Ex-Vigil Developer Explains Why He Now Believes Wii U is Super Awesome

Xander Davis once worked at Vigil Games on Darksiders II, and back then he commented that he felt the Wii U GamePad and people’s wishes for new and unique interfaces were both idiotic.

However, since then he’s decided to look seriously at the platform, in response to wishes from fans of his studio’s upcoming fan-driven RPG project CIDER, and he’s come away with a very positive impression, both in terms of hardware power, Nintendo’s indie support, and yes, even the Wii U GamePad.

Click below to see his five primary reasons for changing his tune about Wii U.

5) The Horsepower I Wish Nintendo Had in 2006 – “Part of my own goal for CIDER is to make a retro 90’s-Squaresoft / Zelda-like which lives up to Mikaël Aguirre’s groundbreaking, famous 2008 video game paintings, re-imagining them in HD. With the Wii-U (and the PS4 alike), this vision is possible.”

4) Games – “Nintendo set a precedent and together Nintendo and Sony are making self-published indie games on major consoles the new normal. That’s going to be awesome for everyone, especially gamers.”

3) Yes, the Gamepad – “Nintendo has now spoiled me, and I can’t imagine not having the option to play console-grade games portably in my hands throughout my home as a standard part of the eighth gen console experience and beyond.”

2) Don’t Knock It Till You Try It – “I was basing a lot of my assumptions on deductive logic from a large web of industry-related factors, many reasons that suddenly don’t matter. Now that I’ve played it, I’ve enjoyed it. In a metaphor inspired by the above Smash Bros / Fight Club mash-up, sometimes you only “get” Fight Club when you start playing its game.”

1) Indie Dev Support & Terms are Phenomenal – “I can’t go into details, but from what I’ve read of the initial Wii-U Developer overview, Nintendo has set the bar for their support and terms to make indie development very attractive. This is a win for indie devs and it’s a win for gamers. The console is about to get a lot of great content.”

As a bonus, he adds – citing Nintendo’s desire to fuse console and handheld gaming divisions to create a more unified platform architecture – that Nintendo’s future may just be to create a GamePad with the hardware built-in, that can stream to your TV in the inevitable case that today’s HDTVs all get replaced by smart TVs… or that can take the same console-quality games on the go.

It’s really encouraging to see that, for so many people, all it takes is a bit of hands-on time with Wii U to turn them into believers. Now if Nintendo can only drop down the entry price to ensure that more of those hands-on trial folks are enticed to actually buy one…

Source: CIDER Game on Tumblr

  • Jean

    I personally dont think Nintendo doesn’t need to drop the price. I dont know about you but I know alot of penny pinchers and $50 or $100 depending which you get is enough money to change their minds on which they’ll get between the PS4. The fact that Wii U is the cheapest is enough in my book.

    • Alex Plant

      We already knew it’d be the cheapest, though.

    • Eoin Hanan

      if they are making a profit after one game then nintendo can clearly afford to take a price cut, and it would make a serious difference if the buzz around the internet since E3 is anything to judge by

    • Julian Delarosa

      you did a double negative, but i got what you were saying

      Only people I have heard complain are those who would just get a console and use it to watch netflix or something, maybe play 1 or 2 party games

    • Arnold Corso

      I wouldn’t mind a price drop. I haven’t gotten a Wii U yet but will if a good new Zelda or Metroid game comes out. However, a price drop might make me more willing to get it sooner rather than wait. I think that’s the real benefit of a price drop. There are still a lot of people waiting for a BIG game on this system

  • The_Hyphenator

    Good to see that he’s changed his tune, but it makes me wish developers would stop running their mouths like fanboys. It only ever gets them into trouble…

    • zdog

      Seriously after I read this “Now that I’ve played it, I’ve enjoyed it.” I thought what a complete D-bag.