Video Evidence of a Microsoft Employee at the Nintendo Experience

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Microsoft had sent employees out to some of the Best Buys holding the Nintendo Experience. However, outside of a sketchy photo and a few forum posts, there was little evidence to support the story. Now a YouTube video has surfaced showing the same supposed Microsoft employee questioning people in a line. Check out the video for yourself after the break.

While the video is much more solid evidence, it doesn’t mean that this was a wide spread occurrence and could have been limited to a single Best Buy. It’s also been suggested that this wasn’t planned by Microsoft, and was simply a well meaning employee who just happened to be at Best Buy during the event.

The audio is poor, but in the video we can hear the supposed employee interacting with a group of people in line trying to defend the Xbox One. It’s also interesting to note that the video doesn’t show the Nintendo Experience itself either.

Source: My Nintendo News