Zelda Wii U Was Almost Shown at E3, Is Pretty Deep in Development

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the still-elusive Zelda Wii U was almost shown at E3 this year, but the team decided to hold it back a bit longer. It’s further along in development than most people seem to believe, he added, saying that the game is proceeding “progressing concretely.”

Zelda Wii U was one of the most-anticipated titles at the show. We hope they’ll be ready to show it within the next few months. The game is listed alongside Nintendo’s upcoming titles for 2014.

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We’re also working on a new Wii U Zelda game. Work on that is progressing fairly concretely. In fact, we were thinking about showing it here at E3 but decided to wait just a little bit longer before sharing it with everyone.

We’ll have our impressions of the two Zelda games that have been announced – A Link Between Worlds and The Wind Waker HD – ready for you to view soon.

Source: Game Informer

  • Levian VII


  • HylianBadger25

    Shoooooot. Seriously? They’re far enough along that they could have showed us something (trailer, gameplay, ANYTHING!) and yet they chose to not include it at all? At least give us some concept art like Skyward Sword or something! Any little detail, like they did for the spring Nintendo Direct, and the fanbase goes nuts.

    • Anchelspain

      Don’t forget that Nintendo technically didn’t do an E3 media briefing, but rather a Nintendo Direct. We probably won’t have to wait long for another Nintendo Direct where they will reveal a trailer, perhaps even just a month or so.

  • zdog

    Super surprised, after the four year development time of Skyward Sword I thought for sure an HD version would take way longer.

    • Frank Narvaez IV

      It seems that most developers are now taking into consideration of fan interest and time frames. Nintendo is following suit with what seems to be a good strategy – once development of a game is near completion (or is actually done, but now in testing phases) they immediately begin production on the next title. Zelda Wii U may have been started as early as middle of Skyward Sword development. Nintendo do not rush their games to completion, which is why they do so damn well when they are released, despite them only recently getting into the whole DLC trend (which is a welcome sight since you know Nintendo delivers well, regardless of situation). So, this is really no surprise to me to see that a new title is already in the works and moving along so smoothly and quickly. I do believe I read somewhere that Nintendo had expanded upon many of their development teams to help with getting more titles out as to not run into the same issues they had when the Wii first released and how the Wii in general was really lacking an extensive library. They’re learning from their past mistakes. Gamers want more content. They want bigger games. They want $30, $40, or $60 dollars to actually mean something. Not just give us 20 to 40 hours of gameplay and nothing else. I’m hoping we see a Zelda game that is incredibly open-world. The Elder Scrolls series is a great example of how a game can really be worth it’s price tag. And I think the next step for Zelda’s evolution in gameplay would be to be open world, and perhaps have multiple endings. RPG’s in general need to evolve and I think that that would be the next step. Here’s hoping. (Either way, I’ll still get the next Zelda title, because it still remains to be one of my top favorite franchises.)

      • zdog

        Completely agree, well said.

  • Truth


    • Truth


    • Gabriel Gomez

      Dude. Calm down. There probably wasn’t sufficient stuff to show off that would make people say: “Wow OMG!” I mean, they probably did have something to show off for people to say “Cool”, but not enough for a “WOW” reaction.

      • Truth


        • Ryan Harris

          Shhhhhhh… It’ll be okay…

        • Frank Narvaez IV

          Take your pills, man. Jeezus. :P

      • Trent Taylor

        It doesn’t take much. EA proved you don’t need any real footage for a big title to make an E3 highlight. They should have at the very least put out a teaser like Battelfront. It doesn’t matter if it’s just Zelda music and Link picking up his sword and sheathing it with something saying details Fall 2013, they should have had something.

        • Frank Narvaez IV

          In my opinion, they should not have to have anything. Just because they say that it is far along in development to at least show something, doesn’t mean they are required to. I mean, Nintendo (And Shigeru Miyamoto) are true artists and they just didn’t feel comfortable showing what they had. They didn’t feel that what they had was even enough. As an artist myself, I’m not just going to show you an unfinished painting or design just because *you*, the viewers (or fans) want to see what it is I’m working on. The fact that they admitted that they are working on a new Zelda title for the Wii U is good enough for me to be happy and to look forward to what they release. I’m happy to know that we *are* getting a new Zelda and it’s no longer just a rumor or word of mouth or a giant guess. It’s confirmed. That’s good enough for me.

          • Trent Taylor

            But that’s my point. They basically announced it anyway. The difference between a teaser of some kind, like a logo or reveal of the location or premise would have worked. I’m asking Nintendo to tease me with a CGI trailer for fans to spend a year theorizing about, not Miyamoto and his guys to show of anything serious. If the basic plot, location, and art direction are done, then there is no reason not to show something. Nintendo needed it too. I’d understand putting it off if they had something else, but they didn’t. Smash was expected, DK is cool, but it’s no system seller. They need a core title. Metroid, Star Fox, Zelda, or a proper 3D Mario. You can’t miss out on one in the year you most need software out.

          • Trent Taylor

            And I’m an artist too, but there’s a major difference between design/painting and movies/games. Design/painting isn’t really effective without the whole being finished. Games and movies can be a quarter done and still look good in a teaser.

  • maggie wayne

    Keep in mind that Skyward Sword was released 5 years after Twilight Princess. We need to be pacient on this one! :D

    • Frank Narvaez IV

      Completely agree. Good art takes time to create. Never rush good art. See what EA did to BioWare’s Mass Effect 3? I’m pretty sure if they hadn’t rushed BioWare’s development to release that we would’ve gotten a much better ending and so on.

  • Morty

    I think they decided not to show this game to keep the focus on WWHD and ALBW. Showing it might have deducted hype for those two games.
    Still, Nintendo has its Directs, Zelda U could pop up anytime.

    • Farthingale

      Reduced + detracted + subtracted = deducted?

  • Farthingale

    I’d say they really want to blow the roof off on this one, and perhaps show gameplay of a high quality, more than just a trailer full of footage that won’t be in game (like the heartbreakingly beautiful TP trailer that didn’t really show what we were getting with the eventual game). Yes, we’re all excited to see whether the Zelda Wii U links (kekeke) in with the HD fight scene we were shown in the refurbished Temple of Time… and maybe they’re teasing us just a little too much on that point! But I’m still happy to wait, as long as I know they’re taking a lot of care in its development.

  • niram

    so no zelda info … i’m off of e3

  • Primus

    They say something like that every year that they don’t show a console Zelda. I am pretty sure Nintendo is lying. Remember they said the same thing about Skyward Sword early in its development, about a year later they showed a short trailer/game and even that one was barely ready to be shown as the graphics weren’t finesed yet.

  • Supersonic540

    Left Handed Link please………

  • Anthony


  • Leahcim Heart

    why would you even tell us this miyamoto? are you trolling us???

  • Anthony Queen Jr.

    Good job Nintendo. I’m actually glad they decided not to show it; I probably would’ve fainted from excitement. Also, they gave us 2 (or 1 and 1/2 depending on how you look at it) new Zeldas at once! They delivered, so I won’t be greedy.

  • Bryce Morris

    Well, Nintendo… You need to get us excited!!! :( I hated your E3.. -_- no Star fox, Metroid, or Zelda was shown…

    • Dan Aleksander Pope

      Thats the thing, they didnt HAVE an “E3″. They had a booth, for announced games that you could try out (because they were actually that far in development). They could’ve really turned the cards if they just had Retro ACTUALLY working on a hardcore title such as a new Metroid or something, and then have a tiny Zelda teaser. They’ve done these teasers before. I mean, what the hell was the point in not adding a teaser for the sake of not announcing a game because its not far enough in development and then just go ahead and say that you are and that its decently far into development.
      That’s just a big “WTF?!”. It’d blown people’s minds just to see a small teaser with the master sword being drawn and with a caption saying 2014, and nothing else.

      • Bryce Morris

        Its not about it being developed… Its about them not announcing new titles, or at least say that its in development… I wanted to see a Star fox or Metroid saying that they’re working on it.

        • Dan Aleksander Pope

          Pretty much the same thing.