MegaMan Unlimited

Fan Made “Mega Man Unlimited” Looks Good Enough to be the Real Thing

Capcom hasn’t been showing much love for Mega Man since creator Keiji Inafune resigned from the company. With the exception of Street Fighter X Mega Man, the Blue Bomber hasn’t seen any real action in years.

Capcom may have abandoned one of their most loved and well-recognized characters, but the fans have not. A new fan-made Mega Man game entitled “Mega Man Unlimited” has surface, and it looks good enough to be the real thing. Hit the jump to catch the “Japanese Style Trailer.”

Mega Man Unlimited looks to be just the experience the patiently-waiting fans deserve, and development is nearing completion. Additional details about the game include:

  • You can save and load your game.
  • You can customize your controls for both the keyboard and a controller independently. (i.e. Both work at the same time)
  • There is a Shop´╗┐ Menu like in MM9 and MM10 to buy items.
  • You can change the display size of the game. (In the options file)
  • There is a dedicated slide button as well as [Down+Jump] to slide.

Source: Megaman Unlimited via CoinArcade

  • Isaac Ness

    I tell You!, old franchises are better in fan’s hands!

  • zdog

    This looks phenomenal! They said that Street Fighter X Megaman was so good it could be the real thing…but frankly it sucked. I could totally get into this, and how about that epic japanese music?

    • Erimgard

      Reminded me very much of some of the intro themes to Fullmetal Alchemist