Fire Emblem Awakening: Nintendo of America Censorship Strikes Again!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a major case of Nintendo of America censorship, but a new example has crept into Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s “Summer Scramble” DLC. A special tile on the map for the DLC pack features an image of one of four characters wearing swimwear – Chrom, Gaius, Cordelia, or Tharja. Apparently the Tharja image was deemed too naughty for innocent eyes, because NoA introduced a cloth covering up her hindquarters.

Truth be told, however, there wasn’t really anything outrageously scandalous about the original image. You can compare the two by clicking below.

Here’s the censored image on the left, followed by the original image on the right.

tharja-censored tharja-uncensored

Honestly, I think the image of Cordelia is a lot racier:


What do you think? Was it worth censoring the Tharja image for young Western eyes?

Source: NeoGAF via GoNintendo

  • hyliansword

    i dont see what the point in censoring it is

  • MusubiKazesaru

    nooooooooooooooo! I wanted to see my wife in swimwear, is that so much to ask for?

  • Jeremy Huizinga

    Alright, you know what? I disagree with NOA in censoring that image of Tharja. She is a fine looking woman, but that cloth does not need to be there. I say it isn’t racy enough until the bottom of that bikini is halfway down her hindquarters. As for the one of Cordelia, one strap, ONE FREAKIN’ STRAP of her top is down on the upper portion of her right arm. If she were to uncross her arms, the strap on her right arm would fall off and reveal her right breast. if that’s not racy enough, I’m calling NOA’s bluff!

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    Where can I see these images in game? :P

    • Pafsafasafs

      You need to download the DLC. It says so in the article.

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        It also says a special tile on the map, and I was asking about that.

  • Amit Toren

    I dont care, Give me Hentai!!

  • Shadao

    That’s a bit anti-climatic. But I think the reason is that it looks like Tharja is intentionally removing her swimwear as opposed to the Cordelia’s ambiguous holding or removing her swimwear. Personally I think the censored version is more naughty simply because the scenery censorship is implying and teasing viewers of what’s behind the cloak. You might say it’s censorship decoy on NoA’s part.

    • Kaya

      My thoughts exactly. The ‘censored’ version makes the image to me, look a lot more seductive.

  • Micheal Holloway

    hentai isn’t REAL!!! On top of all that all they did was cover her butt when all it showed was her panties. Yes i don’t think little kids should see dumb perverted stuff, however even if a kid did
    see this it wouldn’t even matter. What are kids going to see at the swimming pool? “Real” women in bikini’s. IMO i think fat ugly women should not be allowed to wear a bikini because its nasty,
    hell in this country we don’t allow gay marriage so why not out law fat ugly women in bikini’s? Nintendo of America is going to cover up a fake anime girl in underwear making it more suggestive because when the viewer looks at this picture they are going to think “whats behind the towel”

    • InfernalDinosaur

      looks more like a cape to me, which just makes it a little freaky.

      i want tharja’s butt on my 3DS dammit.

      that’s all i want Nintendo.

      • Micheal Holloway


  • Anthony Pappas

    Speaking of eyes, who or what is Tharja inviting with those….

  • Michael Zirnsak

    I think it looks worse like that than in the original, as you can’t see the swimwear but okay whatever.

  • kagz illa

    To me it just looks like she is adjusting her bottoms not taking them off. Like she just put them on or has had the swim suit on a while. The censorship is silly, I mean it’s a swimsuit pack instead of censoring it just make it 18 up if you really have to. *sigh*

  • Richard Schinke-Laviolette

    Honestly America is not as naive as one might think…. We do have the Discovery channel…

  • K2L

    Ehh, it’s not too much of a deal. If we were in 1991, they wouldn’t even allow these images to be shown (and Fire Emblem as a whole was outlawed around here anyway).

  • Overlord Denny

    the stupid in this just… why can it not be contained?