Load Time Comparisons for Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3

Even after the big spring system update, Wii U still has a reputation as the slowest game console on the block when it comes to its operating system. NeoGAF user Turrican3 decided to investigate that reputation by producing a series of loadtime comparison videos for Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. All of his systems have been updated to the latest firmware versions, so they all should stand as solid representations of the consoles’ current OS speeds.

The results speak for themselves. Click below to check out the comparisons.

Console Boot Time Comparison

Game Boot Time Comparison

Returning to the Menu Comparison

Online Store Comparison

Does this comparison hold up with your own experiences? Let us know in the comments!

Source: NeoGAF

  • Ray

    You didn’t take out time for when Sony has an update as soon as I turn on anything in my system. So that’s about 5-20 minutes you should add.

  • Joshua B.

    Wii U appears to be the fastest in all of these to me, except game loading.

    • Nathan

      So, other than the most important one.

      • Joshua B.

        It doesn’t really matter to me, it’s only off by like, 2 or 3 seconds.

  • Nathan

    My 360 is pretty consistently much faster than that.

    • http://www.gengame.net/ Alex Plant

      I just ran the same test. 360 was consistently about 8 seconds slower than Wii U to boot.

      • RockyAlboa

        My 360′s been slow as chit for the last couple of years when booting up the console. I’m talking over half a minute for my profile to sign in to xbox live. I’m told it’s to do with how much space It takes up on the hard drive with less signing iin quicker.

  • Blake Wigert

    Who cares? Why does everything have to be a competition? People will get what they like, forget this compare and contrast stuff.

  • Flovnat

    It seems that Wii U is consistently not the worst.

    • avalpsychicguy

      You… just summed up my comment. XD Except, yours was there first. :P Anyways, I’m pretty sure this just goes to prove that the Wii U is very misunderstood, in all aspects.

  • avalpsychicguy

    Wii U doesn’t even lose at all! It beats both for booting time, even going as far as kicking the 360′s butt, and is very much better than the PS3 for loading games. Returning to the menu after playing a game, it pretty much ties for first, and for loading the online store, it beats the PS3 again. Of course, 360 didn’t participate in that comparison. (Does the 360 not have an online store? I wouldn’t know, I generally pay attention to Nintendo news, nothing else.)

  • Dinoboys

    Wii U is one of the best in those subjects! (Sometimes with 360)

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    And I still complain about the Wii U being too slow… Well, it’s slower than my N64 and my PS2 and my GCN.

    • Blake Wigert

      Well they don’t have menus to load so obviously it will be faster

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        I was joking :P

        I just use those consoles way more than I do my Wii U at this time, so whenever I do turn on my Wii U, it seems so slow.

        • Blake Wigert

          I use those too.

  • Mark Thom


  • Patrick

    So, wait, people were complaining because they thought a system loads a couple seconds slower than another system? Are they that concerned with a couple seconds longer of a delay to play games that took years of blood sweat and tears to make on a console that also took years of blood sweat and tears to make, both of which costing about a fraction of their income, and would choose another console and game to play for hundreds of hours because it loads a few seconds faster? I don’t think I phrased that properly, but you get my point.

  • Julian Morales

    The wiiu actually loads 4x faster after the update.

  • http://6starwrestling.net/ Cybrus

    Am I the only one that thinks loading a few seconds slower than whichever competitor it’s compared to isn’t really a big problem? I remember playing my NES and SNES and having to spend 5-10 minutes blowing into the cartridge and then into the console, then getting so mad that it didn’t work that I’d slap the console a little bit and call it vulgar names. Then I’d blow in the cartridge again, and this time I’d change my tactics a little bit and say sweet nothings to my console: “Come on, baby. Why don’t you work this time? Please? Please? Will you work for me this time?”. And, then, when I finally got the game to actually work, it’d just mess up for no reason in the middle of my gameplay. So I’d have to blow it again just to get the game to start over from the beginning.

    Thinking about that and then looking at complaints about load times? I can understand if it’s taking several minutes to load, but 30 seconds, 45 seconds, even a minute really isn’t that much time in my opinion. While the game is loading, I can grab my controller, get in a comfortable position, make sure my beverage of choice is within reaching position, and maybe gaze longingly at my delicious snacks (you guys do gaze longingly at your delicious snacks, right? No? Just me then? Well, Ok).

  • The_Hyphenator

    Yeah, this has been my experience. After the updates my Wii U boots and loads just as fast or faster than my 360 and PS3. In fact, it’s a LOT faster than my PS3, because I have so much stuff on my PS3 hard drive and it takes forever for the XMB to load everything.

    The loading time issue may have been true once (though in my experience, it was never as bad as some people claimed), but it’s been resolved. Anybody who claims otherwise is ignorant or trolling.

  • AbstractRealist

    I know this is old and the 360 has since updated…but my 360 “magically” boots almost TEN WHOLE SECONDS faster than yours. Also when you left the menu on all consoles really you fiddled around for a few seconds when you just have to hit the button right away…very flawed tests. I’ve owned all three (360 and Wii U currently) at some point too so I’m not a fanboy here…