Sega Teases Castle of Illusion Remake for This Summer

I so totally called it. Following the recent announcement of DuckTales Remastered, I instantly suspected that we might see more remakes of classic Disney licensed titles, specifically naming Sega’s Castle of Illusion as a choice pick. Judging by a recent teaser trailer released by Sega of America, that’s exactly what’s happening.

You can see a castle that’s clearly supposed to be the titular castle from the iconic ’90s Disney game as well as a number of hints at the game’s retro age and main villain, Mizrabel.

The game is set for Summer 2013, like the DuckTales remake. Click below to see the trailer.

  • Joe Onley Jr

    I have been throwing money at the screen all day……still nothing

  • Joseph Clark Abraham Burgan

    WHAAAT I haven’t gasped that hard in a LONG time! Castle of Illusion?! That was one of the greatest games I’ve played!! I remember getting so frustrated with the last crazy level; the castle and I can’t remember if I actually beat it… I can’t remember what happens… so a remake would be brill! :D

  • Joseph Clark Abraham Burgan

    AH I’m so excited.

  • Ethan Jeffrey

    Castle of Illusion, Battletoads and Sonic were the first games i ever owned. So excited!