Microsoft Creative Director Can’t Sympathize With Always-Online Concerns

Though the Official Policy of Microsoft Corporation is not to comment on rumors surrounding the next Xbox, like for example whether it’ll require an always-online connection to function, sometimes the Corporation doesn’t need to speak to drive a point across. In response to the resurgence of the always-online rumors, Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth decided to take the issue into his own hands.

Contemptuous of unhappy customers, much? It just gets better from there. UPDATE: He’s using a protected account, which prevents some of his Tweets from being embedded, though as of the time of this writing they’re still online. Mr. Orth’s Tweets will thus appear in text or image format, though you can still view them here.

He kept going with the always-online apologetics:

In response, BioWare’s Manveer Heir, gameplay designer for the upcoming Mass Effect game, retorted:

Things just escalated from there:


Now, none of this actually proves anything about Microsoft’s always-online plans – or whether there even are such plans. This is just one man, after all, speaking through an unregulated channel of his own accord, not speaking for the company. However, it is nonetheless interesting to see how passionate one of Microsoft’s own is getting over people’s opinions about a hypothetical future that definitely concerns the company he works for.

UPDATE: It’s worth mentioning that Manveer Heir says that the city vs. rural exchange should be taken as a trolling joke and not as Mr. Orth’s serious thoughts about rural areas and the people who live there.

Source: Adam Orth on Twitter via Gematsu