Wind Waker Vs Wind Waker HD: The Comparison Video

Since Nintendo revealed The Wind Waker HD trailer yesterday, we all knew it was only be a matter of time before someone posted a comparison video between the footage in the revamped version of the game and the original. That time has now come.

Click below for the video.

Now that you’ve seen both games in action side-by-side, which do you prefer?

Source: Darandomfish

  • Gaseous Snake

    I love this. The graphics remain fairly true to the original while also being extremely polished and GORGEOUS!

  • Freez0

    Looks awesome, they could tone down the bloom a bit though.

  • Jermaine Delvalle

    the Wii u version looks more vibrant loving it!!

  • zekeandlucy

    I definitely like the Wii U graphics a lot better, although they look slightly paler than the GameCube version, this really doesn’t make much of a difference.

  • EzikielofHyrule

    I loved it overall but some of the Gamecube scenes actually looked better

  • hillel Dimbert

    the Gamecupe has more color, but the HD version has enhanced and darkened colors.

  • Titty Kitty

    I think the WiiU version has a bit too much bloom, bu that’s ok.

  • Sketchie

    It just seems a little more blurry and smoother…

    Also, weren’t they changing Link’s outfit to having the brown sleeves again?

  • Shane Coy

    I’m done with Nintendo. They really can’t make any new games so they have to remake a old Zelda? Why not the ocarina of time? Nintendo is dumb af with business. All they have are the same old series of games on a console that doesn’t even come close to the quality of Xbox or play station

    • Matt

      You do realize that multiple teams work on multiple games at the same time don’t you? There is a team making the Zelda Wii U game (that is most likely coming out next year) at the same time as this game. As for them being “dumb af with business”, if that is the case why aren’t you running Nintendo? Considering they are one of the most successful gaming companies in history I think they know what they are doing.

      Oh, and as for having the “same old series of games on a console” Halo says hello. Every company, be it Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, release pretty much the same game series or variations of those series all the time. They all also release new and innovative series all the time.

      As for mentioning Ocarina of Time I’m not sure if you are asking why they don’t remake that or not. The way you worded it makes it seem like you are asking why they don’t remake it, but if you are asking that then you obviously don’t follow the series close at all. That game has been released and remade multiple time already.

      Stop acting all spoiled and declaring that you are done with Nintendo because they aren’t releasing a new Zelda right now. They just released a new one a year ago. They aren’t going to release a new game every year like a series like COD (which based on it being a FPS can do that).

    • Mattie Kennedy

      OoT was remade for the 3DS recently. Nintendo is currently working on two new Zelda titles. One for the 3DS and one for the WiiU. Many Zelda fans have been pushing for a Majora’s Mask remake. (Operation Moonfall)

      i do sometimes have to laugh at nintendo and i’m not a particular fan of this remake. other consoles have been remaking some of their more popular games as well. however, they have also been released as collections which is brilliant…. (ex: MetalGear HD)

      • Ash-Lynn Sarah

        They’re also working on the new Super Smash Bros for the 3DS AND the Wii U. Nintendo has a lot on their hands right now.

  • K. Harris

    The haze/bloom/diffusion lighting effect thing…is a bit too much in some scenes. Hardly noticeable/absent in others. The Wii U version seems almost completely better. Nice. :) And…well, both versions still exist, the GCN one isn’t being pushed away like George Lucas did with the older versions of Star Wars…XD

  • Ash-Lynn Sarah

    Man… as if this game wasn’t pretty and fantastic already. :D Super pumped for this. And I don’t even have a Wii U yet.

  • Coregoth88

    I’ll be buying my second Wii U for this title. My son has the first one and he’s with his mommy.

  • Asdfpersonguy

    Should be called Wind Waker: HD Clouds.