Hey, Listen! Nintendo’s Actually Put Out a Wii U Commercial in North America!

It’s been awhile since we saw a brand-new made-for-TV commercial for Wii U in the United States, but as promised Nintendo has kicked off an aggressive marketing campaign for the system during the second half of this year with a new advertisement for Pikmin 3. The new commercial follows a similar style to ads we saw in 2011 for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 by featuring a mixture of real-life photography and computer-generated Pikmin characters to convey the idea that the player is right there in the game. Personally, I find this one to be a bit more well-done than those 3DS spots…

Click below to watch the ad and let me know what you think.

Source: All Games Beta

  • Shadao

    You’re Pikmin are ready. Are U?

    • Nevan Lowe


    • Ernesto Palma

      *You’re = You are
      Your = That which belongs to you

  • zdog

    Battle fierce monsters with little flowers you rough and tough 10 year old boy!

  • http://6starwrestling.net/ Cybrus

    I have never seen a Wii U commercial on my TV. I watched a couple on gaming sites, but never seen one on TV. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if I see this one, or any other ones.

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    Pikmin is great, but it’s hardly the best thing to use to get “hardcore gamers” to buy the console. A sizzle reel (using Pikmin as well) would work better.

    • InfernalDinosaur

      I remember what sold me on my gamecube back in the day was a demo DVD of all the cool ‘cube games. it had trailers and gameplay for dozens of games. I can’t really remember where I got the disc… a friend maybe? i think it would be cool if Nintendo did something similar and stocked them in stores as a free handout.

  • Vitamin E

    That’s effective advertising. Kids will think that’s cool.

  • InfernalDinosaur

    I want this game.

  • Ernesto Palma

    The announcer’s voice sounded too aggressive. Like military, but I didn’t feel like it fit :p

    • spacingStardust

      I think the announcer’s style was meant to be a bit aggressive because of the action that happened in the video i guess or something

      • Ernesto Palma

        Lol, yeah, but it sounded so wonky, just didn’t feel like it fit at all, but whatever. What do I know about what kids like these days? It’s been 13 years since I was 10 :p

  • kahn

    Pikmin 2 commercial was so much better.. why did nintendos advertising go to shit?

  • Ray

    Ah, more family-oriented stuff and more kids being used in the advertisements for the Wii U.
    Nothing wrong with that, but I feel like they need to make a second ad that’ll target an older audience into strategic play.

    • Ernesto Palma

      I’m not familiar with the game’s mechanics that much, but is this game actually easy enough to be played by a 10-year old?

      • obiwan362

        Well, coming from a 23 year old, it’s easy enough for them to play and “beat”, but hard enough to still give me a challenge to complete.

        • Ernesto Palma

          Ah, so it’s approachable for casuals, and younger people, but has challenges for the more core and hardcore. It looks confusing to me haha, never had a chance to play pikmin. A friend lent Pikmin 2 to me once, but it was reaaaally scratched.

          • Nathan

            Pikmin is similar to every other first party NIntendo game: challenging enough to keep the core gamers happy, accessible enough for the kids to play and love.

            • Ernesto Palma

              Hmmm I just wish you could start off challenging if you so choose. Have the option for mature players. Sounds a little masochistic haha, but experienced players usually want a challenge.

          • obiwan362

            Precisely. I would say, give it a try. Pikmin 2 has a bit more of a laid back experience, as there is no hard set time you have to finish the game by, unlike Pikmin 1, but it provides for a greater ability to co-ordinate your efforts and allows deeper strategy in game for those seeking it. I would say that if you have a Gamecube/Wii and you can find a copy of the game (it might even be on the Wii eShop, I don’t know) then I would highly recommend it.

  • Gabriel Gomez

    My Pikmin are actually Reggie.

    • Nathan

      My Reggie is actually a Pikmin.

      • Gabriel Gomez

        Ohhhhhhh! Plot twist!

  • ecylisis

    I actually really want to try this game!