Gateway 3DS

Latest 3DS Update Blocks Piracy of Games via Gateway 3DS Flashcarts

Late last year there were reports that hackers had finally managed to start cracking Nintendo 3DS, and things got a little more heated when Gateway presented the first working 3DS flashcart about a month ago. Using the Gateway 3DS flashcart, you could download pirated 3DS games to micro SD cards and play them on your 3DS. Seeing as many publishers will refuse to release games on a platform once piracy becomes an issue, Nintendo was not about to take this sitting down.

The latest 3DS firmware update added in the ability to back up save data for digital downloads and improved overall system stability, but that’s not all it did. Gateway confirmed via an email that the update also blocked their flashcarts. Gateway is currently “working on making it compatible as quickly as possible.”

Source: NintendoEverything