Super Smash Bros. Wii U Side-By-Side Comparison with Brawl

Having trouble seeing much of an improvement between Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U? A NeoGAF user named Silent_Ocarina put together a set of comparison screenshots to show off the differences. Apart from the new shader style, you can see tons of animation improvements, pick out the increased poly counts and better object modeling, and even pick out a few design differences.

Click below to check out the comparisons side-by-side.

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Source: NeoGAF

  • Drazhar

    Though in fairness, the Wii U Super Missile is a lot closer to the SNES original.

    Fox looks amazing on Wii U compared to Brawl, though I find that Mario’s coveralls are far more detailed in Brawl.


    • Regol

      About Mario, it’s all part of the new art style. I find this new Mario closer to that of the games.

    • Josh Sebastian Duque

      Lets be honest, the photo-realistic style of Smash Bros. Melee was just to show off the GameCube’s rendering power. And with Brawl, they decided to bring that style over from Melee. I never was a fan of the art decision because… well, seeing Mario in these overalls that look SUPER realistic was never how Mario was meant to look. It never fit any of the characters that had a cartoony look to them.

      But anyways, it’s just a matter of art style in the version for Wii U / 3DS.

      • Silver Arrowz

        What are you talking about? Melee wasn’t “photorealistic.” It was one of the cartooniest games on the console. Granted, while not a bad thing, I wouldn’t call melee realistic in the slightest.

        • Josh Sebastian Duque

          Your comment made me laugh.

        • Lusunup

          wtf? the man speaks the truth it was to show off the power of the gamecube that’s what he meant and this game came out during the launch of the gamecube which meant alot back then.

    • DragonNinja

      The super missile design of Brawl is closer to that of the item upgrade pickup and the image for selecting it on the top of the screen, where as the new Wii U super missile design is closer to that of when it is actually fired.

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    I honestly like Brawl better, ’cause I feel the more realistic coloring and detail fits Smash better than this new art style.

    • Kyrushi

      Really? I’d think realism is a silly idea for a game as outrageous and chaotic as Smash Brothers. For the most part, I’m loving the new colorful softly shaded models we’re getting this time around.

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        A valid point, but I liked how it made the characters look so much more BA.

        • chris

          Samus still looks BA. I hope she also has the zero suit form. I used to Bust A with her

    • Lord_Shadowhand

      The art style was for the fact that brawl was focused on stealing the neo-casual bro gamers.

      • InfernalDinosaur


        • Lord_Shadowhand

          The kind of people that won’t buy a game unless it’s “gritty” enough

    • The Musical Commentator

      I actually liked it because the color scheme seemed darker, more mature; so i thought “It’s like Smash Bros is maturing. That’s cool”
      it’s gonna take some time for me to get used to the Wii U version’s color scheme

  • BigHairyFart

    I love Link’s new look, the big, bushy hair & long hat are really nice.

  • zdog

    I know if will be different, but looking at these it makes me feel like playing the games will be very similar.

    • schmorgyborgy

      That’s because it will be similar. It probably won’t be very different at all. Besides upgraded graphics, new characters, new stages, and a new 1 player mode, it’s still the same formula. Not saying that it’s a bad thing though, why fix something that isn’t broke?

      • zarzarzarzarzar

        well, there was nothing wrong with melee. they changed a lot of three physics and mechanics when break came around. besides, I remember reading an interview a while back where sakurai said he was disappointed with how brawl came out and feels melee was a better game.

  • Isaac Ness

    Kinda weird…, but kirby is the best example!

  • Golossus117

    I think the biggest improvement is the hair of everyone, especially Fox and Donkey Kong.

    • schmorgyborgy

      The difference between Link’s hair a huge improvement! Side by side, the Wii U Smash Bros is so good it, makes Link from Brawl look like he is wearing a wig.

  • avalpsychicguy

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    Things will change, but some things should stay the same.

  • trogus

    i love what they’re doing with the art styles on the wiiu.

  • InfernalDinosaur

    I bet there is more of a difference actually playing it in person.

    I wonder if the link character model is more reflective of the Wii U zelda in development? It looks a little too detailed to be skyward Link.

    • Lord_Shadowhand

      Note during the developer direct they talked about how they had changed every characters art style and what they used as reference… Except link. They just plain skipped over him, despite having a new style. I honestly think this is the link from zelda wiiu, because this game does not release until 2014, and nintendo said they would unveil zelda wiiu in a nintendo direct before the end of the year.

    • BlackRaven6695

      I think it’s meant to be Twilight Princess Link with a lighter colour palette (the entire game has a lighter colour palette than Brawl). Their tunics are practically identical.

      • defectiveleader

        or its the skyward sword link mixed with the twilight link. Simple enough

  • Primus

    Brawl did a good job of hiding the wii’s imperfections

    • Micheal Holloway


  • Drahsid

    I say melle was better, meh,

  • Morty

    I love the vibrant colors of the Wii U version. To me that style is kinda the trademark for Nintendo. The comparison is not entirely fair of course, because the real shocker comes from the 480p to 1080p difference.

    • Eltanin

      I agree. And while I like Brawl, I always found its style to be a lil’ bit grittier than what I would like, so I welcome the Wii U’s richer color palette. And that Samus looks so beautiful and slick.

      • The Musical Commentator

        but the grittier colors made it look like Smash Bros was maturing. that’s what i found so cool about it

  • Michael Genzoli

    So far, I’m reserving judgement until I play it, but it looks like they’re taking advantage of the Wii U’s power with the new one, definitely less notable edges on the characters (especially Kirby).

  • Richard Bailey

    I love love love Link’s and Pit’s look for Wii U

  • De SlakkenSchreeuwer

    Link looks better in Brawl :)

  • Masaomi__Kida

    Mario and Browser look better in brawl but all the other characters look better in the wii u version

  • Edwin A

    I’m not liking how Link and Fox look a lot brighter than their Brawl counterparts. Link’s clothing isn’t supposed to be bright… hes always out fighting in fields and crazy places.. why would his clothing be all bright and clean looking? I preferred the darker look to his garb. Same goes to Fox though I do like how his shirt is brighter, I preferred his darker pants and boots in the older version. Surprisingly, Link’s boots in the Wii U version look less detailed and flat with a minor design on it.

    • defectiveleader

      yea maybe they will change his before release. his colors are off

  • Tyler Kopeck

    Not bad, “Wii U making whites whiter and your colors more vibrant!”

  • drnedaj

    wow brawl looks better in my opinion

  • Bszelda

    LOVE the new graphics style! Man I cannot wait for this game. :)

  • Ninja Stud

    I only like links hair better

  • Evdude

    Interestingly, it looks as though some of the “brighter coloring” in the wiiu version is coming from environmental lighting. For example, the in the shot with link and pit, the wiiu version is in a stadium with flood lights, and the clothing is thus illuminated. But then, in the last that last set (the one with Pit), it is just the opposite.

    Also, Pit now comes with TOES!

  • Cesar Barroso

    2014 release, so they still have a lot to do. See how X from Monolithsoft changed so much is just 5 months?

  • Forbsz

    Not going to lie in most of the photos the wii smash bros looks better than the wii u smash bros.