Super Smash Bros. Wii U Side-By-Side Comparison with Brawl

Having trouble seeing much of an improvement between Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U? A NeoGAF user named Silent_Ocarina put together a set of comparison screenshots to show off the differences. Apart from the new shader style, you can see tons of animation improvements, pick out the increased poly counts and better object modeling, and even pick out a few design differences.

Click below to check out the comparisons side-by-side.

comparison-brawl-1 comparison-wiiu-1 comparison-brawl-2 comparison-wiiu-2 comparison-brawl-3 comparison-wiiu-3 comparison-brawl-4 comparison-wiiu-4 comparison-brawl-5 comparison-wiiu-5 comparison-brawl-6 comparison-wiiu-6 comparison-brawl-7 comparison-wiiu-7 comparison-brawl-8 comparison-wiiu-8 comparison-brawl-9 comparison-wiiu-9 comparison-brawl-10 comparison-wiiu-10 comparison-brawl-11 comparison-wiiu-11 comparison-brawl-12 comparison-wiiu-12 comparison-brawl-13 comparison-wiiu-13 comparison-brawl-14 comparison-wiiu-14

Source: NeoGAF

  • NotshaneTM

    In my opinion, The Legend of Zelda series would have benefited significantly if they aimed to use their Ocarina of Time designs. The Twilight Princess ones scare me a bit for some reason, as they only looked good on Brawl where that serious art style fit better.

    I do not know why, but I get shivers whenever I look at them sometimes; namely, Ganondorf and Zelda. Link looked alright, but I still wish they went with Ocarina of Time since they were going about a cartoony path anyway. Oh, and his original screams.

    Aside from that, I like all of the characters in Sm4sh, but when playing Brawl on Dolphin with texture packs, it wins on detail for sure. But, Sm4sh is not going for detail and simply wins on recapturing the Nintendo characters as we know them to be.

    If there is just one character that I wish was never redesigned, Fox would be the first. I am completely fine with Fox’s new voice and think it fits him better, but I wish that he had his more epic appearance from Melee with this art style.

    There are just so many little things they could have done, but they still did plenty with this one.

  • NotshaneTM

    He said that in terms of a technical standpoint. Not because he preferred Melee’s tournament play, but because Brawl had a lot of input lag and it is a bit harder to move around freely at times. I am sure he is proud with the content the game offered, but not with how the game itself played. Sm4sh fixed up everything wrong with Brawl in terms of input lag, though.

  • NotshaneTM

    And that Brawl was never meant to be viewed THAT close. From a distance, both look very identical. Especially if both have high definition image resolutions.

  • zarzarzarzarzar

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  • NotshaneTM

    Whatever wins you the argument, I suppose. People do this to me all the time, so this is no new development for me to be doing the same thing myself.