Super Smash Bros. Will Have the Same Characters on 3DS and Wii U

The new Super Smash Bros. games for 3DS and Wii U were officially announced at E3, and we know that there will be some differences between the two. The 3DS version will feature cell-shaded graphics and unique stages, but what about character rosters? Will there be exclusive characters on each platform?

NowGamer got the chance to talk with Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, and they questioned him about the possibility of differing rosters on the two versions.

Fundamentally we’re going to have the same characters on both systems. If there was a character you couldn’t play on Wii U but you could play on 3DS, or vice versa, that’s rough for consumers. So we want players to be able to have the same character experiences on both devices.

It’s great to see Sakurai thinking about the players and putting their needs first. Nintendo won’t use character differences to try and convince people to buy both versions of the game; they want you to have access to all of your favorite characters regardless of what version you pick up. That said, hopefully there will still be enough differences in content (aside from the ability to play the 3DS version on the go) to make both versions worth the purchase.

Source: NowGamer

  • Matthew Wesley

    I don’t care, as long as I can continue to destroy my ”higher” tiered friends with DK and Link, I’m a happy guy!

    • Paul McCollum

      So long as they boost Link’s jump and recovery…

      • Matthew Wesley

        I just like kicking my friends (who happen to be pretty damn good) rears with what tournament gamers call “low” tier characters. It’s not about tiers, it’s about how well you utilize the character.

        • Gabriel Gomez

          That’s why when someone asks me “What’s the best character?” I say: “There is no best character, you just have to learn how to use each one.”

          • Matthew Wesley

            Spot on!

  • Mrgaful

    I just hope this doesn’t affect anything

    • Erimgard

      Such as?

      • Mrgaful

        Having less characters or less gameplay modes thanks to the limitations of the 3DS

        • Ghabulous Ghoti

          Remember that the 3DS is stronger than the Wii, so anything that could be pulled off in Brawl can be done on the 3DS version.

          • Morty

            Very true. Also, as an example, look at Animal Crossing: New Leaf. That game has such a ridiculous amount of content in it. On top of that, music for the 3DS version can be compressed a great deal, and the 3DS has a fairly low resolution, so models and textures don’t have to be as complex.
            All in all, you shouldn’t worry about the 3DS holding back the Wii U version.

          • Eoin Hanan

            well it may be more powerful but do the carts have more memory then the wii discs? it could be like the way the N64 was more powerful then the playstation but was held back by carts so games could not be super long

            • Morty

              3DS cartridges as of now can hold up to 8 gigs. Adding more storage to a 3DS cartridge is possible, but the 8 gigs pretty much suffice for 3DS games. This might be one of the reasons Nintendo chose to use a sub SD resolution for the 3DS.

              For comparison, Wii discs have 4.7 GB (single-layer) and 8.54 GB (dual-layer) of space.

              • Eoin Hanan

                thanks for clearing that up

  • max

    I swear i heard this during the E3 trailer.

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    Are the physics the same? That has been my biggest question since E3 2011!

  • Jack Veras Lara

    This is just one of the reasons that I Love you Nintendo. :)

  • alsonic_ze_hedgehog

    Thank you Sakurai!

  • BreanaMelvin

    Oh good; I was just wondering about this the other day; glad to receive the confirmation earlier than expected

  • BlackRaven6695

    On one hand, I’m happy and impressed that Sora isn’t trying to leech our money by enticing us into buying two versions of the same game. On the other hand, I sure hope that there are more differences than just stages.

  • Shadowking58

    I hope they bring Sonic back! It should be easy since Sega is developing Sonic Lost World Exclusively for Wii U!