. They think that everybody wants to enjoy there rehashed shooter. Sorry, but Nintendo fans have better taste in games than that. The majority of Ps3 fans talk about how their exclusives are so special yet more than half of them play COD, same with Xbox. We are not so willing to buy into it, especially since the the fans who only owned a Nintendo system never even got a port from the franchise that was equal quality, but never cared in the first place, so why care now?

    It sickens me to see such comments being put toward gamers, just because they think that everybody enjoys their games. Not everybody enjoys COD, especially not gamers who have quality franchises being made so often. I am astonished to see so many PS fans playing COD, when they have better exclusives to play. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Brad Donald Lannon

    They put out a game that many fans already had on another system for many months and blame the WiiU fans?

    Did they really think Blops is a system seller because they made use of a screen on a controller?

    What an out of touch company.

    • Alex Plant

      Correction: Black Ops II had been out for less than a week when Wii U launched.

      If you’re talking about the FRANCHISE and its install base, however…

  • Bill Ginzburg Bronson

    lol nintendo fans arent fans of corridor shooting games. it takes a bit more work to please us buddy!

  • plsburydoughboy

    I’ve been following news on Wii U software sales and I’m afraid I agree. Zombi U was expected to sell well after a solid push and it didn’t. You would think there’d be a lot of fans who’d want to play Tekken on Wii U for the first time either but no. Nintendo isn’t doomed, but they have had this problem with 3rd parties for a long time, possibly even as far back as the NES. Nintendo games always sell best on Nintendo consoles, many times at a considerable gap from 3rd party offerings. It’s possible that 3rd parties do better in Sony and Microsoft just because they don’t have Mario to compete with. This is a problem Nintendo needs to find a solution to to keep solid 3rd party support going for the console. Peace.

    • Churze

      Of course Zombie U didn’t sell well. Zombies seem to have overrun modern culture, so the fact that Ubisoft thought a Zombie game with a 77% on gamerankings was going to be a system seller, then they are way to confident in themselves. Also, I barley saw any commercials for the game. If Zombie U had been critically acclaimed and won game of the year, or had a big marketing push, than I would agree. Same story with Black Opps 2. CoD doesn’t exactly have the same popularity it a few years ago. It isn’t being nominated for game of the year. WHAT ARE THIRD PARTIES EXPECTING FROM A CONSOLE THAT HAS ONLY SOLD 3.66 MILLION UNITS, AND THE FEW WHO HAVE THE SYSTEM ARE HARDCORE NINTENDO FANS WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT CoD. Third Parties need to stop blaming Nintendo and check the quality of their games. What’s that? Why do these games sell on other consoles then? It’s like google+. All my friends are on facebook, why go on google plus. And nobody is going to shell out $350 just to play CoD with a map accessible at all times. I will pay $350 for NEW games, exclusive to the console and not already on Ps3 or Xbox. I’m getting Wii U for the Wonderful 101, off T.V play, and Nintendo games. Not to play Batman with a few extra features.

  • Joe Onley Jr

    Aside from all the good points here such as it came late with no dlc support, and most people wanting to play with friends on consoles they already had, poor system sales etc. The main problem here is lack of games. Nobody jumped on board to the Wii U just for another abysmal “New” Super Mario Bros or ports of games that were a year or so old. It was the launch window titles that seemingly trickled out of our grasps that drew us in. 4 months later and we pretty much still have the launch lineup to choose from. More systems may have sold thus turning into more software sales if games were coming out for the system. Hopefully once the system gets going later this year with WW HD, Lego City, Mario Kart, and 3D Mario more devs will get in on it because systems will have sold.

  • Ben Atkinson

    How out of touch could Activision possibly be? CoD is a series primarily marketed toward the college dudebro crowd and the twelve-year-old kids with ADD who’s parents don’t read ESRB ratings or just don’t care. Neither of those demographics are at all likely to own a Nintendo console.

  • Gehennakat

    I call bull$h!t. As a gamer AND reviewer I would take offense to these accusations if I thought for a second they were true. I agree with Juan completely. Nintendo gamers aren’t going to be your hardcore FPS gamers. I personally love AC3 for the Wii U more than than the PS3 or the 360 (great controls), intuitive new integrated controls for Batman: Arkham CIty, the possibility of a Bayonetta exclusive, Monster Hunter, Zombii U is an instant classic, Scribblenauts: Unlimited, Rayman… the list goes on. If someone at Activision wants to call me out because I spent money on the newest Mario Game (which is almost gaming nirvana) for my shiny new Nintendo console, instead of a played out FPs they’re sadly mistake. In fact, I’ll go one further and tell them to take a lesson from Ubisoft and make something unique that’s worth our hard earned money in this economy.

  • Juhis815

    Bleh, 3rd-party games that were released during the launch were mediocre at the best, and I still use Xbox 360 to play 3rd-party games on it. This is just my thought, but only game that I’m looking to during this month will be LEGO City Undercover.

  • GaySkull


  • ariessiren

    One thing i learned from Nintendo, if you want to play a good selection of games, you buy a ds or 3ds. Their consoles are fun but after the Wii, i learned my lesson as a core gamer. Buy at the end of the cycle. Or you will wait forever between games.

    • Churze

      Well, Wii U will be pumping out tons of games this year (well, next year really). And Wii did have an amazing amount off great games. I was never starving. The problem is, 80% of great Wii games are hidden gems that didn’t sell well and nobody heard about.

  • Teapo

    Best version of a bad game is still bad.

  • Michael

    Blops II costs $100 in Australia (on the Wii U, depending where you shop), so that’s my reason.

  • nick

    I’ve already bought Batman, Tekken, Sonic Racing, Zombie U , NInja Gaiden for my Wii U. And I’ve got Black Ops 2 on my PS3, Activision painting all Wii U owners with the same brush, maybe they think all black people are rapists or all white people want to enslave black people.

    I might just stop buying activision games on all platforms after they think it’s ok to insult the people that keep a roof over their head and food on the table.

  • Stealth

    I love it how this site uses anonymous rumors to get hits

    • Alex Plant

      The source of this information is A DEVELOPER, who said he talked to another developer. We have very little reason to believe it’s a false story…unless it’s some guy impersonating a developer, which I suppose is vaguely possible.

      • Stealth

        Emily Rogers ‏@Emi1yRogers
        (Continuing from last tweet) Looks like people did some investigating and Calvin Hall doesn’t exist.
        So basically it went from @CalvinReport to @daniel_switzer to @Emi1yRogers to @GoNintendoTweet to 100 websites and N4G. #Gamingjournalism

        Most of you are such fucking moronic trolls and idiots its embarrassing.

      • Stealth

        The source of the information is a LIE. HE DOESNT EXIST. god alex your such a moron sometime.s

  • mike

    This is what happens when you release a console in 2013 with cheap hardware just to be able to sell it for a average price. The ps4 will certainly cost 550-600$, but you get what you pay, 4k video support, incredible online features, amazing 1080p@60fp on 8gb of ram, with technology that will still give amazing games in 6 or 7 years: look at the last of us, on a 7 yo system, that will look 5 times better than any zombiu game. Nintendo make consoles and games thinking of those mums that will run and buy a console with the latest Mario game, to his 7yo son. IT WORKED with the first Wii, but it won’t work this time around. Sales are weak, Nintendo is worried, when you DON’T sell a new Nintendo console well, during Christmas, everything is said. All the old ports were crappy, just put mass effect or batman side by side, near a ps3 or x360 version,and even Stevie Wonder can tell the difference. Developers DO know then Wii u is weak, and when they see a killzone game running on the ps4, they feel even less like wanting to spend 100 guys during 12-18 months, on a game, because even if its the best game on the world, if a Mario number 35 releases that same month, only a few fans who are used to buy games on ps3/x360 will get the game, the remaining 95% will get the Mario, and skip that new game.

    90% of the Nintendo market is about Mario, Mario kart, Mario 3 d, Luigi, monster hunter, Zelda.only those games drive sales. For studios, daring developing a new franchise on the Nintendo platform is a risky operation. Nintendo don’t give a f*cm about third party studios not making gaming on their consoles, all that matters is making as Mario games as possible.

    After the first Wii wave and trend, all those mums saw the Wii gather dust, and not being used anymore. Most people also got a ps3 or xbox, and won’t be spending money for a console to play the latest Mario game, or games they already have on the other consoles. These people were expecting the Wii u to be a monster, with 3 times the power of a ps3 or Xbox, but it wasn’t the case.far from it. And those people are already staring at the next Sony console, or next Xbox, and for sure won’t be getting a Wii u. Nintendo fans think otherwise, of course, and the Wii u is the next supercomputer, with the best tech, games and everything else. They grow up with Mario or Zelda, and would buy a 400$ console solely for one game. I love uncharted series, but would never spend 600$ only for having and playing ONE game in 5 years.

    Were close to the second quarter of 2013. Even if new Mario’s or Zelda’s or monsters come out until august, September, the console will only sell like 10-15 millions. And then, bouuuum, the ps4 will be there, and everybody will be watching it. Think about all the Japan guys.just like they didn’t buy the 360, and didn’t care much about the ps3, IF they were interested on a Wii u, they would have grabbed one, already. If it didn’t happen, there are little chances it may change, in the future. Those millions players are already saving for the ps4, and no Mario’s will change that.

    Nintendo is in a tough situation, and with no support from 3rd parties, it may be hard to get that momentum they need, to make the Wii u sell well.

    That’s why its totally understandable, for a studio, to invest big money on a system, just to see nobody gets it, because people only want Mario’s and karts and Zelda’ must be frustrating, and doesnt make you want to spend more cash on that system on another game.

    That touch controller was supposed to bring a new dimension while gaming, and people should be getting games that use those features. Black ops 2 did it, but people still prefers playing the Mario version 87, kart version 93 and so on. With an installed base of about 3 million consoles, why spending 50 million, to expect sell like 300’000 units? If Nintendo fans are smart, studios are smart, too. So don’t be scared if, until the ps4 is released, only 4 or 5 games are released on the Wii u, of course, only Nintendo games.

    It must be hard for Nintendo, to admit , this time around, they need third party support, because Nintendo games only won’t make the Wii u fly out of the shelves. Without third party support, they know the boat will sink. Its already sinking hard. And its not the next god of war, halo, last of us, beyond two souls, etc, that will make people buy a Wii u. What for? For a few Mario games, a few crappy ports, and some shovelware?
    For 400$?

    No, thanks. The ps4 is close, and will certainly have an insane lineup. Sony already corrected their first error with the ps3: they released a developer friendly console, yet very powerful, and second error, they will have 20-40 games on day one. A good lineup do make consoles sell, and this time, we can be sure there will be tons of games, AAA games, day one.

    At least, Nintendo fans, admit Nintendo can’t sell 100 million consoles with only Mario and Zelda games.and also admit the Wii u hardware is not a beast, and developers will hardly make a game looking 20-30 times better than a ps3-x360 version. At least, admit this.

    • Alex Plant

      FYI: in 2009 (the year Wii Sports Resort and New Super Mario Bros. Wii launched), only 47% of Wii software sold was first-party.

    • Flaming Lemons

      And YOU seem to think your PS4 will be a supercomputer. ;)

    • Fayt Saotome

      You have proven with this comment that you are either really gullible or just really stupid.

    • Terrak

      Wow look at Sooky Troll Alert. You realize that ps3 and 360 didnt make a cent for their respective company? Their practically giving away hardware to sell their product. Also know that ps3 and 360 sold 5.7 million units in their first year. Wii U sold almost 3 million in 3 months. Yeah WIi U is doing poorly now, but if thats poor, ps3 and 360 did RUBBISH at launch, and i dont see what they will do with their next consoles to sell better (blu ray is done and xbox console isnt the first this gen) and i dont think they have the money to throw around like they did before (sonys finances are in the crapper and microsoft is fighting to save the pc market from being overtaken by ios and android tablets), so get your facts straight. So sony and microsoft had to give away consoles & pay for exclusives and to paid to get third party support to compete with Nintendo who not only have profited every generation (So far) but last gen profited more then both sony and microsoft combined. I guess you get sooky rants like this from trolls who get pissed that Nintendo is good at what it does and want to tear down their success any way they could. Pathetic if you think about it.

  • fenglu
    Calvin Hall is fake.
    He is Booz Celestine.

  • Gaseous Snake

    Activision has given Nintendo fans too many bad ports. It is like one of those people who every time they reach out to shake your hand, they pull back and stroke their hair. This time round, Activision won’t pull their hand back, but we are still hesitant to shake in fear of them pulling back again.

  • Howard Hughes

    Leave a message…it didnt even sell on the other systems like the previouse titles and y? because its all the same and we want dif.

  • Howard Hughes

    Leave a message…ive had every system ever out and i must say i like my wii u better than my ps3 or 360. need for speed looks awsome, and so does BO2. im playing these games first hand, i know what i see. and i can stream movies, i cant get over how smooth the browser is. this little box is bad a__. and if u like looking at beautifull art wile u play then do urself a favor and pick up a wii u you want regret it.

  • Erik R

    Leave a message…lol its not nintendos loyal fans! its all the gamers that said they would buy a nintendo system if there were more ‘hardcore’ games on it. guess blops2 isnt a hardcore game. nore is it anything new that hasnt been done before. plus people own multiple consoles and computers.
    so game devs wanting higher sales, release games that are new and fresh and stop blaming others for your own stupidity.

  • Auouywonz

    I remember reading this same article in 2003 about the Gamecube.


  • Stealth

    Emily Rogers ‏@Emi1yRogers
    (Continuing from last tweet) Looks like people did some investigating and Calvin Hall doesn’t exist.
    So basically it went from @CalvinReport to @daniel_switzer to @Emi1yRogers to @GoNintendoTweet to 100 websites and N4G. #Gamingjournalism

    Most of you are such fucking moronic trolls and idiots its embarrassing

  • Jason Singh

    I don’t like COD

  • Charles Howitt

    Activision has to start making good games before I buy them

  • Will Polchinski

    Attention GenGame: Calvin Hall is a fake developer. This article is not real. Please retract this article.

    The wordpress for “Calvin Hall” was created like 2 days ago. The man in the picture on the Calvin hall site is a man named Booz Celestine.

    • Alex Plant

      We’re investigating it right now. The timing of the blog’s creation and the presence of a photo of Booz Celestine are both suspicious… but they don’t necessarily prove anything.

      • Jared Pryatel

        Lol it was taken down already.

  • Stealth
  • Bitmap’d Gamer Tees

    Lol this calvin hall dude is a fake…here’s where he lifted that photo on his blog. (scroll down a bit)
    plus the twitter account has been suspended

  • Carter Jennings

    Tell you what; you stop re-releasing the same games, oversaturating the market, and forcing production costs to go up as a whole, and we’ll buy some games.

  • Jack Treese

    As someone who bought Black Ops 2 for Wii U when I bought the console, this offends me. I’ll talk with my wallet next time they release a Call of Duty title on the system by not buying a copy. It’s one thing to be upset with low game sales, but don’t slam the fans that DO support the games.

    • Stealth

      its confirmed made up

  • Gabriel Suarez

    Nice job activation, you do know the people who purchased your game are most likely Nintendo fans, nice job bashing them.

  • you

    This story turned out to be completely false.
    Calvin Hall deleted his blog and he was gone.

  • Terrak

    I got this game and its great. The local multi player experience is excellent. I finished the single player game which had used the gamepad for maps but it wasnt interactive which sucked and the wrist mounted computer the protagonist had wasnt implemented on the gamepads touch screen which also was a shame, but it was well worth it. Played a few games of online and it was pretty good (back in Dec) and didnt skip a beat.

    Also why are we getting another Assassins creed, and games like Watch Dog, Resident Evil, Monster hunter and Aliens Colonial Marine (i know its probably a bad game but were still not ignored) if sales of Wii U versions of games were pathetic? I call lie and from a sony and microsoft fanboy trying to do damage to Nintendo. Makes sense. Look at forums with your typical trolls trying to make negative rants about Nintendo. This is taking it one step further.

  • Tapani Murto

    Oh come on! I bought Wii U on the first day with one game — Sonic Racing. Great game if you ask me but I wouldn’t not buy CoD. Why? Because its crappy thats all — it’s not the systems fault if the game is not worth buying.

  • Terrak

    Why do you need to qualify Adult? Are you juvenile? How about qualify your comments with some facts

    So far we know that the next Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, and Resident Evil and Rayman Will make it on the the Wii U amongst others. Go find them by looking up google. Im not going to spoon feed you. Thats just a start. We dont know what else the Wii U has going for it till E3. Also there are 3 known exclusives like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta and Lego City. Thats a pretty good selection of titles considering how pathetic the Wiis library was for AAA thirdparty titles. Lets also be clear that Nintendo is the ONLY console maker that has survived a generation with out proper thirdparty support, something neither sony or microsofts consoles could ever do.

    Another piece of evidence clueless fanboys use is Wii U s poor curent sales. I agree they arent great now. This is due to no games being released for the last few months. Rayman was supposed to fix that problem in Feb but it got delayed so no releases means no sales. Also another fact that seems to elude some illogical people is that Nintendo actually kept supply for the Wii U and did not constrict it in anyway (like was done for Wii due to popularity or ps3 and 360 due to manufacturing limitations). So practically everyone that wanted a Wii U could get one. So in 3 months they sold almost 3 million consoles with only the games at launch. Thats alot better then 5.7 million console in the first year of 360 and ps3 (which were slow but consistent so they dont appear bad). But clueless people like to focus on a few months of poor sales without caring for the reason or facts.

    You dont need to be an ‘adult’ to argue against your longwinded nonsense you just need some facts which you are lacking, oh and by the way you think sony and microsoft arent scared of Nintendo? Your joking. both companies wish they could profit in the console market, something neither have done. Only Nintendo profits thanks to their clever strategy. sony and microsofts 10 year lifecycles and throwing cash to sell consoles is largely a failure (look at ps3 selling half of what ps2 sold and failed to profit and the xbox brand hasnt seen a dime). But i dont know i think sony and microsoft fanboys are happy they will debt them selves out of the console market in their lust for better graphics which will always be the domain of PCs.

  • Jack Treese

    That’s debatable.

  • Blake Wigert

    Are you serious, bashing your potential customers? The reason I got a Wii U was I saw the line up of games and I know and love Nintendo. They’ll take care of us loyal customers. This was one of the games I preordered, but do we get DLC? No? God forbid you treat us the same as the “almighty PS and XBOX” If this is the way you treat your customers I’m writing you off.

  • Jared Pryatel

    LOL Calvin Hall seems to have been censored (check his wordpress lolol)

  • Taylor Reich

    I expected much more from the Wii U. I feel really dumb for dropping $350 on a system that has no games of interest to me. It was such a good idea, just like the Wii, and I really thought Nintendo got it right this time. It’s just too bad that Nintendo went the way of family gaming, because as nostalgic as I get about my Nintendo memories I simply have no incentive to nab a Wii U version of a game when I can get a more powerful version with a wider player base on my PS3, Xbox or PC. I had fun with BO2 on launch day, as much as I despise the COD franchise, but it makes perfect sense for Activision to be upset when the total player base on launch day was under 1000… That’s just sad. Not even disappointing, that means that ONE PERSON in every major city in north America bought a copy… Just think about that.

  • Jared Pryatel

    Oh you’re welcome. Didn’t even know you changed the article lol

  • Cod TechLogic

    I have purchased every COD game out for the WII and when the WII U came out I got it and the Black Ops2. I Never cared about resolution of the game, but cared about the game play itself. I am a true Nintendo fan. I understood why we did not have DLC on the WII. It was obvious that it did not have the storage capacity to handle it. So when the new system came out that fixed that issue, I was all on board. I still understand that we will have to wait till after XBOX to get DLC, but will be very upset if we do not get it at all. Activision must understand that Many of the people who purchased the WII U do not play COD, THEY LOST THOSE PEOPLE INCLUDING 20 OF MY TEAMMATES TO PLAYSTATION WITH THE WII VERSION DO TO LACK OF SUPPORT AND OPTIONS. They did not want to take the chance on purchasing the WII U with the chance that history would repeat itself. I remain optimistic about the WII U and Activision to prove a others wrong and give us equal rights. If they do not, I will show them just how much I do not care about opening up my wallet, when I buy my 1st play station. They must realize that the Nintendo community has had a bad taste in its mouth in the past with COD and can not expect a fix over night. All we ask for is the truth. Keep us informed. Let us know if we are going to get DLC or NOT or that you are not sure of it yet. Do not tell us that no new information regarding that has been released yet. To us, that means the same as before. NO!

  • Jared Chong

    good because i rather play prototype or crysis 3

    black ops 2 is a horrible game with bad graphic
    the 360 graphic is even worse =_=;
    ill stick with modern warfare 3

  • Meegan Roy

    I was told the Wii U had horrible screen lag and all that including bad buttons… but I trusted nintendo and activision to bring a good console and game… and they did. I dont have HD and I like the graphics with the game. Everything good about it for me. Also I looked at some game reviews and it put the wii u Cod BO2 ahead xbox or tied. Only thing i was pissed was that I dont know if the Wii u will get any bonus maps. What I was happy about is the final killcam thats awesome :), and making our own emblems :) oh and playing on a second screen so cool. I do wish that nintendo keep pushing out wii u games or else they are going to lose momentum to xbox and playstation.