Shigeru Miyamoto Reconfirms That He’s Hard at Work on His New IP

We know Shigeru Miyamoto is working on a brand-new IP for Nintendo, but we don’t know if it’ll be an adventure-type game like Zelda or Pikmin or a less mainstream type of game like Wii Sports. According to a recent interview with Nielsthooft, however, he’s definitely deep in development – he even says development picked up steam recently – and based on his response to the question asked, he seems to suggest that it’s actually an adventure game.

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The question definitely addresses a “new adventure type game,” citing Pikmin as Miyamoto’s last new IP in this realm. And Mr. Miyamoto doesn’t offer any mind-opening suggestion that it won’t follow in that vein – he just says he’s hard at work on the game, as if to acknowledge the desire for the type of game the interviewer describes. Sounds like a new Miyamoto adventure to me!

If I’m not mistaken, Pikmin was the last time you worked on a truly new adventure type game. Don’t you miss this?

I happen to be working on a completely new game even now. The project is actually getting busier lately.

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Source: Nielsthooft