Scalpers Taking Advantage of PS4 Sell-Out

Having already sold out its allotment of pre-orders at both GameStop and Amazon, the available supply of PlayStation 4 consoles is shrinking rapidly. Some of those who were lucky enough to snag multiple pre-orders before they began to run out have taken to eBay to offer their excess consoles up for sale to the less fortunate…for an inflated price.

With PlayStation 4 pre-orders becoming harder and harder to find, eBay listings are steadily increasing in price. A number of different ‘Buy It Now’ listings top a cool grand, and other listings are bidding well past the retail price of $399.99. One such bid has already hit $610 with 15 hours left to go, and many other listings have an even higher starting price. With the holiday still several months away, we could be seeing much, much higher numbers before it’s all said and done.

Source: Examiner