PS4 Vita

Vita Works As A PS4 Controller Only When Specifically Programmed

One of the big, next-gen improvements that Sony has been pushing is compatibility between PlayStation 4 and Vita. Features like remote play and cross play allow Sony fans to get the most out of their games, but how far does the integration go? A lot of gamers have been asking if Vita can be used as a controller for PlayStation 4, and Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida recently took the time to address such a question by one of his Twitter followers.

Yoshida is just about the most vocal video game executive around, which is great if you’re a fan with questions. In response to an inquiry by one of his followrs, he addressed the subject of using Vita as a controller.

Seeing as a DualShock 4 controller costs $60, it would nice if your Vita could function as a substitute, but it doesn’t sound like that will be the standard. Hopefully some developers take advantage of the handheld’s potential.

Source: Gaming Everything