Pikmin 3 Selling Like New Super Mario Bros. U in Japan, Boosting Wii U Sales

Nintendo is pretty hyped about the release of Pikmin 3 and what it could do for Wii U sales. In fact, they even released a Wii U commercial in the US (gasp!) to raise awareness for the game. Will it be the big success they’re hoping for? It’s hard to say at this point, but according to one major retailer, the game is off to a hot start in Japan.

Taketo Matsuo, Director of the Game Rental Planning Group at Japanese retailer Tsutaya, has been impressed with Pikmin 3‘s sales thus far. The game was their number one seller this week, and Matsuo compares its launch to the early sales of New Super Mario Bros. U.

Pikmin 3, that came out nine years after Pikmin 2, is having a really good start. Sales at Tsutaya are comparable to the release of Super Mario Bros U and have driven greater sales of Wii U units.

For comparison’s sake, New Super Mario Bros. U sold 163,528 copies in its first week on the market. Additionally, it looks like the old adage of “software sells hardware” holds true, as Matsuo reports an increase in Wii U console sales as well. Will it be be enough to get the ball rolling in time for the holidays?

Source: Dualshockers