Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards! Needs Your Help

There are many Let’s Play videos and channels on YouTube. They’re fun to watch, and can help gamers check out titles before purchasing them or solve difficult puzzles. Toby Turner, also known as Tobuscus, is a popular YouTube icon in the LP community. Known for various catch phrases and his terrible skills in gaming, Turner will soon be able to record himself playing his own game: Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards!

Producing a video game takes a lot of money, however, and Turner needs help. With the power of crowd funding, this free mobile game can hit the market. If you feel the urge to donate, even a penny, you can visit the indiegogo campaign page. Along with the satisfaction of donating, rewards are being given depending on how much is pledged.

Game production will start as soon as funds begin. If the goal is surpassed, more games and Tobuscus Adventures episodes will be created. For more information and links about Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards! clickity click on the jump!

tobuscusadventureswizards-1Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards! uses the characters from the Tobuscus Adventures animated adventures series to tie the characters in an unique and interactive way. Players will be able to control Tobuscus, who has somehow managed to gain the power of magic.  He might be a bit of an airhead, but somebody seemed to think it was wise to equip him with destructing powers.

In the game, the player casts various spells of ‘murder doom’ upon a zombie horde. To cast the spells, symbols are drawn onto the screen. The game will include cut-scenes in the style of the animated series.

As I mentioned earlier, rewards are given out depending on the amount donated.This goes from a fun poster all the way to having a game character based on you. You know, in case you want to have random people all over the world try to kill you. Maybe someone on the street will recognize you, though that would be surprising without all the zombi-ness.

Turner has created two videos to help spread the news to his many fans. If you’re curious to see what this animated series is, just clickity click on the links or watch these videos.

Links: Tobuscus - TobyGames - TobyTurner - Indiegogo

  • Blake Wigert

    Oh my fucking lord, these internet personalities are having their egos stroked way too far if they are seriously geting games made after them, god forbid they get real jobs like the rest of the world, same goes for Lpers complaining about Nintendo’s decision on Let’s Plays, it is their content you are commenting on, YouTube should never have allowed that in the first place

    • Erimgard

      I didn’t mind AVGN getting a game, but Tobuscus really isn’t anything special. His videos are mildly amusing, but his E3 performance was the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t stand him after that

  • Morty

    Ugh.. This guy is awful..

  • Josh

    Why does everyone hate Tobuscus hes awesome. I mean seriously if he wasn’t awesome than how would he have raised $350,000 for his video game!!! HATERZ

  • Kyle Vicenti

    I hope you add new enemys like mutant zombies or stone golems and a armored skeleton.Dont you think Tobucus it will be alittle more harder than it is.Also new added flash lights and dark and water levels and at the end there is a dimension that is called the “Death” it has mini minotaurs zombies and a giant demon you have to defeat that he is called “Vulgor the lord of death and souls. The way the Death looks like there is lots red dirt lava fire and skeletons hanging from the sky also the sky color is red with dark clouds.Also the demon has gold armor all over him with a big four red eyes are glowing and he spits acid out of his mouth and he has a chained gold and a spike ball for a weapon.Also the demon also has blood red fur color.

  • Kyle Vicenti

    I would love to play your game.I aslo think your tobuscus adventures are very funny and i try to get to any and all of your videos. I like almost every song.Ialso like griffin your dog but is tim tim real or did you make up that character.

  • Kyle Vicenti

    Even the stone golems i thought would be made of stone and they have life they have a sword
    and their armor is stone also and their eyes are glowing yellow.

  • Kyle Vicenti

    I really was going to be making the zombie as a mutant zombie he is a taller acid spiting and strong they also have hard armor and you make the health but their weakness is fire they burn up but the fire burns off in ten seconds

  • austin

    tobuscus I think this a bad idea really

  • Jocelyn

    Your all idiots Tobuscus is fucking awesome!!!!!

  • Jocelyn

    KyleVinceti is ok he aint no stupid hater.

  • Jocelyn

    FYI im Nine so I will go extreme!!!