Animal Crossing: New Leaf – How the Stalk Market Works

If you’ve played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you’ve probably run into the game’s “stalk market,” which basically takes the concept of the stock market and applies it to another kind of good: turnips. Buy low, sell high – it can be really stressful since you don’t know where the price will go, but can really pay off if you get lucky.

The Warp Zone has put together a short video “examining” how the stalk market works. It looks to pretty much cover all the bases to me. Click below to watch.

Source: The Warp Zone on YouTube

  • Morty

    Lol’d. Never really made use of this though. Don’t see how it’s in any way worth while.

    • Alex Plant

      Buy 1000 turnips at 50 bells a head. Sell them at 100 bells a head. 50,000 bells in profit.

      • Morty

        I can make 380.000 bells in an hour. Waiting a week for 50k? I haven’t got the patience for that.. :3

  • Cory

    lol the guy rolled a d20 XD

  • ecylisis

    When Sunday arrives, my smile is larger
    I grab my DS and I take out the charger
    I start up my system and tap the motif.
    It’s time to buy turnips on AC New leaf.

    At first its a challenge to find the old hag
    But up the screen I see her white turnip bag
    I ask her the price and she breathes in to say;
    The asking price is one hundred bells today!

    I couldn’t contain it, my joy was so proud
    That I let out a moan that was awfully loud
    It woke up the neighbours, it woke up my cat!
    It made people shout ‘what the heck was that’?

    I opened my window to share my good steal
    “It’s turnip day friends and I’ve found a good deal!”
    Their faces lit up like the sun in the sky
    And in unison we moaned, and let out a sigh.

    • Snivy747


  • Eltanin

    I love the fossil joke.