Weekend Wondering: Should Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS Be Different Experiences?

For the first time ever, Nintendo is launching Super Smash Bros. on both their home console and their handheld. Players have the choice of buying the big, beautiful HD version on Wii U, or the portable, cell-shaded version on 3DS. While each version will have its own exclusive stages, the roster of characters will be identical, because director Masahiro Sakurai doesn’t want players to feel like they have to buy both versions in order to get the full experience.

While this is a very noble gesture on his part, it also creates some problems. Specifically, Sakurai has noted on numerous occasions that 3DS hardware limitations are restricting what he can do with the game. The number of playable characters in the Wii U version is limited by its equality with the 3DS version, and some characters are causing development trouble on the handheld.

Seeing as there is no cross-play for the games, should Sakurai and his team tailor each game to their specific platform, or is he right to limit the Wii U version in order to give players the same experience no matter which system they buy it for? Hit the jump and cast your vote!

Should Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U be fundamentally different experiences?

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  • LunaticXIII

    Well, since they said there would be no cross platform multiplayer, then make them different. Maybe have exclusive 3DS or Wii U characters. Like have the Wonderful 101 guys on Wii U and maybe Phoenix Wright on the 3DS version

  • Animan244

    If the goal of the game is to make a good product and sell the Wii U, then it’s marketing suicide to say publicly that you would be getting the exact same experience by buying the comparatively cheaper 3DS version. It doesn’t make sense to limit the experience of a game based on the limitations of the hardware of a completely different system. Play to the strengths of the system you’re designing the game for, and utilize its full potential. Anything less, and you’re just wasting money and opportunities.

  • Dinoboys

    I think that they should put characters that play alike on both systems, but aren’t the same. Make the experience unique like they did with the stages. Since it is not cross-play, make it different. Anyway, Nintendo fans will buy BOTH versions. So make it as it is not the same, the characters like the stages.

  • Jesse Weber

    I think it shouldn’t be a problem to expand the Wii U roster.
    Like, for example. Falco. A clone of fox, sure. Does that means he needs to be removed? I like falco. The little on-screen time he had in subspace emissary was both badass and funny. And some people just prefer to play as Falco than Fox.
    It’s not like the roster HAS to have a limited number of slots, right? People will say “but having Falco in the game takes away the sopt that could’ve belonged to another character, so remove the clones”.

    But why the flip should there really be a limit? It’s just re-modeling and tweaking gravity and damage stats and stuff.

    Well, if there’s a limit to character slots, it’s probably the 3DS’s hardware limitations to blame. If the 3DS is gonna cost slots on a game that shouldn’t have these kinds of limits, then it was probably bad idea to make a 3DS version in the first place. The Wii U title should simply be the best possible thing it can be, and the 3DS as well. They can be completely different for all I care, I just don’t want to buy something half-ssed for the lame excuse of wanting to make the same game on both platforms.

    I’m sure plenty of people will buy both anyway. Give them a reason to get both. Also some cross-platform bonus content like pokemon, with version-exclusive pokemon.
    But really. I want to see Krystal in smash 4 so bad. It’s ok if they don’t add her, but it isn’t ok if they don’t because they wanted to preserve someone like falco and then the hardware couldn’t hande Krystal.

  • Nicholas Russell

    Personally I’d like them to stop acting like making them the same game is the modern day equivalent to building the Pyramids. I don’t personally buy any excuse they may pose for cutting any characters from the roster because this series has always put nostalgia over deep mechanics.

    Yes, Smash Bros is a deep fighting game. I just don’t believe anything other than nostalgia is the principle guide for Nintendo’s decisions here.

  • Pokepro

    think having some different characters, or similar playing characters would be better in terms of sales. Maybe having Fire emblem Awakening characters in the 3DS version, or maybe Nabbit in the Wii U version. (There are probably better examples, but I wanna see Nabbit join the Brawl)
    Point is, there’s no reason to cripple the Wii U version, since it would cost about 200$ to buy a 3DS and Smash Bros, but about $400 for the Wii U and Smash bros. Most people wouldn’t get the Wii U, and it’s sales aren’t all that great as is.

    • Comrade Cold

      id say there will be a price drop or even a special Super Smash bros console (maybe 50 Euros cheaper and including a pro controller instead of a gamepad) they would make a killing on that, even if it is unlikely that they hold those gamers in the long term

      • Caasi Orgalles

        But wouldn’t they need to get the Wii U gamepad if they want to play games that require it? But you might actually have predicted the future. Nintendo is actually planning on selling individual gamepads soon. But only then would they ever make a bundle like that.

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    As long as the physics are the same on both platforms, I don’t care. Give them different rosters or whatever, and I’ll just find someone else to play, but I really don’t want to have to learn TWO different engines. I was kinda hoping that I could practice techniques and stuff while out of my house and then show them off at parties on the big screen.

  • 1338h4x

    There is absolutely no reason why the console version should have to suffer. I don’t even expect the handheld version to be any good anyway with those controls, it’s hard to quickly and precisely double-tap or half-tilt on the circle pad and the CPP makes it awkward to try and reach back over to the buttons. Console should be the top priority.

  • Joshua Heckstall

    yes but they they should be able to link

  • Hayden Dougherty

    i want there to be the same characters but wiiu should have more and able to alter what characters are on your 3ds using your wiiu to send characters to the 3ds to give each 3ds player all have there own personal roster

  • Brett Durci

    All I ask is that the Wii U version not suffer because the bar was set at the 3DS system specs. Animan244 hit the nail on the head when he commented that it’s marketing suicide to offer the same experience on both games. If they have the same roster, storyline, and let you play against friends, then people will buy the cheaper one. The Wii U would suffer.

    But if the Wii U version is the only good version, the 3DS version will have been a wasted investment that could have been better used to just make the Wii U version better. So clearly, there needs to be exclusive content for each version. There needs to be a reason to buy the Wii U version just as much as there needs to be a reason to buy the 3DS version (even if you already have the other version).

    They will need to be fundamentally different, if you ask me. :-/

  • Twister27

    Can someone change the poll? The way it is worded now, I would vote for both since I want each to be designed for its specific platform, but the CORE experience can still be the same for both.

    • Alex Plant

      The poll is about the core experience: the roster, the mechanics, etc.

  • Mike

    If it makes things develop faster I’m fine with the two games having the same characters.

    • oozy the wolf

      i want a good game with differences, and i want it to take a long time. the longer spent working on a game, the better the game.

      • Mike

        okay… I’m glad to know what you want?

        • oozy the wolf

          well a good game will take a few years. a bad one will be rushed and come out in a few weeks. like the atari game E.T

          • Mike

            True. I can see how creating less characters can speed up the process, yet do little damage to the quality of the game. It depends on how much of a cut they do.

  • Dr. Awesome-opolis

    Why not make the full roster for the wii u, and make the extra characters dlc for the 3ds as they figure out how to make them work, free bonus characters like the bonus teams in fire emblem awakening.

  • awsomeMrlink

    I agree with both, want to know why? THE WORDING. Keep the CORE experience the same for both versions, each version should be designed for its specific platform. You can go both without contradicting yourself, and I agree with both options.

  • BigHairyFart

    I think it would be best if they made each version fundamentally different from each other, but I honestly don’t see them actually doing it. Either way, I’m buying both versions.

  • Karwan Kadir

    Great. Now I have to worry about someone like, idk, Lucario being on the Wii U version and instead on 3DS we’ll get… someone not as cool. Me personally I want to stick with getting the 3DS version.

  • Patrick

    My biggest concern is the exclusion of characters from the Wii U due to their incompatibility with the 3DS. It sounds like a strange reason to be so passionate about but I would love to see as many unique characters as they can fit on the Wii U even if it means they have to be Wii U exclusive. I’m sure I’ll end up buying both games anyway so it would be great to see them both be their own game. Make the Wii U version great for the qualities unique to the Wii U and the 3DS version great for the unique qualities of the 3DS.

  • Vitamin E

    Letting the Wii U version have a few more characters/abilities probably wouldn’t change the fundamental experience. I have a sneaking suspicion that the fundamental experience will be the same as it was in the previous Super Smash Bros. games. (Send a dude flying into the air, sometimes jumping up for a nice midair second hit, etc.)

  • K2L

    Voted yes. Didn’t they say, for starters, that they were focusing on representing haldheld games when making the handheld version?

    • Erimgard

      Just in terms of playable stages. Rosters are identical across both versions.

  • Blake Wigert

    Make them different. 3DS’s capabilities will hold the WiiU’s experience back.

  • Merchiodos

    If both versions are gonna have the same characters at least make the Wii U have more characters as DLC or more palette swap

  • Grey

    The bottom line is that limiting the flagship game for their core console based on requirements of a nearly-outdated-by-smash-launch handheld system is ridiculous.

    This is absolutely true both from a business and a creative development perspective.

    I will feel cheated as a fan/customer of the series if they stick with this arbitrary parallel quagmire.

  • Nintendo

    If they make two distinctly different smash bros games, we get double the fun and they get double the money.

  • Morty

    They can drop the 3DS version all together on my part, and put all their time, money and effort into the “real” Wii U version.

  • Caasi Orgalles

    Well I think they should try to put as many characters as possible for both platforms, but then have them as DLC for the Wii U and 3DS, but have them replace a character on the 3DS version whenever one is downloaded, but of course give the option to choose which character you’re going to replace. I hope that’s what Sakurai plans on doing.

  • CheeseLink302

    Honestly, (Stealing a comment from a month or two ago) I’d rather have a really good Wii U version than mediocre Wii U and 3ds versions. But, since they are releasing both, they should make the content better or else it will cause the Wii U sells to suffer, and it needs some.

  • Legend

    Ha… yea… bottom line… since they have different stages you can’t fight wiiu vs. 3ds… why care if they are different? do everything you can to the wiiU version… and try to copy what you can to the 3ds version… personally it’s already a different experience from the stage differences…

    and to be honest I HIGHLY doubt that “3DS hardware limitations are restricting what he can do with the game”… and if it is true that he himself actually said that… someone needs to be fired cause they are lazy and are giving false info… just sayin… no excuses…