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Xbox One Can Capture Up to 5 Minutes of Gameplay, PS4 Can Store Up to 15

Both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One will offer what fans have tentatively named “game DVR,” meaning they will continuously record your gameplay footage and are capable of delivering clips via on-demand playback or online streaming. The potential for social sharing is incredible, but until today, we didn’t know quite how much video would be stored on each console at one time.

Microsoft mentioned at Comic Con that Xbox One will offer up to five minutes of “Project Upload” playback, which players can edit and mix from the hard drive however they’d like before uploading via Twitch (which is natively supported) or other services. Sony’s offering similar features, but with support for up to 15 minutes of gameplay recordings at a time, which can be uploaded or streamed via Ustream.

It’s clear by the numbers which console offers more gameplay footage storage, but Microsoft’s got an ace in the hole with native Twitch integration. That means streaming fans are going to have to make a choice between more video storage and direct support for one of the biggest gaming video platforms on the web. Either that, or they’re just going to have to resort to their own third-party solutions.

Source: GameSpot via CVG