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GenGAME’s Series Showdown: Ocarina of Time vs. Majora’s Mask

Welcome to Series Showdown, the newest weekly feature here at GenGAME. Each week, we’ll be picking two games from the same series and pitting them against each other. Whether it’s 2D versus 3D, classic gameplay versus a new style, or just the two most popular games in the franchise going head to head, we want to know which game you think is best.

For our inaugural edition of Series Showdown, we’ve picked a franchise that is near and dear to a lot of our hearts: The Legend of Zelda. Ocarina of Time is the pinnacle of all that is Zelda, and it’s one of the most influential games of all time, frequently taking the number one spot in voting for the best games of all time in various different publications. Majora’s Mask tossed out many of the conventions of the series and sent us on a unique, bizarre, and extremely satisfying adventure in the land of Termina, and it has generated an intensely loyal fanbase. Which one is the better game? You decide!

Which is the better game?

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  • Pickles

    I think Link to the Past is the best Zelda game, with Majora’s Mask at 2nd.

    • Flovnat

      Awesome, me too.

    • http://deku-with-a-moustache.tumblr.com/ Agumon_Ql_Sabio [Lvl 13]

      I liek SS *hides*

      • Sparkapart

        BURN THE WITCh

      • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

        Skyward Sword is great.

      • Majorasmask12

        I liked the CD-I games a bit. *hides*

        • Ziggy Starlust


          • Majorasmask12

            I know, I am a liar

    • Nicholas Benjamin Wolford

      +900 Respect points

    • MusubiKazesaru

      my favorite game is Twilight Princess, but A Link to the Past is the best Zelda game

    • Igos Du Ikana


  • fused_shadows

    Twilight Princess!!!!!!!!!!

    • odd300

      Hi Fused. :3
      Anywho, Majora’s Mask!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • fused_shadows

        Hey Odd. I’m almost done my move. Hopefully I will be on Skype tonight.

        • odd300

          Okay. Can’t wait for that since Skype is sooooooooooooooooooo quiet atm. ;_;

          • fused_shadows

            Poor Odd. All by himself :P

    • Churze

      Just no… Windwaker and Twilight Princess are extreamly flawed. Awful combat is one of the top reasons for this.

  • K2L

    Give a third option to choose both. =/

    Nothing but trouble comes with only two options.

    • http://www.gengame.net/ Alex Plant

      You’re no fun. =p

  • MusubiKazesaru

    lots of hipster fans, MM was the worst 3D game by far

    • Bryan Carlson

      And your reasoning is?

      • Scott

        Only 4 dungeons, weird/depressing atmosphere, dumb moon crashing/time gimmick, plus a huge emphasis on obscure sidequests collecting mostly pointless masks.

        • MusubiKazesaru

          precisely, plus the save system is archaic. The atmosphere and moon crashing thing was cool but the ability to go back in time whenever you want kind of ruins the whole sense of urgency, especially when you’re able to leisurely do tons of side quests

        • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99


          Only 4 fun, challenging dungeons; awesome, creepy, and sad atmosphere; the moon crashing added a new challenge to the game, plus it made the game have true emotion, sadness, and a feeling like you MUST save the people in Termina; and who says a huge emphasis on sidequests is a bad thing? I think sidequests are more fun than the main quest itself in games, because it allows for some more in-depth storytelling and some subtle touches to the game that the impatient and un-exploratory fans miss.

          • Agent Georgia

            you give the dungeons too much credit: they were relatively short and could be completed by guessing a direction and going for it. OOT, on the other hand, had many, various, interesting dungeons that tested your reasoning and comprehension ability.
            Although i thought the moon crashing in three days was clever, there were other problems: music can make or ruin a game, and MM recycled the same music over and over again. It was quite frustrating.
            Bosses should be challenging. Fierce Deity Link and the Giant’s mask ruined their respective bosses, and it’s not that hard to beat the final boss without the Fierce Deity mask.

            • Gaseous Snake

              MM’s bosses challenged me the most

            • InfernalDinosaur

              But you also have to work to get that mask. I really don’t get how you could think that the dungeons are more challenging in OoT. If they aren’t easier then the are about the same, even water temple which everyone complained about.

            • MusubiKazesaru

              yeah Majora’s Mask had pretty bad bosses, the only good one was Goht

            • TenaciousJ728

              There’s a reason why the game is short and why most OoT elements were recycled. The game was originally gonna be a DLC-like expansion to OoT, taking advantage of the 64DD attachable expansion slot. Since the 64DD didn’t do too well sales-wise, the game was later set to be a standalone game midway through development. Another reason is that the game was developed in only a year. Not bad for a game that was meant to be an expansion, wouldn’t you say?

              The Fierce Deity mask can only be obtained by finding all other masks. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish unless you knew the game well.

            • Caleb Penner

              “they were relatively short and could be completed by guessing a direction and going for it.” *Cough*stonetowertemple*Cough*

        • InfernalDinosaur

          The sidequests were so much more worthwhile though. Less dungeons, sure, but Nintendo took their time to give us 4 rock solid quality dungeons. Wierd and depressing atmosphere? It could just conform to the typical Zelda formula and give us that gung-ho, high fantasy feel. But instead it game us something different and surreal and a villian than actually has substance.

        • Churze

          Your reasons are downright awful.
          1.There were only 4 dungeons, but they were far longer, more challenging, and more creative than anything in OoT. I had this huge sense of accomplishment when I finished the great bay temple because of how overwhelming it felt.
          2. “dumb moon crashing/time gimmick” Everyone needs to stop criticizing Zelda for gimmicks. Each Zelda game revolves around a gimmick, and MM gimmicks were easily the most original and creative in the series.
          3. “plus a huge emphasis on obscure sidequests collecting mostly pointless masks” The masks are mostly pointless, but think about it. In other Zelda games all you got for doing anything was mostly pointless rupees to add to your collection of 2000+ rupees that you never needed. Getting a cool mask with a nice story conclusion was way more satisfying.

          • Scott

            “Your reasons are downright awful” – great way to start a mature discussion!
            1) It’s subjective. IMO, they weren’t that much longer that OoT dungons, and not any more challenging or creative, so OoT’s greater number of dungeons wins in my book.
            2) I’m not criticizing it JUST because it’s a gimmick. There are many unique things to various Zelda games (gimmicks) that I like, such as time travel, changing seasons, shrinking, etc. However, I think the gimmick in MM is just dumb and annoying, just as I dislike the sailing/train riding in WW/PH/ST, or the touch controls in PH/ST.
            3) That’s not true at all. Side quests in other zelda games net you heart pieces, bonus inventory items, capacity upgrades, unique items (such as sea shells), etc. Regardless, the masks would be fine as a reward, IF these sidequests were on the side of a full game, not a short 4 dungeon game. However, my impression with MM is that a very large chunk of the game is collecting these masks, and that’s just too much.

            • Churze

              “great way to start a mature discussion!”
              That is because it was true. Now that you actually elaborated and gave good reasons for your opinion, I respect it. I disagree, but I respect your opinion.

              • Scott

                I gave plenty of reasons right from the start, I just didn’t elaborate on each one until questioned :)

        • Alex

          look in MM you only NEED 4 dungeons. think of it this way. It could be your standard game with multiple, simple dungeons that you go through to continue the game, maybe go to loot, things like that. OOT has that style down to a pat. Its your basic, oh i need the sage power, im gonna go to this temple etc. but in MM, the temples are situated each in a region, and each region has its own exquisite history, background and inhabitants who live there. Its not just a temple at this point, its not simply going to free the Giant soul, its about helping the people of Termina save their loved ones, or freeing their souls. For Example, the Southern Swamp, you go to save the Deku Princess, and as an extension of that, the monkey being imprisoned for his misdeeds. you could say that, with being able to reset time, there is no urgency, but if you take too long, the monkey will die, and you wont get 100% of the quest, even if you DO save the Giants soul. By making it personal, and having you be able to transform into each race, it gives a whole new feel for dungeons and it gives such an emotional concept to the game overall.

        • Rhys Watson

          the moon crashing/time engine is what gave majora’s mask the ability to have so much inside one nintendo 64 game

    • Aaron Fleegle

      Ocarina of Time is much worse. I love both games, but the only reason Ocarina of Time still garners so much praise is because it was the first 3D Zelda game in the series. Majora’s Mask is much better.

      • Paige Bvb Wheeler

        Wrong. I love Ocarina of Time, and have loved it since way way before the 3D release. It may be a big reason but it definitely is not the only reason.

        • Guest

          Dumbass… he doesn’t mean the 3DS rerelease, he means that it was the first Zelda in polygonal 3D.

        • Jim Bob

          Dumbass… he doesn’t mean the 3DS rerelease, he means that it was the first Zelda in polygonal 3D.

        • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

          The first TRUE 3D game in the series. Wow… did you really think he was talking about the 3DS release? It was the first 3-dimensional Zelda game, and that is probably the biggest reason that people love it: nostalgia.

          Heck, you probably weren’t even born when Ocarina of Time came out.

          • InfernalDinosaur

            Agreed – OoT sticks to the same formula as ALTTP and has an inferior overworld. It’s a great game, but very similar once you get past the fact that it’s in 3D. MM trumps it because it’s so different.

      • Churze

        As much as I love Oot, I feel it is a bit overrated. It is definitely the most solid and polished game in the series, reviled only by ALttP in this aspect. I would say it has come closer to perfection than other any game (well, Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime are even better in my opinion) before it. But compared to many other Zelda games… it feels a bit bland. I know I know, it was the base for all 3d Zelda games, but I don’t see how this makes the game better. That’s like saying Jumpman is better than Mario because Jumpman was the base for Mario.

    • Truth

      Nah, if the DS games count, those have been the worst 3D ones. IMO, TP was the best 3D game, MM second, and I have OoT and WW tied. Skyward Sword is the worst 3D game if the DS ones don’t count

      • Primus

        Hey, I loved the DS games. They were charming and intuitive. I think I would rank spirit tracks over tww and ss. SS deserves better if it wasnt such a darn easy game.

        • Churze

          I felt like TP was WAY easier. SS wasn’t much harder, but if I did a minimalist run than it was the most challenging Zelda since MM.

      • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

        “Worst” is subjective. Skyward Sword is one of my favorites.

      • InfernalDinosaur

        TP is good, but so much about it just left me wanting after playing it. It was probably the most overhyped game in the series.The anticipation leading up to it’s release was huge, and for me, when I finally played it I felt just a little underwhelmed. I much prefer SS because of it’s combat, style, and dungeons. It has some filler but gameplay-wise everything felt more developed that TP and the overworld below had a nice metroid-like feel in the way it opens up.

        • Ernesto Palma

          Skyward sword… over a fucking HOUR before you start actually doing something FUN >.> Great game, horribly slow as fuck start.

          • Churze

            I actually like long openings. I think they add to the buildup of the game’s rising action and make it more powerful. I know everyone would burn Nintendo to the ground if they did this, but I would love a super lengthy, 5 hour opening. This would have to be executed properly though, and it would be difficult
            1. Voice Acting to make a long cutscene more enjoyable and emotional
            2. Not to many cutscenes or minigames. I would want to see the openings go more along the lines of rescue scenes like in WW and TP
            3. NO TUTORIALS. I don’t mind tutorials that much, but it can kill the player-game interaction. I much prefer to be surprised by moves like the spin attack rather than going through a training session.

            • Ernesto Palma

              It’s really nice to see the story start and all, but I had no FUN reading tons and tons of essentially pointless text. The Wind waker had a nice balance there, with a graphically showed backstory, like an ancient script. A very lively world for you to get acquainted with, and then the action begins, as you state, with the rescue scenes. SS’s text was not memorable for me, since I remember next to NOTHING of what was said in the beginning, as far as MY personal experience goes.

              Anyone else’s opinion is welcome.

              • Churze

                As far as SS text goes, I remember the more exciting and lively parts. Specifically the Groose scene, which I thought was brilliantly executed (I name myself Groose in every Zelda now).

      • hdfibjunfgbjdfn

        there is no such thing as the worst zelda all of them are amazing (not counting CD-I)

      • Churze

        TP is extreamly flawed, as well as WW. Terrible combat composed of sole button mashing, weird forced mini games, tears of light fetch quests, and a super empty overworld.

    • http://nerdreviewstechnology.blogspot.com/ Nicholas Alexander Jabbour

      This “I’m gonna dismiss the whole Majora’s Mask fanbase as being hipsters, as if that somehow discredits their fandom” shit got old so long ago. -_-

  • Bryson Leach

    They’re both equal in my opinion, but I’m going to go ahead and say Ocarina of Time, just because I played through it again recently and it’s still in my head. :)

  • coatlesscarl

    I think a lot of people will vote Majora’s Mask because nowadays it’s cool not to think Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda, even though it’s one of the most important games in the history of the medium.

    • Asdfpersonguy

      Importance =/= better. I played and beat Ocarina of Time more times than Majora’s Mask and I still like Majora’s Mask more. I feel like there’s more to do, and the storyline is much more gripping. Majora’s Mask overall, for me, is just a better experience than Ocarina of Time.

      It’s like saying Metallica is better than most bands because they’re one of the most important groups in the genre. They do hold importance, but there are bands, in many people’s opinions, these days that are more talented and overall just better.

      • coatlesscarl

        The many innovations contributing to OOT’s importance to gaming are what makes it objectively better, not simply the importance itself. Majora’s Mask introduced no such industry wide innovations.

        Aside from that, a larger number and greater variety of dungeons, a superior soundtrack, and one of the best finales in gaming history also put OOT ahead of MM. Alas, many of these things are subjective and cannot really be argued.

        But OOT is so widely regarded as being the best in the series, and as happens with many such games as this, I think many people (maybe not you) feel the need to say that another entry (usually the one immediately following) is better simply in order to be unique. It’s the same as the people who insist Mega Man 3 is better than 2, or who insist Final Fantasy VIII is better than VII.

        Also, OOT’s importance to the gaming industry is more akin to the Beatles influence on music.

        • Asdfpersonguy

          I agree that the amount of dungeons in OoT are one of the things that I find better as opposed to Majora’s Mask, but idk man, I found myself liking the Majora’s Mask’s soundtrack and finale better than OoT. I mean, OoT was touching and nice, but the whole ending with the inside of the moon in MM was very cool and, to me, more enjoyable.

          But nah, I’m definitely not saying Majora’s Mask is superior to OoT just because it came after. As it happens, I like Megaman 2 MUCH more than Megaman 3, same with FFVII vs FFVIII.

          And saying that OoT’s innovations make it better than MM is kind of like saying Ocarina of Time is better than Majora’s Mask. If Majora’s Mask came out first, you’d say the same thing, am I wrong? They’re both practically the same gameplay-wise. I know a lot of people who like Ocarina of Time better mainly because it came out before Majora’s Mask, which is no better than liking Majora’s Mask because it came out second.

          When it comes down to it, the story is just a big deal to me. It seems like the characters in Majora’s Mask are more developed, the storyline has more depth, etc.

          Ocarina of Time is certainly more iconic and recognized as a whole. I mean, like I said, I invested more hours into that game than Majora’s Mask, and I probably did like OoT more as a kid, but overall, I find the quality of Majora’s Mask to be superior, but not by much, to Ocarina of Time.

          • coatlesscarl

            Woah, fast reply!

            When I say finale I mean more the last dungeon and final boss. The Ganondorf/Ganon fight is just so unforgettable for me.

            Context is important when talking about innovation. I was having a similar discussion about Toy Story vs. Toy Story 3 recently. I felt the original Toy Story was objectively superior in part because it broke completely new ground in animation so successfully, in addition to establishing and defining the core characters of the series. Toy Story 3 essentially stands on the shoulders of the first film in these regards. My conversational partner insisted that based simply on her own enjoyment, Toy Story 3 was superior. Since arguing subjectivities is a frustrating and meaningless endeavor, I saw the discussion to a swift end.

            Er, anyway, if Majora’s Mask came out first, I’d definitely think it was the superior game… but it didn’t. OOT deserves the credit for establishing pretty much the entire structure of the 3D Zelda titles, as well as some mechanics that became crucial for 3D games as a whole. And MM’s gameplay stands upon the shoulders of OOT.

            My point about the “2nd game” was more to illustrate the interesting phenomenon that tends to occur with popular entries in many game series. Whenever a single entry in a series becomes super popular, a counter fanbase develops around the subsequent title declaring its superiority over the mega popular installment.

            • Asdfpersonguy

              Well, it all depends on the person’s aspect of a better game. From an innovative standpoint, yes, OoT is superior, and in the grand scheme of things, Ocarina of Time probably did contribute more the gaming industry. But to me this is about strictly the quality. If someone completely foreign to the game industry had just sat down and played the two games without knowing the context of their release or anything like that, which one would they enjoy playing more?
              Obviously, that’s still objective. OoT had more dungeons, but MM had more story. OoT didn’t have as many sidequests, MM had a lot of sidequests, etc.

              I’m not stripping OoT of its credit for its influence and innovation; it’s certainly earned it. I just don’t think it’s reason enough to call it a “better game.” But that’s just me!

              • coatlesscarl

                That’s why discussing what’s subjective is really pointless in the end. My intention was never to dissuade you from your opinion (though admittedly I may have incidentally veered in that direction a bit). My original comment was more of an attack on people who only jumped on the Majora’s Mask train not because they actually think MM is better, but because it’s cool to have an opinion averse to that of the “mainstream”. People like you who have genuine opinions about OOT and MM I have no issue with whatsoever.

        • InfernalDinosaur

          Except OoT follows a lot of the same formula as ALTTP. I really was just a 3D evolution of the Zelda franchise, not revolutionary like Super Mario 64 for example. It had the impact it had because it was the first 3D zelda. Sure things like Z targeting were pretty great, but Majora’s Mask brought more innovative ideas to the table that work pretty well. You can’t really compare it to FF8 because FF8 has a lot more flaws. Both games tried experimental new mechanics, but MM succeeds because there is a lot less wrong with it and it aged way better.

          • coatlesscarl

            What innovations did Majora’s Mask bring that impacted 3D games as a whole? What elements even impacted the Zelda series alone? By the way, I agree that Super Mario 64 was even more revolutionary than OOT. Compared to SM64,

            Also, I think MM has a lot more flaws than OOT because it experimented a lot more than OOT. It had to do this because OOT had already executed the more standard style of game perfectly.

            The FF8 and Mega Man 3 analogy is only to illustrate a phenomenon that tends to follow popular entries in long lived franchises, wherein a contrarian fanbase develops around a subsequent entry and declares its superiority over the mega popular entry. I wasn’t comparing the quality of MM to FF8.

            • InfernalDinosaur

              Did it impact 3D games as a whole…. mmm. I’m not sure. But certainly stands out as one of the most unique Zelda titles. I love it because it’s not standard, because it’s different, and because it’s experimental and because it breaks trends make within the series. I believe it drove storytelling, setting, mood and characters far more than OoT and is far more emotionally investing, which the following zelda games continued to evolve or push even further. The sidequests in MM mostly go beyond just extra content to pad out the experience, but are far more meaningful and worthwhile (the kafei and anju quest is obviously the highlight of all the sidequests).

              OoT is great. To me it’s the epitome of “the classic zelda experience”. It feels traditional and epic… like ALTTP before it. It lacks that quirk and character and experimental nature that MM has. I’d like to think that yeah, MM did have an influence on the series. While nothing in MM has been emulated in any other game since, each Zelda game has tried to evolve further on MM’s strengths while trying to – Creating an atmosphere and tone that’s completely unique to that particular game along with it’s own unique new gameplay mechanics. Windwaker had the setting and style. Twilight Princess had a darker setting, wolf Link, and Midna who was a great companion. Skyward sword obviously has the style and sword gameplay. Still, though, I feel like nothing is quite has been quite as mold breaking as MM, and the classic formula is still very apparent within the series.

              Both are great anyway. Perhaps the analogy that’s just as sufficient would be to say that OoT is to Skyrim as MM is to Dark Souls… Incredible games. But different and good for different reasons.

      • coatlesscarl

        I should also note that I’m one of those weirdos who enjoys Wind Waker the most, despite its many flaws in comparison to other Zelda titles.

        • Asdfpersonguy

          Really? I put Wind Waker just below OoT and MM. I thought it was one of the best games of the Zelda series.

          • coatlesscarl

            It definitely has some faults, though. Less dungeons, supremely easy gameplay, sailing takes too long, the Triforce piece quest, it’s not even in my top 3 Zelda soundtracks… And yet for some reason I find myself able to disregard all of these things and confidently declare it my favorite of the series.

            • Asdfpersonguy

              The gameplay is certainly a lot more casual, but I like both casual and intense, so it’s not a problem for me. The Triforce piece quest I enjoyed, actually, I just didn’t like having to rack up the rupees for Tingle. I personally liked the sailing, too. It was just kind of relaxing, and I liked treasure hunting.

              But I understand what you’re saying, it’s one of my favorites, too, but I guess I don’t for sure know what puts it ahead.

              Maybe the sailing was a part of it for me? Idk, for whatever reason, I enjoyed that. Maybe it was the dungeons, albeit few? I did find myself enjoying the dungeons a lot more than most other Zelda games, EXCEPT FOR THE WIND TEMPLE BUT LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT.

              Preferences are weird. :P

              • coatlesscarl

                The dungeons are definitely some of my favorites from the series. And I really liked exploring all the islands, even if most didn’t have anything that interesting on them, some did. That was actually one of my biggest gripes with Skyward Sword. Before it came out, I thought it would be like Wind Waker in the clouds, with lots of exploring in the sky…. but the small, lifeless hunks of rock with sealed chests was a letdown for me. Exploration was pretty much non existent.

    • Nope, wrong

      Asteroids was fucking important. One of the first games to use full analog movement and control of a spaceship. That doesn’t rank it up there with timeless classics like Deus Ex, Half Life, Super Mario 64, A Link to the Past etc.

  • Jenny Stein

    Ocarina of Time for sure.

  • Julian Delarosa

    *this will be a long post but I advise you read it*

    *also, this is from a long time zelda fan, so don’t get any ideas that I am a hater*

    OoT and MM, quite possible some of the greatest games of a generation, and as a whole. However, the point comes down as to which one is better, everyone is divided, and for a good reason. OoT has been haled as one of the greatest games of all time. And with what the creators had to work with, they made a masterpiece. The general function of it is similar to a Link to the Past, with adding a third dimension for more complex puzzles and frustrating layouts at time. It is also know for one of the biggest game reveals of all time (sheik being zelda) as well as having one of the most frustrating dungeons in history (water temple). However, in the Genre it fits into it is easily top 10, but is still not #1. Now, looking at MM. This game was originally going to be an expansion for OoT labeled Zelda gaiden, or sidestory. However, the main producer just felt he was making OoT again, so he started from “scratch” to make a brand new adventure. Considering what he had was only 18 months, the result was brilliant. MM is known for 2 main things, the 3 day time cycle, and collecting all the masks through numerous side quests. The player interaction in this game along with the depth put into the NPCs made this a much more memorable story and game.

    OoT added more to the development of zelda, MM added more to the development of video games as a whole.

    As of my answer to this poll. OoT is a better game over all to MM, however, the Niche MM fits into it does BETTER than the Niche OoT tries to fit into.

    2 beasts, 1 story, numerous memories

    • coatlesscarl

      What did MM introduce that was more important to video games as a whole than target locking and context sensitive button actions?

      • Julian Delarosa

        showing how a game can feel more alive by adding NPCs with actual stories, instead of being someone who “gives you a fetch quest”

  • nignacio

    Glorius Skyward Sword master race!

    • lunchbox87

      I love you man

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    MM has a much better story.

  • Randy Randell Rang

    Majora’s mask isnt as linear and sidequests are like an unknown species in OOT :P hard to find
    Ocarina of time is just 2 things you have to do 1. get 3 spirtual stones 2. Go awaken the 7 sages
    Majoras Mask is filled with content and sidequests that are EASILY found.

  • Blake Wigert

    Even though I haven’t played Majora’s Mask, I can’t pick a favorite, how can you choose between epic games? I remember a comment a while back that said all Zelda games deserve a perfect 10 and are only bad when compared to each other

  • lunchbox87

    is this even a question OOT for sure just look at it this way ..it was
    overall the better developed game MM was great but it suffered from
    just a year of dev time ,had bad frame rate drops a lot of
    repetitiveness that was just there to make it seem
    longer than what it was .. i love MM for what it is that is great
    atmosphere and just the creepiness and the 3 day concept and the way the
    world seemed more alive … that’s why i would love to see it get a
    proper remake like a complete overhaul to fix all the problems but as
    it sits right now its no where near the level of OOT

    • Ariana Faith Ellen Worl

      My problem is how you have to do some of the mask quests things multiple times if you want a perfect game. I remember once I got all the way to Sakon’s hideout on the third day but couldn’t get to the last room before the mask disappeared, so I had to do everything all over again. So frustrating.
      Although, one thing I liked about MM is that it felt a little bit less blocky. One of the most obvious was the bottles. Whenever you received one or used one, it looked like a bottle and not like you could stab someone with it like in OoT.
      Overall, I chose OoT because that was the very first video game I ever played that I could beat on my own, and so I played it over and over again.

  • lunchbox87

    My Top 5 Zelda games ….

    1. Skyward sword
    2. Ocarina of Time
    3.Wind waker
    4. A link to the Past
    5.Link’s awakaning

    now that being said none are bad and i love every single one but that’s just my top 5

    • Jamie Clabon

      You and me seem to be the only people who enjoyed Skyward sword… which is a shame because I thought it was excellent

      • nignacio

        We’re three now!

        • Ariana Faith Ellen Worl

          Four! I love that game!

          • http://deku-with-a-moustache.tumblr.com/ Agumon_Ql_Sabio [Lvl 13]

            Seven! wait…

            • Agent Georgia

              24! i asked a lot of friends. we seem to have common interests…

      • lunchbox87

        I know right ? its not appreciate the way it should be fans talk about back tracking and it being repetitive with useless side quest but that is the same fans who love MM over OOT

      • Micheal Holloway

        skyward sword was amazing, one of the best games on the wii.

      • Eric

        I loved Skyward Sword as well.

      • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

        That game’s great! I wish it didn’t get so much hate. I know plenty of people in real life who love it (well, out of the Zelda fans I know), but online… *shudders*

      • Golossus117

        It’s my fourth favourite game of all time, and Twilight Princess is my third!

  • Jamie Clabon

    Majoras mask was great because it was truly unique, but Ocarina of time was also great because it felt like it was the classic zelda realised in 3D… I CAN’T DECIDE

  • Franklin Howell

    Most influential game is ocarina of time. But i personally like majora’s mask more because it broke the conventions of gaming. most games= there is bad guy trying to rule world, has hostage of somesort, beat bad guy, save world, win. Majoras mask= There is bad guy trying to destroy world, the world is its hostage, beat bad guy, cant save everyone within 3 days, world is saved, but some people are still robbed, or abducted, or frozen, or hurt in someway. Majoras mask makes the hero realise that sometimes he cant save everyone. That is why i like majoras mask.

  • MiwAuturu

    OoT is definitely a more iconic game, more or less defining what 3D gaming could do at the time, but overall I personally thought MM was a better game.

  • Mrgaful

    One does not simply decides which game is better…

  • AwesomeCauliflower68

    do megaman 2 vs megaman x

  • Luke :3

    I really dunno whether to vote or not. Majora’s Mask was way more gripping but it suffered because it was shorter story-wise but OoT was longer. Majora’s Mask had better gameplay with different forms of Link but OoT had better gameplay because of the equipment that was available, e.g Hover boots, Flame tunic. Although these are replaceable with the Zora Mask as it makes Zora Tunic/Iron Boots irrelevant. OoT had the gameplay of two Links and kind of two seperate stories. Majora’s Mask had truly amazing characters and an immersive story. OoT had better temples and more memorable temples, MM didn’t. OoT had a wider range of items. But both games were amazing. I find myself play OoT through and Majora’s Mask for messing around on.

    • Micheal Holloway

      majora’s mask was probably longer if you played through all of the sidequests

  • Luke :3

    I used my phone to vote for OoT and then my PC to vote for MM, they used an IP tracking vote system, I’ll just log on my friends wifi…

  • Guest

    “I like Majora’s mask because it is so dark” This meme pretty much sums up my feelings about the swell of majora love that has been happening over the past couple years.

    • Truth

      Majora’s mask is my favorite but I didn’t grow up with it. I never knew Ocarina of time had a sequel, so I bought majora’s mask with almost no high hopes going in. It ended up being my second favorite in the series, next to Twilight Princess

    • Micheal Holloway

      i grew up with both

    • Guest

      You know, you don’t have to grow up with Majora’s Mask in order to believe it’s better than OoT.

  • zdog

    “I like Majora’s mask because its so dark.” Oh? Where were you all those years before it became cool to like Majora’s mask? Trendy.

  • Paige Bvb Wheeler

    Ocarina of Time will forever be my favorite!

  • Alex Jones

    This makes me so happy. :)

  • Micheal Holloway

    this is so pointless, majora’s mask is the a direct result from ocarina of time. its going
    to be better because they made improvements in the next game. both game
    concepts are completely different which is why i always treated them as games
    that you couldn’t really compare. but make no mistake, majora’s mask did a
    better job with sidequests, characters, and keeping you entertained. orcarina
    of time was more classic and had sidequests but focused more on the main
    storyline which is why it had so many temples.

  • Isaac Ness

    oot was awesome immersive, majora was artsy, what should i choose?

  • Cybrus

    These two games were my childhood. I remember vividly playing both games on my original N64 console. I actually played them on my N64 for years after until I lost the power cord to my N64 and the system became unplayable. I still have both cartridge games put away. Ah, memories!

    I have always preferred OOT over Majora’s Mask. Actually, Majora’s Mask falls towards the middle of my list of favorites. There is just a few big dislikes I have about the game that keep it from moving up. I know Majora’s Mask has gone from an unloved child of the series to a cult classic of the series, but for me it will always be that same game I played as teenager and will always be less than Ocarina of Time. So I voted for Ocarina of Time without a second thought.

    And, also, just to keep it all in one reply I too greatly enjoyed Skyward Sword. It is currently my second favorite game in the series, behind Ocarina of Time.

  • guest

    Wow nice, i didn’t think GENgame community would prefer Majora’s Mask, first because the game was much less popular, and second because it was much more difficult, but I, too, prefer majora’s mask to OoT. I feel like it is a natural evolution of OoT, it still posesses the day/night mechanic, but it adds a layer with the three day system, where you can learn the pattern of the different AI and it is SO MUCH MORE immersive in that matter… Now we can all argue the fact that it “only” had four dungeons, and that the items were more obscure (like the barrel bomb or the camera), but it felt much more like an actual RPG, with the different masks, the magic bar that was very useful, the rupees that never felt useless, the sidequests that were much more entertaining and useful than those of OoT… I mean, the masks all had a different purpose, or a power that would get useful at a given time, and I’m not even including the zora, goron, giant or the Fierce Deity’s Mask. And upon all that, the different environments actually CHANGED when the boss of a given temple was defeated, which unlocked many sidequests and gave a purpose to re-fighting the bosses, like the sword that can be upgraded at the blacksmith, the gorons that can be unfreeze so you can buy a barrel bomb, and so on… There are plenty of thing of Ocarina of Time upon which Majora’s Mask has built on, and that’s why in my opinion and probably many others, that game comes right on top.

  • Jessssi

    Not fair!! OOT was the first game I played of it’s kind and revolutionized the gaming world for me. It should be my favorite, but it’s second. Twilight Princess is my favorite because of the sexy graphics and smooth gameplay, plus the feels in the storyline.

    • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

      Lol “three days to finish”… coincidence? I think not.

      But, really? I found OoT MUCH easier; I got stuck in MM multiple times. Trying to find all the hidden sidequests and masks made it even more challenging, not to mention the Great Bay and Stone Tower Temples.

      • Jessssi

        That never occurred to me until now, the three days. I am the chosen one :o.

        I was able to smoothly play through MM, the Stone Tower Temple was a little frustrating but I honestly think it was easier than the Water Temple in OOT. Especially on my three heart runs.

  • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

    Majo– wait, no, Ocarina of T– wait, actually, I think it’s Majora’s M– you know what, I’m going with Ocar– UGH I can’t decide.

  • Farshaw

    my ranking for best 3d zelda games in terms of gameplay and story:
    1) skyward sword (gameplay was phenomenal, set the bar for the next zelda game imo)
    2) majora’s mask (story, nuff said)
    3) wind waker
    4) ocarina of time
    5) twilight princess
    spirit tracks doesnt deserve a spot. that game sucked

  • Vitamin E

    Oh, Majora’s Mask… It’s almost like there’s two Zelda fandoms. If you’re curious as to which one you belong to, just ask yourself how you feel about Majora’s Mask. Is Majora’s Mask the greatest game ever because of its dark story with many sidequests? Or is it a sort of letdown in comparison to the exploration based Ocarina of Time? As for me, I’m tired of playing both of them, but I’d take Ocarina of Time all day every day.

  • fffffff

    I picked Majora’s Mask despite the fact that I knew it would be in second. Then I was plesantly surprised.

  • Sylph Drake

    I voted Ocarina of Time, because I like it better, but I would be disappointed if Majora’s Mask wasn’t winning.

  • Aaron Lefebvre

    I think the fact that there are many Zelda games that are arguably the best, just proves how legendary the franchise is, and i mean it is the very first franchise to be put in the Gaming Hall of Fame, so yeah. lol. Ocarina of Time is my favorite game of all time, Majoras Mask was incredible too though.

  • Jacob Anthony Jones

    Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are probably the closest two games in my personal library. While neither might be my favorite, no two games compare as closely. By that, I don’t mean that they are the most similar games, as I think it is obvious that far closer games are out there.

    I believe that it isn’t really a question of which is better, but which suits a person better. Those who want a more Zelda-like Zelda game, OoT is probably the closest there is. It stands to be more favored by the series fan.

    MM, on the other hand is more favored by the game fans, as it could very easily stand alone as its own game (meaning that everything in the game could have not been Zelda, you could have thrown different sprites in and changed a few lines, and you have a totally different game).

    To compare the two as to which is better is nearly impossible. I believe it can be asked which was favored more by one person than another, but comparing the games is ridiculous. Here’s why:

    Let’s compare the dungeons: OoT had longer, more, and more complex dungeons. Is that a point in OoT’s favor? Not necessarily. Let’s move MM to have the same length, amount, and complexity put into their dungeons. Day 3 ended before we could finish the second dungeon. So we cannot compare the games to have the same dungeons because MM’s time limit makes it nearly impossible. So, could we instead make MM have no time limit? Without the time limit, the events, side-quests, and atmosphere take a drastic turn for the worst.

    On the other hand, could we add that same sense of urgency into OoT and make their dungeon’s shorter? Yes, we could, but now we’re just judging two completely different games? We cannot compare games that have nearly nothing in common.

    And for what little is comparable, I can’t see where one is higher than the other. The sadness of the atmosphere of MM vs the brightness of OoT? MM starts on a sad note and continues into three days (that repeat over and over). OoT starts brightly and takes it’s turn upon wielding the Master Sword, becoming a darker place to play, knowing that the only way to return to the happiness is to return the sword to the pedestal.

    Can we see that MM was more primal? I mean, it was based around a mask used in hexing rituals. So the sadness befalling the land is sadder in OoT because civilization is less equipped to deal with sadness. However, is it more sad to have one sadness descend or to have sadness rule as it does in MM?

    Personally, I do favor one of these games, but that is because I am a series or game fan (I’m leaving out my opinion). Some of the best games are unchanging games, games that will live on to be known as classics while others aim for maximum audience interaction, trying to touch the emotions of the audience directly.

    Neither is better… I have more internet debates started over OoT and MM than any other subject. Some of these are well thought out while others… Basically, for every reason one person may have for one game being better, there is another reason for the other game being better. And arguing will not change that…

  • Francesco Hyrule

    As though I voted for Majora’s Mask, I firmly believe that without playing Ocarina of Time before you won’t be able to fully immerge into the atmosphere of his successor..

  • FaroresLove

    I never felt like such a hipster for liking Ocarina of Time over Majora’s Mask. :P Personally, I think Oot was much more well developed. The puzzles and dungeons were clever and the gameplay was very smooth. Despite MM’s interesting mood and setting, the game as whole was much worse than Ocarina of Time. The game felt very rushed. The puzzles in MM were uninteresting and there were only four dungeons in the game. Also, the dungeons in the game weren’t even as fun as Oot’s. The concept of masks were cool, but when the gameplay was often clunky when using those masks. Lastly, I hated the 3-day concept. it was cool that they attempted to give the game a tense feeling, but that just made the game extremely annoying. The 3-day gameplay was pointless and did not make the game in any way more challenging. It just made the game more tedious and frustrating. Even though it was cool there more to collect in MM, I didn’t find the side-quest very interesting either.

  • Morty

    Of these two, it would be OoT for me. Because the game feels really solid, the typical Zelda formula in OoT might be the best in the entire series. In retrospect though, it lacks depth, the game feels shallow in this day and age. And that is exactly why Twilight Princess is my personal favorite. TP takes the same solid formula approach and deepens the experience tremendously by adding a sense of atmosphere to the game that wasn’t technically possible in the OoT days. Both OoT and TP have this medieval fantasy vibe to them, which is to me the best setting/style for Zelda games.

  • BlackRaven6695

    Well, let this be an end to the whole ‘Majora’s Mask is underrated’ myth.

    • Nope, wrong

      One survey on one website. Yeah. Good. Scientific method. Myth busted.

  • Nicholas Russell

    Irrelevant question man. Zelda cdi ftw.

  • Nintenderp

    My favorites:
    1. Skyward Sword
    2. Majora’s Mask
    3. A Link to the Past
    4. The Wind Waker
    5. Twilight Princess
    6. Ocarina of Time
    The rest don’t matter at this point.

  • BigHairyFart

    Holy shit. I love MM better but I seriously expected OoT to win by a landslide.

  • InfernalDinosaur

    Majora’s Mask brought a lot bolder gameplay ideas to the table along with a surreal feel and storyline that’s pretty unique within the series. Not to mention the dungeons – though fewer – are some of the most challenging and well designed in the 3D games IMO.

    I really wish they’d take the chances they did with Majora’s Mask again. Right now as it stands this game is sort of the odd duck out of the 3D games. Really it wasn’t all that much of a risky move on Nintendo’s part because they re-used alot of the same assets. I feel like the next Wii U Zelda will play it safe in order to move Wii U’s, but after that they should really try experimenting again in the same way they did MM. It may not have the mass appeal OOT had, but it is definitely a fan favorite.

  • mZuzek

    Honestly, I prefer Ocarina of Time, but Majora’s Mask is a better game.

    Still, I don’t think either one is the best in the entire series.

  • wooloochief

    Aah! So hard to choose! It pretty much depends what kind of mood I’m in. They both have so many strengths.
    -Dungeon design (esp. forest and spirit temples)
    -epic story
    -the overworld
    -boss battles (mainly phantom ganon, dark link and final ganon)
    -in-depth sidequests
    -the NPCs felt alive
    -once again, epic story (but more “personal”)
    -once again, music, but definitely a different feel (I love Oath to Order, FInal hours)
    -cool enemies like the garo master, improved a.i. for iron knuckles.
    -The world felt alive as well, with so much thematic…ness (like stone tower temple)

    Both are truly amazing games.

  • Efrain Lanz

    ocarina of time is fun, easy, and long. majora’s mask is confusing, complicated, and scary. But they both are pretty fun games.

  • Ernesto Palma

    I enjoyed Ocarina of time, but I couldn’t possibly continue playing Majora’s mask. I couldn’t get used to the controls and got really frustrated with the time mechanic. It’s just me, don’t bombard me with hate. I’m only human :p

  • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

    Guys, clearly the winner is Wand of Gamelon.

  • Benjamin S McLean

    Can’t REALLY decide… Sorry

  • lzaeys

    To be fair Majora’s Mask has gotten over-rated these last few years

    • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

      To be fair it was underrated to start with.

  • CB

    My top 5:






  • XKirby13

    Heck yes! >:O Majora’s Mask People! >:D

  • Sandy Rode

    Just found it now…
    So, Majora’s Mask – always.

  • Alberto Jorge

    Hard to say, either way. Both games are amazing in unique ways. To be fair, OoT was the first 3D Zelda, and the reason why we got MM, WW, TP, and SS.
    The story in OoT was told through cut scenes, but in MM, the story was told by the gameplay, which made it feel real and even frightening.
    The levels in OoT were ingenious, making it so that you really have to explore. The ones in MM just make you want to punch a baby.
    OoT had a very dull selection of colors. MM was vivid and full of colors.
    OoT had the most kick ass final boss. MM had the second to most kick ass final boss.
    Bottom line, both games are good in their unique way, and I honestly can’t pick my favorite.

  • Luke

    Why are people so hung up on Link to the Past?

  • Alex

    what does the thing say i cant read which one won

  • Nope, wrong

    I’m not going to be one of those dickheads that tries to explain why MM is art or something, but MM is a much more refined experience. While standing on the shoulders (and assets) of its predecessor, OoT had long stretches where nothing of interest really occurred, and you were playing the game for playing the game. Dungeons especially felt like this: longer and more complex, but a lot of the same schtick. In MM, you literally could not go any direction without stumbling into a new sidequest, treasure, enemy type, dialogue etc. etc. Yeah, the dungeons were shorter and less complicated but they had to be due to the overarching terror of the MOON; which is still ominous to this day.

    OoT did more for the technical aspects of LoZ, MM did more for how game stories are told and conveyed to the player!

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  • http://tirinhasnucleares.tumblr.com/ João Medeiros

    It’s impossible for me to decide…