Some Smash Bros. Characters Will be Cut Due to Time Constraints

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed in the past that some characters from previous Smash games will not be making the cut for the Wii U and 3DS entries. He recently cited 3DS hardware limitations as a reason for a reduced roster, but there’s an even bigger issue facing Sakurai: he just doesn’t have enough time.

Sakurai is a bit of a perfectionist, and on more than one occasion he’s had to delay a game in order to get it just right before releasing it. Super Smash Bros. Brawl was among his delayed games, and it looks like he’s trying to avoid that problem with the next iteration of the franchise. Unfortunately, that means some characters will not be returning. When asked if the team was working to bring back all previous characters, Mr. Sakurai replied:

I can answer that: no. We don’t have the time to fully recreate every single character who’s been in Smash Bros at this point. Adding new characters is not a simple addition — it’s really multiplication. The amount of work, adding a character is multiplied and becomes bigger and bigger as you go. We can’t because of the amount of work it takes.

We’re going to put in as many characters as we can, we really want to do that, because it’s good for the fans and good for all of us. But in the event that we do have to cut some characters, I’d like to apologize in advance to those fans.

It’s a shame that we’ll be losing out on some classic characters, but Sakurai had to make room for Wii Fit Trainer, right? What characters do you hope to see return for Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS?

Source: NowGamer

  • Robert Rin Izumi

    Well time to get ready for a HUUUUUGE letdown

    • lzaeys

      You can never write Sakurai off, I thought the same about Kid Icarus: Uprising and now it’s my favourite 3DS game.

    • Sonicman

      Why because they might cut some characters out?

    • Nathan

      Because the entire roster of 45 to-date characters that have appeared or been announced so far won’t be in the game? Isn’t that a little harsh/unfair?

    • Zachary Hughes

      just play project M

  • xanderBLEH

    They’ll definitely keep the characters from the first two games. Just some will have to be scrapped like Ike or Pit

    • Golossus117

      Except that Pit is going to be in this one, but I get your point.

      • Carl Montes

        Aw daaaamn! I was hoping Pit would get the big ol’ boot from the next one! >_O

        • Ghabulous Ghoti

          I feel Pit is annoying, but I like both him and Ike because, despite their lower tier positions, they are good enough that a skilled player can use them effectively.

          • Morty

            Tiers r 4 queers!

            • Ghabulous Ghoti

              Or serious players.

              Despite popular belief, not every serious player is a queer.

            • Forrest Proctor

              thank you tiers are for noobs thaat think that not every character can be used properly

              • Sketchie

                Don’t be stupid. Nowhere do tiers say that not every character can be used effectively, they’re about the small differences that give one character a slight advantage over the others.

                For example, Fox in SSBM was completely over-powered. Extreme speed, super heavy damage with certain attacks, most attacks have KO potential, and great aerial speed and recovery.

                Then you have Pichu. Decent damage, but damages himself with all powerful attacks, is very lightweight and easy to kill, damages himself with his RECOVERY (a minor 2% but it does matter), and has less knockback than a lot of characters with aerial attacks.

                Don’t tell me these kind of things don’t constitute a few tiers. The only real important tiers are Top, Mid, and Bottom. i.e.(SSBM): Fox, Falco, Sheik for top, Mario, Luigi, Ganondorf for mid, and Pichu, Kirby, and Bowser for bottom.

                Also don’t forget that a huge part in tiers is how hard they are to use and how hard they are to master. Fox is hard to use but fairly easy to master along with his high stats, so he has spot 1. Pichu is easy to use (since he’s Pikachu) but impossible to use effectively because he damages himself and pretty difficult to master because of his very short attack range. Fox is risky but high reward, while Pichu is extremely risky with little reward.

                Also, Ganondorf (who I mained on Melee for a while), being a mid-high tier, is high risk due to poor recovery and extreme slowness, but high reward because of his extreme damage and KO potential on pretty much every move. Therefore he’s ranked 10 in Melee.

          • Nathan

            That can literally be said for every character. The fact that Link is almost a lowest-tier character has not stopped me from using him very effectively.

            • Ghabulous Ghoti

              Many characters have great potential when used properly, but characters like Ganondorf or Mewtwo really don’t have high combo potentially, or great offense, or defense, or recovery, etc. I was specifying Ike for his unique stance. It’s not common that power characters in any fighters have strong combo ability. Ike can easily transition from many air attacks into jabs into grabs into more air attacks, etc.

          • Carl Montes

            I’m seriously amazed that Pit isn’t at least A-tier. I mean, look at all that he has at his disposal, plus two juggernaut moves, plus an upward A that trumps almost everything, plus spammy arrows that not only hurt a lot over accumulation but can be directed, plus major flying, plus quickness in combat, plus effective strength in smash attacks, plus two ways to deflect projectiles, plus a way to deflect lots of attacks, etc.
            And the weakness? Being light. That’s about it.

        • Golossus117

          I’m just wondering, why? I find him likable and in most cases funny (in Kid Icarus: Uprising), and he’s not really bad in Brawl.

          • Annon

            I like pit. Yeah, there are spammers but now pit has no moves that can be easily spammed

    • Vethus

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Ike were actually replaced by Chrom, since Ike had replaced Roy.

      • David

        I miss Roy

        • http://ZeldaDungeon.net/ Jordan D.

          As a Smash character, so do I… but I love Ike’s play style even more so I can’t complain. As a Fire Emblem character… Roy’s actually a pretty terrible Lord, especially compared to Aether-everything-twice Ike.

          So in the end I don’t miss the guy too much :P

      • Josh

        hopefully not, then that means that Nintendo most likely has no plans for a future Fire Emblem game that takes place in Tellius (Ike’s world)

  • The_Hyphenator

    Hmm. I sense DLC on the horizon…

    • Sunseahl Silverfall

      This is Nintendo… not EA….

      • The_Hyphenator

        Yes, it’s Nintendo. Nintendo, who have released DLC packs for their last two Mario games and for their most recent Fire Emblem title.

        DLC doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If they genuinely can’t get some characters in under the deadline and want to release them later as DLC, I don’t see a problem with it.

        • zombie_eat_flesh

          Except for those who can’t access it on a regular basis, like me.

          • The_Hyphenator

            Dude, if you can get online long enough to write a reply to my post, you can download some DLC. This isn’t like the Xbone’s 24-hour/1-hour check-in thing.

            And it’s not like the game won’t have a big roster of characters as it is. Nintendo’s made a point of releasing DLC that adds to the game experience, not holding content hostage for sale at a later date. If they do DLC for Smash Bros, I’m sure the game will feel like a complete experience the way it’s shipped.

            • zombie_eat_flesh

              I’m not saying I don’t agree with you. You bring up some very valid points, and I wouldn’t mind if Sakurai had DLC later on. But I have no wireless router, so I wouldn’t be able to access it on my Wii U (I would go to a McDonald’s or some place that has free Wi-Fi for the 3DS version, though).

              • The_Hyphenator

                If that’s the issue, you could always buy a LAN adapter for your Wii U. They’re only about $20, so it’s much cheaper than buying a new router.

                Granted, I do wish Nintendo would just include ethernet ports on their consoles in the first place, but there are options.

                • zombie_eat_flesh

                  Great. Where can I buy one?

                  • The_Hyphenator

                    Amazon has them, as do most major electronics stores.

                    Just Google “Wii U LAN adapter” and you should find what you need.

            • Arnie Enrique Castro

              ummm, Microsoft eliminated that 24 hour internet check in thing…they announced this weeks ago. They also eliminated that “no used games” bullshit. They saw how pissed people got…

              • The_Hyphenator

                I’m aware of that. I was using it as an example to illustrate my point, not claiming that Microsoft is still going to do it.

    • Nathan

      I’d be totally ok with some character expansion packs in the future for Smash Bros. It makes a lot of sense to add some new characters and stages every couple of years to help keep things fresh.

  • Shane Emery

    I hope they don’t rush they game. If they game has o be delayed then it has to be delayed. The other Smash Bros games were masterpieces because you could tell a lot of time was put into making them. I’m able to wait a little it longer if the game is just as good as the others/

  • Shadowphoenix34

    This sucks what if you get rid of someones best character who they participate in tournaments with then what the hell are they gonna do… learn a new character from scratch after years of perfecting the one in all seriousness this is kind of unfair to certain players but I can also see why he would do this but I hope he reconsiders.

    • Drazhar

      Because the changes in gameplay from entry to entry weren’t enough to force relearning as is?

    • Shanta

      But in that same context each character’s move set and actions has changed with each game to the point of where characters I am good with in Melee are horribly different in Brawl so even if you “best Character” is in the game, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to use them like before

      • Shadowphoenix34

        I see your points but still having to pick a whole new character to figure out is more of a hassle then just figuring out new combos with your old characters.

        • Nathan

          Isn’t part of the fun of a new entry in the series the fact that you GET to start fresh? Seriously, where’s the fun in just perfecting one character and using that character across every game without any variation?

        • Sketchie

          Uh, I mained Ganondorf in Melee. Kicked ass.

          I main no one in Brawl. Why? Because Ganondorf sucks in Brawl and is 100% of a different feel.

          No, it is not always easier to just “figure out new combos.” Can it be? Sure, with characters like Pikachu, Yoshi, and Link who have mostly only had features added to them, or have not been tweaked that much, it’s easy.

          When they completely change up the speed and attack lag, AND mess with the power of the attacks like Ganondorf, Mario, and Luigi? No. It is NOT easy, at all. It’s difficult because you’re trying to play like the previous generation but with a strange and alien feel to them.

    • LunaticXIII

      Likely they’ll will look and say “This character wasn’t used as much/wasn’t as popular, so let’s cut him/her and maybe release them as DLC.”

    • Morty

      What kind of a sheer nonsense is that? It’s a new game, so things are different. Should I be pissed that Mario plays differently in SM3DW than he did in SMG? I don’t get it..

    • http://ZeldaDungeon.net/ Jordan D.

      1: Punctuation is nice. Please use it.

      2: Every game has introduced enough changes to characters’ movesets, attack speed, weight, etc. that it’s virtually impossible to transfer your skills directly into the next game. For example, I used Samus all the time in Melee. However, she got nerfed HARD in Brawl and I just couldn’t use her anymore because she felt so different. Yeah, I could have practiced… but it would be like learning a whole new character.

      My point here is that people are going to have to relearn Smash Bros. whether their favorite character is back or not.

  • rickdeath

    o this may suck. i def wanna see zelda and link and marth come back for certain. i could deal with the loss of…. um well rob lol and any doubles.

    • Guest

      Samus & Link were both in the E3 videos. I am sure they won’t be cut

    • Vethus

      Marth will more than likely reappear as he’s the most popular Fire Emblem Character.

      • Sketchie

        Most popular is an understatement. He’s had (I believe) the most Fire Emblem games, was the first FE game in English (or at least for America), is an extremely powerful Lord (tho not quite as over-powered as Ike in Radiant Dawn/Path to Radiance), and is also quite powerful in SSB.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    It’s okay if its clones to be honest. Smash Bros Brawl had too many characters in its roster if you ask me.

    I’d rather have less characters with good move sets and decent balance than loads of characters and imbalanced stats.

  • PNoyboy1018

    I’d cut Doctor Mario, Jigglypuff, Marth, and/or Ike. If they cut Samus, or Link, I’ll never forgive nintendo

    • Gabriel Valle

      THe ones from the first one Idt they would cut them they are they people favorites so I don’t thing they are going to be out. samus and link are more than confirmed

    • David

      Samus and Link were both in the E3 presentation videos. I highly doubt that they were cut.

    • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

      They’ve already fully designed the character models for Samus and Link. Plus, they’ve been in every SSB game so far. They won’t be cut.

    • le gamerboy

      i am pretty sure that all of the so called “all stars” that have been in literally all of the other smash bros games (mario, link, kirby, etc) will still be here, but the ones that were new to the games (pit, rob, wario, etc) might be cut.

      • Vethus

        Why do people keep saying Pit is going to be cut? He was in the frikkin’ reveal videos.

        • le gamerboy

          i know that pit will not be cut, i was just using him in the examples. he was the first one that i thought of, so thats why i put him there.

    • Sketchie

      Doctor Mario has only been in Melee, Jigglypuff is a 3 game veteran, as are Samus and Link, and Marth has already been in two games.

      Not to mention Samus, Jigglypuff, Marth, and Link are from the top ~20 games series of all times, and easily in the top 10 for Nintendo. Link and Samus especially are extremely popular characters that would NEVER be cut.

      Let’s not forget that they’ve already been confirmed.

      …Do you even pay attention to Nintendo series?

  • rickdeath

    ya the characters do change when i was playing super smash for the n64 Link was my best. Then for game cube it was Marth now for wii Zelda. Still good with Marth but cant use link very well in brawl.

  • Nevan Lowe

    I want Toon Zelda. I’d be okay if they cut Toon Link and Regular Zelda, as long as they add Toon Zelda. It would be epic to have regular Link fight Toon Zelda!

    • rickdeath

      As long as Zelda is there that’s cool.

    • Gabriel Valle

      Toon zelda would be awesome

      • Lorenzo Ladogana

        An could change to Tetra too!

        • Gabriel Valle

          that’s exaclty what I was thinking

  • Gabriel Valle

    the ones from the first and second and Idk maybe wario, diddy kong, metaknight, snake and sonic, toon link… rob can be out it doesn’t really matter for me

    • Franklin Howell

      are you saying Wario, diddy kong, metaknight, snake and sonic, toon link should or shouldnt be cut?

      • Gabriel Valle

        should stay. The others can be out sorry I was not clear ^w^

        • Franklin Howell

          ohhhh okay. i agree with ya

    • Sketchie

      Diddy shouldn’t be cut, he’s a pretty popular character from DKC. Meta Knight and Snake are debatable, and Wario is who-cares.

  • Mike Lord Riku Childs

    Forget the time constraint, just hold back the release we can wait.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    it says “in the event” so it’s not confirmed

    • Erimgard

      It also straight up says “No” in response to the question of all characters returning and “We don’t have the time to fully recreate every single character” as a followup.

      • MusubiKazesaru

        obviously every character isn’t returning

        • Erimgard

          So what exactly isn’t confirmed?

  • Nintendo

    Free DLC Nintendo!!!
    Free DLC!!
    For once get with the times, i mean its 2013 and you only recently got to HD!!

    • Sketchie

      This… doesn’t even make sense. No one gives free DLC (reliably).

      Also, who gives a shit about graphics specs. It’s not the resolution or number of colors, it’s the way you use them.

  • DFB

    If you cut any of the core smashers from the first two, you’re doing it wrong.

  • BlackRaven6695

    Just cut out the clone characters and everything should be fine.

    • Sketchie

      Except Falco and Ganondorf, since they’re actually pretty big characters.

      Wolf and Toon Link can go.

      • BlackRaven6695

        Personally I think Falco can go and unless Ganondorf gets a decent moveset, he should go as well. I’d also throw out Lucas and only have one Fire Emblem character.

        • Sketchie

          Falco is way different than fox now – they really only share 3-4 moves.

          Ganondorf is also a completely different play style than Cpt. Falcon and provides something completely different (and a lot of his attacks are different enough to only be considered a semi-clone).

          As for Lucas, they shouldn’t remove him as he is the only other representative from Earthbound/Mother. If anything, they should just make him more different from Ness.

  • Chris Devine

    kirby better stay

  • Tensei

    And this is why I say they should have started work on a sequel as soon as SSBB was released in 2008.

  • SirChandestroyV

    Why not just release the cut characters as free dlc on the wii u/3ds shops?

  • Gabriel Gomez

    Falco, Wolf must go, IDC about Ganondorf, Marth can go, Toon Link stays but with a different moveset, and Lucas needs a different moveset if he wants to stay.

    Also, they’re not going to remove the original 8: MArio Link, Ness, Captain Falcon, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, and Samus. They will remove characters mostly from brawl. Mewthree will be playable as a Lucacario replacement who will most likely be replaced by Mewthree. Also a fourth new character will be revealed. Those are my predictions.

    • Askylitpichu

      If Falco and Marth were going to be removed, it would have been before Brawl’s release.

      And the original 8 are actually Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, Fox, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, and Pikachu.

      • Jenifer Ferreyra Brindis

        someone remembered Kirby, thank you! yeah, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Luigi, and Ness were gained through 1P mode.

      • Gabriel Gomez

        Yeah sorry, I had forgotten the original 8.

        • Askylitpichu

          It’s cool

    • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

      You got the original 8 totally wrong.

      You forgot Kirby, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong, and you added a bunch that weren’t in there either.

    • Nathan

      I’m also anticipating that either Ike will be replaced by Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening, or that Chrom will be added alongside Ike and Marth. There’s no way in hell they’re getting rid of Marth, though. He’s more or less the reason Fire Emblem ever saw localization and release outside of Japan.

    • Sketchie

      Original 8? It’s the original 12.

      Luigi, Mario, DK,
      Link, Samus, Cpt. Falcon,
      Ness, Yoshi, Kirby,

      Fox, Pikachu, Jigglypuff.

  • Paul McCollum

    Not pokemon trainer! D:

    • Jenifer Ferreyra Brindis

      He didn’t beat the SSB league, i’m sorry… jk (:

    • Nathan

      I could see him coming back, but just not with the same 3 Pokemon.

  • Ryan

    toon link better stay

    • Askylitpichu

      Toon Link’s already part of the Spirit Tracks stage. He’s most likely not going to stay. :(

  • jamil nes


  • Franklin Howell

    The characters i can see them cutting would be Ike, Rob, Ganondorf (because he wasn’t in the last zelda game), toon or young link, MetaKnight, possibly snake(i hope not), i guess anything is possible, as long as they keep Snake and Sonic, i will be happy.

    • Franklin Howell

      i can also see wolf and pokemon trainer being cut, i like pokemon trainer. I will be sad.

    • Nathan

      I’d be shocked if Snake and Sonic were in the next installment.

      • Franklin Howell

        why? Sonic’s new games are only on nintendo pretty much, so he is almost definitely in, and if the have snake i see a re skin of it being big boss, there was a remake for snake eater on the 3ds. just like there was a remake of mgs 1 on the gamecube.

    • Sketchie

      Ganondorf has been in two games already, he’s not going to be cut.

      • Franklin Howell

        I wonder if they would reskin him as demise though.

        • Sketchie

          Ganondorf is not Demise. So no.

          Adding Demise as a character, though… NOW you’re thinking with portals.

          • Franklin Howell

            Ganondorf is not demise, but Ganondorf is Demise reborn. im just saying, if they were to replace Ganondorf that would be who to go for. or they could give demise all of ganons move but also have a down special move to pull out a sword, for a whole new list of moves. Kind of like how zelda or pokemon changes, Demise would just pull out a sword. I’m pretty sure it wont happen, but hell, this is nintendo, they make anything possible for smash bros eh?

  • Askylitpichu

    I don’t mind waiting another couple years for a perfected SSB but if they absolutely have to cut characters, Toon Link (who’s already part of the Spirit Tracks stage), Lucario, Ike, and, possibly and sadly, the Pokemon Trainer are most likely to get cut before any other characters. The 3DS is a little bit more powerful than the GameCube so most likely everyone from Melee and SSB64 are safe but some move-sets may/will have to be changed (Falco, Wolf, Lucas, etc.)… and GIVE GANONDORF HIS SWORD ALREADY!

  • Jenifer Ferreyra Brindis


    • http://ZeldaDungeon.net/ Jordan D.

      Next to Mario and Link, Kirby is the absolute last character Sakurai would EVER remove from Smash. Not only is he one of the original fighters, he’s also Sakurai’s baby; long before Project Sora, when Sakurai headed up HAL Laboratory, they were known for one series more than any other: Kirby. Sakurai created Kirby. He’s not going to drop him from Smash, ever.

      That also explains why the three Kirby characters in Brawl had such huge roles in Subspace Emissary.

  • Sonicman

    Dude needs to take a break, I mean he is already in pain

  • David

    I wouldn’t mind waiting a few extra months so I can play as my favorite characters

  • gamefan666

    omg i hope they dont cut mario D;

    • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

      Eh… what? Where in the WORLD did you get that from? That’s about as likely as Nintendo just giving up on the franchise itself.

  • Wade Elton

    Time constraints!? Obviously after the first two games were an unbelievable hit, I don’t think they would stop after a third one… You had 5 years.

  • isube

    why not just have the cut characters as DLC later, after the release? i dont care if the DLC costs anything or not, i’d take the deal… just means a little extra time to wait! :X

  • Zeik56

    I wonder who will get cut I hope Marth will still be in it aleast a good fire emblem character

  • Primus

    Exactly what I feared. The trailer notably lacked characters

  • Annon

    Young/toon link or whatever younger version of link better stay because of Wind Waker in HD

  • Aaron Lefebvre

    They can make DLC for them then..

  • InfernalDinosaur

    DLC Nintendo. Please.

    I think a generation or two ago this might have meant a big delay. I have no problem seeing the game out early with DLC maps and characters later on. This means I get to have fun sooner rather than later, as well as have the game feel fresh later on down the road.

    …If they do DLC that is.

  • Nathan

    Sounds to me like a perfect reason to have DLC releases for the game a year or two down the line. I was actually discussing with my roommates how stale Brawl is starting to feel after the thousands of matches we have all played in that game’s lifetime. Having and expansion pack later on to add new characters and maps would without a doubt be welcome from everyone who has SSB on their roster of most frequently played games.

    I’m also anticipating we won’t be seeing the return of Sonic and Snake. I’d also anticipate Lucario and Pokemon Trainer won’t be returning, or that Pokemon Trainer will have the starters from X/Y instead of the Kanto starters. I’d be surprised to see Ganondorf return, and could see him being replaced by Girahim from Skyward Sword. I could see Marth or Ike being cut, or having Chrom from Awakening added as an additional Fire Emblem character. I definitely would not anticipate the return of any of the characters that were cut from Melee to Brawl.

  • Luis

    some characters might be cut but there are many clones that needs to be out like wolf,toon link, ganon and C.falcon those 2 must either change one of their move or one of them is out of the game. and others that were not good and might take their spot in the game in this example jigglypuff was a bad character and lucario we know his out over mewtwo for sure since sakurai said he wanted mewtwo because of his new movie and the new game soo his apparence will return. and for kid icarus and fire emblem i hope too see more character from those games since uprising has a good character that could join like magnus,palutena and hades(villain).
    and for the Fire Emblem series i hope too see lyn and chrom into the fight since the new smash announce the 3ds ver. Arena Ferox we might see chrom in the smash game and lyn deserve a spot since her movesets are very different than a lord class from a swordmaster.

    well anyhow i hope too see more results from sakurai or announce another trailer in the upcoming month on their work progress

  • Daniel Taylor Nash

    This is dumb, ask your customers for time, explain they’d get more characters if they waited peacefully and release a very limited demo. Bam!

  • Golossus117

    Well, we already have twelve characters confirmed, and I really think the original 8 will be in it too. Other characters I can see are Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Magnus or Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mewtwo’s new form and Waddle Dee from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. They will probably replace Olimar with one of the new Pikmin-characters.

    Other characters I WANT to see are Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles (or maybe the new character from X), Zant and Ghirahim from Zelda, Rayman (very low chance) and a new Pokémon Trainer.

  • Jay Phill

    i hop they get ride of
    1. ice climbers
    2. mr game in watch
    5 R.O.B
    6. ike( replace with roy )
    7. olimar
    8. pokemon trainer

    • Wade Elton

      I hope they get rid of you. Those characters are bomb! (besides wolf and olimar)

    • http://ZeldaDungeon.net/ Jordan D.

      1/2. Not likely. They like to keep their retro characters in there, so I’d expect these guys in there.
      3. As much as I love Wolf (his moveset is MUCH more different from Fox/Falco’s than people give him credit for), I do have a feeling he’s probably gone. So you’ll get that wish.
      4. Snake is very unique and extremely fun to play as, but with the licensing thing I don’t think he’ll return… two points for you.
      5. See 1/2, although he’s got a better chance of going than IC and Game/Watch.
      6. Ike may get the axe, but it certainly won’t be for Roy. They’ll want a Fire Emblem character who’s popular and who’s been in a game released to the West. Roy is neither; Sword of Seals never saw a release outside of Japan… not to mention he’s a pretty awful Lord character anyway. If anyone replaces Ike it’ll be Chrom… and let’s face it, he could easily have the same moveset as Ike with a little more speed and a bit less power.
      7. No. Just no. Not only does Pikmin 3′s release almost guarantee Olimar’s return, I also really love how creative his moveset is. He’d be a terrible character to waste.
      8. Maybe… Again, I love PT for how unique his play style is and I actually play him fairly often, but he may be shaved off the top pretty easily. I’d guess he has a better chance of returning than Lucario (who I also love), but if they choose to drop Jigglypuff (only gonna happen if Sakurai de-immortalizes the Original 12) he’s got a good chance.

      Overall you listed a couple likely choices… but at least half of those characters deserve to stay.

      • Franklin Howell

        Snake could be replaced by big boss, solid snake was in brawl for the twin snake/mgs remake. Big Boss could be in for the MGS 3d remake for the 3ds.

  • http://nerdreviewstechnology.blogspot.com/ Nicholas Alexander Jabbour

    Not to be a jerk, but doesn’t this kind of fall under the “no freaking duh” category? I mean, a handful of Melee characters were cut from Brawl, so I don’t see why it’s so surprising that the same would happen in the transition from Brawl to SSB4.

    • zdog

      You’ve been on a rant rave haven’t you. Between the pokemon “version” post and this one you seem to be “that guy” more than not.

      • http://nerdreviewstechnology.blogspot.com/ Nicholas Alexander Jabbour

        Gee I’m sorry that I have an opinion that I share on the internet. How jerkish of me.

        And two comments doth not a standard make.

        • zdog

          Its more that you’ve felt the need to preface your opinions with “not to be a jerk” and “I’m usually not that guy.” Share your opinions all you want but if you are going to be a jerk, and are going to be that guy at least own it.

    • Evdude

      Thank you for putting that in perspective. As much as I hated that characters like Mewtwo and Roy were not in Brawl, I eventually got used to it and loved the game.

  • Shadowking58


  • FireFlashDrive

    Dude. They better still have Lucas. All I care about is Lucas

  • Neodurge

    Guys this is what happens when a fighting game geta popular and has sequels. Can you imagine how long it would capcom for example to include ALL their characters in one game? Plus your playing it on handheld hardware, so its going to have to be a cut down version in a way or two. I wouldnt panic, im sure the base characters were all prioritised :) be happy you get brilliant fighter on a portable console :D

  • Jay Jex

    I need my Samus! best heroine ever! dont care if Toon Link is gone but need normal Link dont care if mario is gone but need to keep peach need snake but not game and watch dont need diddy at all not a fan of DK either but keep his just cuz also i like Marth hope they dont cut him dont need to keep Dedede they should ditch Falco and Wolf and put in Krystal

  • Jennifer Howard

    they’d better not get rid of Marth, Peach, Pit and Link/ Toon Link…..Those are my brawl mains.

    • http://ZeldaDungeon.net/ Jordan D.

      Pit and Link were already in the reveal trailer and shown on the main website, so no worries there. Additionally, a leaked image some months back depicted Marth as well, so it’s not a guarantee for him but still quite likely. I don’t see them removing Peach anytime soon either.

      As for Toon Link… I’d say he’s probably out. He’s present on the Spirit Tracks stage, plus it’s pretty likely they’ll replace him with another Link iteration.

  • Bobis

    I smell DLC……….

    • zdog

      I’d be okay with that. If they work their hardest to get as much in the game by shipping and then want to add more after it has already been out there I think that is the appropriate use of DLC.

  • Groovy

    All I really want is to go back to the regular n64 remotes :/
    Cheaper, not so much effort required.

  • Karwan Kadir

    I understand the man. But I really really hope Lucario at least comes back. It was about time we finally got a cool warrior like Pokemon that wasn’t a legendary added in. He was so fun to play as and pretty unique. I could see both him and Mewtwo back in. The only similarities in their movesets was the B charge attack.

  • Gabriel Conde

    I want Lucas Again TT_________TT

  • Alan Arreola

    Fuck it and delay it, it will be worth the wait. Trust me

  • Michael Philliber

    i dont see what the big deal is i can think of four characters that were scrapped from melee to brawl. it happens.

  • Tyler Mizell


    • http://ZeldaDungeon.net/ Jordan D.

      Not happening. Roy’s one of the least popular Fire Emblem Lords, right up there with Alm/Celica, Leif, and Micaiah. He was only in one game (that never released outside Japan) and even then, he kinda sucked as a Lord…

      Smash-wise, I loved Roy in Melee and mained him all the time, but the chances of him coming back are slim to none. Ike, Chrom, Marth, and Lyn probably have the best chances at getting in, with Marth essentially guaranteed.

  • Thorn Rich

    Why done they just use DLC characters? I wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks for new characters after release. =P This game would be worth it. I mean after all this is Nintendo not EA. They wouldn’t screw us over.

  • Frank Lawinski

    Are they increasing the boob size of any of the characters? That should be the main question! aaaah Good Afternoon!

  • Daniel

    As long as the Zelda, Mario, Metroid (samus) and Fire Emblem characters are there, I’m good to go.

  • Madelen Vera


  • Madelen Vera

    I want Pichu and Toon Link– And an addition of Toon Zelda who can transform into Tetra :3
    And I would love to see Skyward Zelda who can transform into her white robes or Sheik.
    I really wish they wouldn’t remove Jigglypuff though D: I know not a lot of people like her but she’s my childhood pokemon! And I’d like to do a smash bros. cosplay group as Jiggly Puff!
    ROB can leave. XD

  • Randy Randell Rang

    Nobody is really rushing them in the first place. Instead of announcing so early they could of just taken their time and announced it when they feel its comfortable enough to release

  • Hannah McGee

    oooooo….. means we’re not getting Sonic are we? fuck!

  • CJ Hill

    I hope Sonic makes the cut cause that’d be SOOOOO AWSOME to make the mascots of the 3 big game companys clash Nintendo(Mario), Sega(Sonic) AND Capcom(Megaman) pleas Sakurai put Sonic in the new Smash Bros. game
    (I know Nintendo bought out Sega….but Sonic will always be the face of Sega)

  • Alberto Jorge

    Are you Kidding me? Characters are being cut due to time constraints? Sakurai, you know we are still in the middle of 2013? And you realize that you can release your game whenever you want, right?

  • Joe Hatton

    Why cut classic characters? When you can cut out a pointless character like Wii Fit Trainer!

  • Mrgaful

    No no no, just no! I don’t want an incomplete game, if you have to delay this game til 2015, I’m fine with that, but if you are planning on releasing DLC with the game time later, that’s also good, but i just don’t want an incomplete game!

  • zdog

    I don’t know, when Sakurai says something I can usually take it a face value. That man puts everything he has into these games. I really do think he has fans best interest in mind when he makes them.

    • Victor Yu

      Really? A WII FIT TRAINER as a character? Come on. Please. I am already deeply upset at the range of characters, and additionally they make Megaman look like some yordel. Megaman should be tall, cool looking, like in the further series, or the advent series, not the classical. Ugh.

      • zdog

        While I agree the current revealed range of characters seems limited I am confident that there will be more revealed. Imagine if Brawl was advertised and all you saw was R.O.B., Game and Watch, and the standard 6 that always appear. I know he’s said the roster will be limited, but I think they’ll deliver a satisfying product when all is said and done. And as far as Mega Man goes…its preference but I’m happy with the direction.

      • Sketchie

        The classic look is the one most people know and love, not to mention his (debatably) most versatile and powerful form.

        And actually, WFT is a lot less bizarre than ROB, who isn’t even an actual game character (he’s a crappy controller bot), so I dunno what the hell you’re whining about.

      • Rocco Maggiore

        Nintendo is spot on with Megaman. Yeah there was the Megaman X saga, but Megaman X might out class the smash roaster… That and he would be harder to balance and he would really look out of place. Classic Megaman really is the best route.

    • Zachary Hughes

      how can you say that knowing that WII FIT TRAINER was a must have

      • zdog

        Because there are other characters that have not been revealed yet, and until all the cards are on the table I’m witholding judgement from Sakurai.

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    Yeah, putting up the damage ratio will change the damage ratio… :p

    Lucario is pretty high tiered, but Ike is dead center.

  • Sebastian Perry

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if Nintendo delayed to put in all the characters. Seriously, if they absolutely *have* to throw out characters, I would advise Nintendo to seriously consider Wii Fit Trainer to be excluded, because that is the *worst* idea I can imagine. You might as well start adding useless characters like Navi and Otacon, as well as quite a few others.

  • lesdinoboys

    I want Roy to return with Marth!

  • EzikielofHyrule

    First people get pissed at Nintendo for pussing games back to add more content now they are pissed at them for setting a time and having to cut back on content. There really is no win with you people.

    • Majora Luna

      People who are willing to sacrifice potential quality for faster gratification need to be beaten over the head with a pipe. The phrase “cutting corners” has a negative connotation for a reason.

  • Sketchie

    Everyone’s got the cuts all wrong. Ganondorf, Falco, Marth, Samus and Link are all ones I’ve seen people saying will/might/should be/shouldn’t be cut. Just what?

    Will probably be cut or replaced:
    Wolf, ROB, Toon Link, Ike (with Chrom), Pkmn Trainer (might just be diff. Pokemon instead), Lucario

    Might be cut/replaced:
    Sonic, Wario, Dedede/Meta Knight (but not both), Snake, Lucario (he’s in the middle there)

    Unlikely to be cut/replaced:
    Lucas, Diddy Kong, Olimar (if they do they’re idiots)

    Will not be cut due to being in 2 or more games or have been confirmed:
    Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Ganondorf, Samus, Link, Jigglypuff, Ness, Yoshi, Cpt. Falcon, Marth, Falco, Fox, Pikachu, Bowser, Game & Watch, Zelda, Peach, Kirby, Ice Climbers, Pit

  • Rocco Maggiore

    No No… I wan’t some of the Melee characters back and more characters… Like Geno and Mallow from Mario RPG legend of the 7 stars. Push the date back. I’d rather see a late complete product than see an un-finished one.

  • Gabe Fretter

    The characters that I think should be cut off the roster from brawl are:

    Falco: He should have gotten a move-set of his own. That includes special moves.
    Wolf: He’s a cool guy and all, but why another clone character?
    Toon Link: Just look at the SSB: Wii U/3DS trailer…
    Lucario: Lacking popularity.
    Lucas: Nobody knew who he was, because he was from a Japan-only game called Mother 3.
    He also sort of has the same move-set as Ness.
    Ice Climbers: This is a 50-50 chance if they’ll make it, because of their unique play-style,
    but may not make it, due to the 3DS’s hardware limitations.
    Metaknight: Not a lot of people didn’t like him,because he can be overpowered very easily when
    configuring him.

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