Video Evidence of a Microsoft Employee at the Nintendo Experience

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Microsoft had sent employees out to some of the Best Buys holding the Nintendo Experience. However, outside of a sketchy photo and a few forum posts, there was little evidence to support the story. Now a YouTube video has surfaced showing the same supposed Microsoft employee questioning people in a line. Check out the video for yourself after the break.

While the video is much more solid evidence, it doesn’t mean that this was a wide spread occurrence and could have been limited to a single Best Buy. It’s also been suggested that this wasn’t planned by Microsoft, and was simply a well meaning employee who just happened to be at Best Buy during the event.

The audio is poor, but in the video we can hear the supposed employee interacting with a group of people in line trying to defend the Xbox One. It’s also interesting to note that the video doesn’t show the Nintendo Experience itself either.

Source: My Nintendo News

  • Matthew Wesley

    This is just sad.

  • Ray

    It doesn’t show it but you can clearly hear coins being collected in the background which means someone was at least playing a Nintendo game in the vicinity. Whether or not this was a crashing of the Nintendo Experience remains uncertain.

    I’m certain those with more skilful ears would be able to pick up the correct game and if does belong to either Mario Kart or Mario 3D World, then I’m pretty certain that that’s a Best Buy Nintendo Experience in which the video was shot.

    Might be a well-meaning employee defending his company and promoting a gaming system he himself is excited for, but what if this was a corporate decision? Sony showed that they’re not beyond making jabs at MS so perhaps MS is not beyond shoving their wares to people who came to check out Nintendo games.

    It’s totally weasel-ly to:

    1. Use the gathering of gamers who are there for Nintendo to capitalise your word of mouth advertising.
    2. Just basically stand around watching all shifty and encouraging people to get the XBONE.

    In any case, what was this guy even thinking? The people standing there for hours in line waiting to play a five to ten minute demo of a Wii U game are clearly, CLEARLY Nintendo fans. I wonder if there was just a mass exodus or even that lone ranger in the lines who decided, “You know what… I DO want an XBOX instead.”

    • Matthew Wesley

      It isn’t going to work. Nintendo fans don’t want “TV…TV…TV….Sports…TV…TV…TV…TV…Sports….game (which is essentially the same type of game as last gen)…TV…” You get the idea. Microfail!

      • jugglaj91

        Apparently they do want TVii……oh wait

        • Matthew Wesley

          My point is Nintendo gamers (while I have always been a Nintendo console owner, I’ve gamed on everything) and all other console owners primarily buy systems for gaming. No one gets a console for tv or watching nfl or nba. Xbox one is embarrasing to microsoft and anathema to gamers. I know that everyone is doom and gloom about nintendo right now, but according to conventional wisdom, Nintendo should’ve gone out of business 15 years ago, and yet… here they stand. People need to drop the fanboyism and drone-itude and look at this from a rational perspective.

          • jugglaj91

            I was being purely satirical. Xbox is a brand trying to compete with Apple not Sony so as MS sees it they do not care. Sony is building a machine for gamers that can also happen to do other things while MS is making a machine to take over your living room that can also play games.

            • Jay

              If that was true then they shouldn’t have advertised it at E3 which is the biggest gaming convention ever. No one there wants a fucking “do it all” machine, they want a GAMING machine. Nor should they be advertising it as the next “Xbox” because that just tells everyone it’s a gaming machine even though that’s not their main purpose. So if they’re not TRYING to make a gaming machine then they fucked up with the marketing for it and it’s going to cost them dearly.

              • jugglaj91

                If you want a GAMING machine go buy a Gamecube which was the last system to do nothing but games. Xbox did DVD and games, PS2 did DVD and games, 360 did DVD, games and streaming same with PS3. No matter what you are not buying a GAMING machine you are still buying an entertainment device, MS just so happen to put a little more emphasis on the entertainment part.

                • Jay

                  You’re missing my point, ps2, wii, xbox360, ps3 they are all GAMING machines. They may have other things that make said gaming machines better, but no one goes out to buy a ps3/ps2/xbox360 to play fucking dvds. They buy them to play GAMES because that’s what their main purpose is.

                  • jugglaj91

                    And you obviously missed the point that all Microsoft did was show off games at E3 and since then people have been talking about nothing but how Microsoft is handing the way games are bought/sold/traded, etc.

                    Another thing you’ve apparently missed out on is the fact that with over 150 million units combined the top selling games for both PS3 and 360 are topping out at like 6-8 million which means GAMERS aren’t using their GAMING machines to GAME.

                  • moo

                    Lies, my mom bought a ps3 back in the day because it was cheaper then a blue ray player.

                    • Jay

                      Hahaha well i was talking mostly about Gammer’s though =P

            • Nevan Lowe

              Yeah. Wii U and PS4 are gaming consoles that you can watch TV. Xbone is a Cable Box that you can play games on. Subtle, but important difference.

          • Nevan Lowe

            I sometimes use a gaming console to watch Netflix… but don’t buy one for it. I buy one to game. Microsoft thinks that they can get people to buy a gaming console to watch TV, which isn’t going to happen.

    • awsomeMrlink

      Mario Kart 8 for sure, it has the same victory theme, item noise, and humming of the engine.

    • justincase_2008

      No this was at a best buy two of them showed up at my local best buy trying to talk to everyone. First e3 day didnt get to try a game so I came the second day thats when the xbone guys showed up.

  • Rafael Garcia Jr Serrato

    Can Microsoft go any lower?

    • Micheal Holloway

      thats the same question i asked right before this happened. this is microsoft at their most pathetic state ever.

      • Eoin Hanan

        i sorta see them as the david hasslehoff of the video game companies ATM (you know which period hasslehoff i mean)

        • moo

          cheeseburger bathroom partys for all

    • Matthew Wesley

      Well, I hope not, this is getting embarrassing.

    • Nevan Lowe

      I ask that every time Microsoft does something. Announce Xbone. “That was disappointing. I guess it’s the worst it can get.”. Complicated DRM gets officially announced. “Wow. I guess I was wrong. Luckily they CAN’T go any lower”. Then this. I said “Microsoft just hit a new level of low.”

    • Joseph Oliveira

      Why did you say Microsoft? How do you even know he is even a speaker? He’s probably a washed up Employee. Just because his shirt says “MICROSOFT” doesn’t mean he actually works for them! He probably got it on eBay! Or even works at those Surface Microsoft Stores then the Corporate itself.

  • Primus

    I feel so sorry for the Microsoft worker. He has to make a fool of himself to get paid.

  • thecoolmana777

    And… someone just got fired ;)

  • CheeseLink302

    So pathetic. That’s all I can say. Well, that’s what you get for being greedy money-steallers.

    • Skyfolk

      A corporation? Being greedy? Scandal!

      • MusicGamer

        Perish the thought!

      • CheeseLink302

        It is a true scandal.

  • GasaixYuno

    And everyone on the youtube video is defending the guy.

    • Michel Van Lingner

      And they have the right to, stop judging morons

      • GasaixYuno

        No u

  • KornGP47

    What the hell is with that guy?

  • Sean McCann- Morrow

    The Xone is doing so bad that even random people personating microsoft are trying to promote it,

  • Mr.Anonymous

    What actual Nintendo fan would get OUT of line to buy an Xbox. Not I, at least.
    It makes me think Nintendo is punching dents into Microsoft’s success somehow. Even though I see Nintendo (and their die hard fans like myself) in a class by themself, it makes me happy to see the company bloom with success. Even if the other guys have to SEND an employee to do something.

  • JonShipman

    Sigh… It’s not a spybox. It needs to specify that it has a microphone for the command “Xbox On”. You want to turn off the always listening part? Disable voice wakeup and Kinect.

    (psst, your iPhone/Android phone is always on too)

  • Carlbot


  • K2L

    Wow, so besides going for the always-online crap and the used game restriction, they’re STILL lurking into the competition’s plans? Depressing.

  • PichuPro73

    I feel sorry for the guy I mean imagine being made fun of on the internet everywhere. For all we know he could just be trying to keep his job, and if it was you working there I think you would to

  • BlazingInfernape

    I personally would never betray Nintendo, been playing their consoles since I was about 4 and nothing is going to change that 14 years on :-) NINTENDO FAN TILL THE DAY I DIE.