Fire Emblem Awakening: Nintendo of America Censorship Strikes Again!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a major case of Nintendo of America censorship, but a new example has crept into Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s “Summer Scramble” DLC. A special tile on the map for the DLC pack features an image of one of four characters wearing swimwear – Chrom, Gaius, Cordelia, or Tharja. Apparently the Tharja image was deemed too naughty for innocent eyes, because NoA introduced a cloth covering up her hindquarters.

Truth be told, however, there wasn’t really anything outrageously scandalous about the original image. You can compare the two by clicking below.

Here’s the censored image on the left, followed by the original image on the right.

tharja-censored tharja-uncensored

Honestly, I think the image of Cordelia is a lot racier:


What do you think? Was it worth censoring the Tharja image for young Western eyes?

Source: NeoGAF via GoNintendo

  • Carl T. Johnson

    As if the white strip censoring while watching anime’s is bad enough