Wind Waker HD’s Japanese Release Date Revealed

Ever since Nintendo unveiled Wind Waker HD during one of their Nintendo Direct presentations earlier this year, we’ve been dying to know when we’ll be able to get our hands on the beautiful new imagining of the classic adventure. Nintendo recently released their financial report for the past quarter, and they very quietly slipped the game’s Japanese release date in among the pages of data.

According to Nintendo’s software schedule, Wind Waker HD hits Japan on September 26. The remake is still slated for an October release worldwide, but hopefully the September date for Japan means we’ll see it in stores in the West in early October. Additionally, A Link Between Worlds on 3DS is reconfirmed for a November release in America, but it has a more vague “toward the end of 2013″ target for Europe, and it is still slated for early 2014 in Japan.

Source: Nintendo

  • Tyler Garyoak Vittitow

    First time I’ve ever heard of a Zelda game released for America before Japan. Is this just a rare occurence, or am I in the dark on something here?

    • kahn

      Japan gets it september and we get it october. September is before october hahaha

      • Erimgard

        He’s talking about A Link Between Worlds.

    • Erimgard

      Actually, it’s happened with almost all of the recent Zelda games.

    • A.R. Domenick

      We got Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess first, too.

    • Linkfan99

      Four Swords, Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword all released in America before Japan.

    • Ray

      I think it’s because Zelda is a powerhouse title over here in the West. I know generally Western sales would dominate because the market is just bigger, but I think Nintendo knows how significant a Zelda game is over here. Releasing it for the holiday season will sell more units and consoles this side than it might in Japan since we have Christmas celebrations as a big time for spending, and I guess they have the new year week in January where I think they generally would be getting or giving gifts.

      That’s the only logic I have for that.

  • Regol

    I wonder why the difference between America and Japan in ALBW. They did the same with ST, but the difference was much smaller.

  • Cybrus

    Possible early October release? It is currently August 1? Well, look at that! Only 2 more months until I seriously consider buying a Wii u. :)