GameStop Has Re-Opened Pre-Orders for Xbox One Day One Edition

A few days back, we learned that GameStop had ceased taking pre-orders for Xbox One’s Day One Edition, even going so far as to remove the product’s SKU from their system. Now Xbox One pre-orders are back, available both in-store and via GameStop’s website.

The news follows Microsoft’s reversal of its DRM policies, which impacted used game sales and 24 hour online check-ins.

  • Jeremy Abrahamson

    Well, glad to see it made a bit of an impact. Remains to be seen how much though.

  • Blake Wigert

    I will feel a little sorry for the unfortunate fools who buy this, just because they reversed their decision doesn’t mean it will not come back.

  • The_Hyphenator

    Interesting. Kind of makes me wonder about the accuracy of Gamestop’s claims that the SKU was withdrawn because they were allotted a small amount for pre-orders…