Aonuma Says Zelda Wii U Development is ‘Still Up in the Air’

Apparently we’ve been getting some mixed messages regarding the development progress of Zelda Wii U. Series creator Shigeru Miyamoto said that the game is “pretty deep in development” and could have even been shown off at this year’s E3. In a different interview, he clarified that the team had “pretty much determined” their direction for the new game.

But series producer Eiji Aonuma tells a different story. He says he has no idea how far in development the game is because “things are still up in the air.” Click below for his full comments.

He explained his struggle to pin down the new game’s stage of development in a recent interview with the LA Times’ “Hero Complex”:

I’m the one clamoring for dates and deadlines, but all that stuff can get thrown out the window at any given time. The company is always telling us, ‘When are you going to be done with your games?’ Because they need a release date. But I can’t tell you where in the development we are because things are still up in the air.

“Things are still up in the air” doesn’t really sound like they’ve “pretty much determined” the game’s direction to me! I think we’ll see a much longer road to Zelda Wii U than most have anticipated.

Source: LA Times