Zelda and Link

Zelda Can Have a Bigger Role Without Sacrificing Link as a Protagonist, Here’s How

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the role of Princess Zelda in the franchise that bears her name. For decades she has generally served the role of the stereotypical damsel in distress, wasting away in Ganon’s castle and waiting for her hero to show up. A lot of fans are tired of Zelda’s limited role, and thousands have signed a petition to give Zelda more importance in the future.

On the other hand, Link has become one of the most iconic figures in gaming history, and playing as the green-clad courageous hero is a huge part of the Zelda experience. A lot of gamers oppose giving Zelda a bigger role, because they don’t want to lose Link as the main character.

So what should Nintendo do? Is it finally time to let players take control of the fabled princess, or should they stick with the tried-and-true style where Link takes center stage? To that question I ask, “Why not both?” Looking at past Nintendo games and concepts, there’s plenty of room to incorporate both characters in a way that spices up the traditional Zelda formula and satisfies everyone. Read on to see how.

Peach in Paper MarioThe biggest concern that most gamers who oppose a playable Zelda put forth is the loss of Link. Zelda games just wouldn’t be Zelda games if you didn’t get to play as Link, but who says you have to choose one or the other?

If Nintendo wants ideas for giving Zelda a bigger role, they don’t have to look any further than one of their own franchises. The Paper Mario series does a good job of giving Princess Peach some much-needed love without pushing Mario off to the side.

For many gamers, the Peach segments of the Paper Mario games are some of the most memorable parts of the whole experience. Playing as Peach was a nice little treat for gamers, and her sections offered a chance to deviate from the normal gameplay, providing a nice change of pace.

The next Zelda game could easily take that concept and expand on it. We’ve seen how spunky Princess Zelda can be, so why should she take being kidnapped sitting down? Much like Peach in Paper Mario, Zelda should be doing everything she can from inside Ganon’s (or whatever villain’s) dungeon. Players could take control of Zelda from time to time in order to gather information about the enemy, aiding Link in his quest by telepathically communicating vital information. As the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda’s sections could feature more puzzle elements, while Link’s quest would focus more on action.

SheikWe can even take this a step further. We’ve seen from Ocarina of Time that Zelda is quite capable of holding her own when she needs to. Throughout the N64 adventure, Zelda aids Link from time to time under the false identity of a Sheikah Tribe survivor named Sheik. At one point, there were rumors that Nintendo was considering a Zelda spin-off game in which players would take control of Sheik.

Nintendo may have decided against it as a concept for a full game, but it could work extremely well as a series of sidequests within a Zelda game. Again, Link’s quest could focus on the traditional style while sequences in which Zelda/Sheik is a playable character could introduce new elements, such as stealth. Zelda as a Sheikah could even have her own arsenal of unique weapons and items, perhaps with a greater focus on magic.

Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto is always talking about how he aims to create new gameplay experiences within existing franchises, and it’s about time that the Zelda series got some of that action. Zelda fans are ready for some new experiences, and many of them are ready to see their favorite princess buck the ‘damsel in distress’ trope and take on a bigger role. Letting Zelda and Link share the spotlight is the perfect way to meet those needs without sacrificing the Zelda experience that we all know and love.

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  • Charlie Cohn

    I once heard the idea of playing through Zelda’s adventures as Sheik through Ocarina of Time.
    It’d be interesting to see Zelda’s training with Impa, as well as being able to play through a game with Sheik-like mechanics.

    • MinishDude

      Honestly, I’d think a game where you play as a ninja/Sheikah would work better as a spin-off game or new IP, simply because if they have Zelda’s main team work on that, it’d be like 8-ish years between games where you play as Link (assuming that they’d be console games), and that’d be like 8 years without the feel of a normal Zelda game.

      • George Costas

        i think that it would be a good idea, spinoff idea, but good idea

    • zdog

      I would be a wonderful new experience. If only someone could make it happen.

      • Maggie Mitchell

        If there was a game like that, I would most definitely buy and play it over and over!

        • zdog

          I know right?! It just sounds fun!

  • MinishDude

    The issue with that is this: Bowser is an “inept” villain, like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers or The Monarch from Venture Bros. – he likes to give the “good guys” a fighting chance rather than just killing them or whatever when he has the chance. They don’t really have a goal other than to just antagonize the hero for the lolz.

    Ganon, on the other hand, is a serious villain that throughout the series is trying to get Zelda and Link together so he can extract the triforce from them. When he does get a hold of Zelda, she generally can’t escape (ie. magical crystal, locked in a jail cell or a room, etc.), while Bowser left her in an unlocked room watched by inept guards. Something like that just is out-of-character for Zelda’s villains.

    Honestly, just be grateful that she was playable as Phantom Zelda in Spirit Tracks. I think that was well-incorporated, even if she wasn’t in her physical body.

    • EyeOfSheikah

      Have you ever seen the jail cell you get put into in WW? There’s a crawlspace that leads outside. That seems pretty inept to me. I feel like making a method of escape from Zelda’s jail cell would be cool. Maybe you have to escape the cell, gather information, and sneak back into the cell before anyone notices.

      EDIT: Holy smokes, I didn’t see how old that comment was! Zelda Dungeon’s Facebook page just linked this article.

  • Mrgaful

    They can also look at RE4, where they made Ashley a playable character for one chapter…

  • Triaxx2 .

    I’d actually like to see a co-operative section, even if not between two players then between Link and Zelda. Perhaps have one trapped in the ‘light’ side and one in the ‘dark’ side so that you have to switch between them, with one side changing the layout of the other’s room. That’d be an awesome dungeon.

  • Joshua Anderson

    I’d like to see a game where zelda travels with link (like in spirit tracks, but not necessarily in ghost form), throughout the game instead of disappearing for large sections of the game. Also have zedla have a hand in defeating the final boss!

    • Stephen Stueber

      Zelda’s given her help in defeating Ganon a lot of the time. Sometimes she sits on the side, but she has a way more active role than Peach has ever had.

    • Anthony Murano

      Zelda has had a hand in defeating the final boss. She’s done it in Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time (sort of), and some of the others. She’s supported Link in some of his final battles.

  • Ray

    The idea of using her to figure out more puzzle-based parts of the game and communicating with Link is pretty good and possibly the best way to use her, and to expand on her Triforce element as you mentioned.

    One of my absolute favourite Zeldas (if not my actual favourite) is Skyward Sword’s Zelda. Considering that yes, she was taken away from the start of the game, she wasn’t imprisoned and that to me was one of the subtlest yet most liberating conceptualisations they can have. As seen in the credits of the game, her time away from Link was spent not trapped, but travelling. She was doing things with Impa, being on the run from Ghirahim. Very reminiscent to Ocarina of Time’s Zelda, who used her agency to survive and not be captured until the very end (same with SS’s Zelda).

    She was also a constant part of Link’s and the gamer’s consciousness. This Zelda was probably the first one to be so directly personal. Where your goal is to actually find Zelda and not because she’s something important, but because she was someone important to you/Link. She was Link’s closest friend and that’s why his mission wasn’t about saving the world — it was about getting Zelda home again. He just happened to save the world along the way.

    That being said, I don’t mind if we don’t get to play as Zelda in future games, but having her in the story, not asleep/frozen solid/in another form is welcome too.

    • EnaZeibekiko

      Skyward Sword’s Zelda changed the game. I shall no longer abide a passive princess.

  • Barry Herbers

    “Players could take control of Zelda from time to time” Doesn’t this sort of defeat the purpose of not making Zelda the full protagonist?

    • Erimgard

      Not at all. I don’t here anyone saying “playing as Zelda at all would be dumb.” There’s just some that don’t want Link to be removed as the ‘main’ character.

      • Barry Herbers

        I say that all the time.

  • Caius

    Totally Agree with this Article!! Zelda can do more than just sitting around waiting for link to save her. She can be like Sheik and go around in stealth getting important items for link or in her normal form she can solve puzzles since she is the bearer of the Triforce of wisdom. I would totally love this change in a Zelda game to have a fair balance between the two. Just like I would love Nintendo to do a Nintendo Kart using the characters from the Nintendo Franchises. If Sega can do it, I know Nintendo can. But they are too lazy and sometimes lacks imagination sigh.. :(

  • nignacio

    That last image… what are you looking at, filthy Link?! Also I think they could do something similar to Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite to make Zelda playable. Link has the Triforce of Courage so he figths evil beasts. Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom so she helps finding stuff, heals Link and that sort of thing. And Ganondorf has the Triforce of Power so he sends his minions to kill Link and Zelda. It all fits like puzzle pieces!

  • Comrade Cold

    They need more legend of zelda spinoffs and not the king with tingle or crossbows (although if you combined them both into some sort of tingle as target practice would be great), there needs to be games were you play as zelda (both shiek and tetra guises welcome), gannon or maybe even the restistance from TP. Personally id love a return to the zelda 2 format (zelda 18: the adventures of zelda), but tweaked for characters given. Alternatively id accept the touch controls being used for a game with tetra as main character and just generally pirating around the gaff.

  • Napoleon Tascon

    I’m the only one who thinks taking away Link’s ability to solve puzzles and giving it to Zelda, making Link just another brute with a sword is a bad idea?

    Everyone always mentions Sheik, she was in one game: and was never mention again. Pretty much after OoT the Shekiah are dead.

    Sheik as character wouldn’t be a good Zelda game. She trains and hides, no evidence of her fighting bad guys. In honesty it would do better as a motion comic then a game.

    Still don’t get why people want to play as Zelda so much.

    • http://samfilstrup.tumblr.com/ Sam

      Smash Brothers made Zelda into a bada#*, ever since then I think people just see the potential to shake up the formula. Zelda could play very differently adding variety to the gameplay in segments it could be pretty cool.

    • Jeremy Abrahamson

      “Running from your enemies? That’s not a game!”
      …eight main games and a few spinoffs later, MGSV is in the works as a AAA title. Not saying that you’re wrong, I just thought that the argument reminded me of a known one from ages hence.

      • Napoleon Tascon

        What’s MGVS?

        • Jeremy Abrahamson

          MGSV: Metal Gear Solid V.

      • ShadyKnights

        You are ignoring the point of Napoleon Tascon’s comment by responding to one statement. The fact remains even in Metal Gear, we know Snake and Big Boss actually fight people. Heck, we know The Boss fought people too. But we’ve seen Zelda fight no one in any of her games.

        In OoT she was tossed aside by Bongo Bongo escaped the well, only managed to save Rutu and didn’t get a Zora tunik to swim to the Water Temple to help her out, didn’t help Saira, didn’t help Darmania, didn’t help Impa, didn’t help Nabooroo, but waited for Link to do all of that.

        In Twilight Princess she gave up the kingdom as soon as Zant told her to.

        In Skyward Sword Impa did all the fighting.

        I won’t mention what she was up to in Wind Waker as that is a spoiler for some who are playing the HD remake, but that is her most technically active role on her own.

        Not saying it won’t be more interesting for her to be doing more stuff in the story, or being more active in it, but she’s royalty and their kingdom works by the royals making and maintaining the laws. With no other siblings, if something happened to her, the kingdom is kind of boned. Yeah one could argue Peach too, but we’ve technically seen her active. She plays golf, basket ball, soccer, baseball, tennis, has played in many Olympic games, girl is active and diverse. The Toads are clearly not physically fit to look after her and Mario and Luigi live fairly far out of town so when you think about it, it makes more sense for her to be kidnapped if she’s the only one actually doing serious fighting against an army versus Zelda who has an army of actually capable solders between her and danger.

  • Sam Corbett

    they did a great job of including zelda in spirit tracks

  • K2L

    In Spirit Tracks, both were playable.

    • Erimgard

      Sort of. A puzzle aid and a playable character are a little different.

  • Juanito Shet

    I am behind this. If anyone can make it work, it’s Nintendo. Their francgises slowly change and evolve with time, and I have no doubt that they could implement Zelda into the core gameplay without deviating the game and upsetting it’s balance. :)

  • http://samfilstrup.tumblr.com/ Sam

    It’d be great to have dedicated segments to playing as Zelda while still having Link as the primary character. While not to the same extreme maybe something along the lines of Dream Drop Distance where both play a prominent role would make for a very interesting game. While unlikely I’d be up for a Zelda spin off, but I’d rather have Link as the main focus but with multiple large Zelda segments. It would have been awesome to play as Zelda during Ocarina or Skyward.

  • Vitamin E

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Tactical RPG with Zelda as the main character. Just putting it out there. ;)

  • Nicholas Russell

    I hear they’re thinking of using Skyrim ideas for the new one. What if the world size is one of those ideas? What if its so massive you need two people to gather all of the triforce or magical relics this time? What if Zelda split the triforce of wisdom again and has to retrieve the shards herself? What if its a Zelda so big it has twice the number of dungeons, possibly taking place on two continents?

    Nintendo, do you want me to care about the wii u and buy one? Here is how you do it.

  • Broseph Drew

    I would rather see Zelda be more apart of the story, and really be a part of Links life, in a very romantic way, and feature her a lot more at the very beginnings, because in a lot of Zelda games I played, I never thought that Link really had a huge motive to save Zelda on a personal level of Link.. Now I haven’t played all the Zelda games, So I could be wrong.. But still I would definitely like a more romantic bond between the two characters, so when you are playing, you really feel something for Zelda, and really want to save her… But thats just me

    • Senita Mahoney

      I’d rather see them as siblings than lovers. I will not touch a LoZ game that makes them a couple.

      • Broseph Drew

        Oh, I never thought of that. That could be neat.

  • Austin

    I think it would be very interesting to play as Zelda from Skywards Sword because it seems as if her role would be interesting to see.

  • Maggie Mitchell

    I’m a girl and although I really like playing Link in the Zelda games, it’d be awesome to also play Zelda from time to time. I don’t want Link to be eliminated but I do hope Nintendo does give Zelda a bigger part like with Princess Peach. The puzzle/side quest part being more Zelda’s and the action part being more Link’s is a good idea too but there should still be some of both in each. I can’t wait for Zelda Wii U to be released…or even the release date released…

  • Guest

    I thought Zelda was the guy in the green tunic?

  • Seabass

    But we had two games with Zelda as the main character already, right?

  • ShadyKnights

    People should shut up about giving Zelda a game. This subject is really old and stupid. The worst thing about this is, if Nintendo did do this, and the game was weaker because they split the focus of the game to Zelda and Link, and it didn’t work out exactly perfectly, people would be complaining about how they mistreated such a time honored and treasured franchise. Stomping and chomping at the bit at how they didn’t even try, how they hate women, how they just never listen to the fans.

    Well after how people reacted to a legitimately good game, Super Princess Peach, I hope they don’t give Zelda her own game. Suddenly feelings are “lame” and “stupid” when it’s the theme of the game. Mario and Luigi get beaten because they can’t control their feelings and Peach being able to is dumb.

    You all don’t deserve another chance.

    • BanjoNooo

      One chance, one franchise, and then that sets the fate of all of them. …Seems perfectly logical…

      • ShadyKnights

        Yes actually, because there was nothing wrong with the game or how things worked in it. If people will react in a knee jerky, childish way, then what other type of reaction are you hoping for? Something mature and reasonable? People tend to react to you how you react to them. Childishness flailing and spitting tends to either get the same flailing, or the kid taking his ball and going home.

        Not saying this is something that will and should never be explored, but the simple fact that people couldn’t act with any sense of responsibility when this area was explored before says maybe they’re just not ready for Nintendo to try anything like that for a bit.

        • BanjoNooo

          If that argument was worth anything then they should have stopped making games altogether long ago. “Don’t bother trying something because some people are babies.”

          • ShadyKnights

            You, my friend, are using hyperbole in your statement in an attempt to delegitimize my statement.

            The point I am making is that fans have acted in such a gross and insulting manner when Nintendo tried to diversify, then get mad at them for reacting to said fans.

            The fact of the matter is that Zelda will be playable in Hyrule Warriors and that satisfies no one why? Cause she’s not a “cool awesome ninja”? We got Impa for that. You know, the actual ninja who was raised as a ninja from birth and not brought into the life style around the age of 10. She’s a warrior princess! That’s badass! But I guess it’s not a “Legend of Zelda game” so it doesn’t count? Well people said spin offs would be good too and ba-da-bing, that’s what this is. Technically Oracle of Ages and Seasons are spin offs and they’re fantastic.

            Now, I apologize if I’m coming off as a snarky douche or antagonistic to you or anyone, cause I’m genuinely not trying to be. It’s just that people couldn’t handle when a light hearted series tried to focus on the princess. To me, that’s a reasonable reason to wait on doing so with a more serious series until Nintendo themselves has an idea as they tend to have well fleshed out ideas that make each game memorable and not so much gimmicky as this sounds, to me. Either way, Zelda does have a bigger role in the next game she and Link are in, so why can’t we just be giddy about that? Just cause some people, some how, saw Link as looking feminine in a 2 second clip of his face that really has him looking more or less like every incarnation of Link with just larger bangs the conversation must now be on about either his gender or having Zelda play a larger role? I’d rather my games not be influenced by such people honestly.

            • BanjoNooo

              All I did was condense what you were saying, it’s your own argument. My point is the same, and it is ‘So?’ Because when you say this “fans have acted in such a gross and insulting manner when Nintendo tried to diversify, then get mad at them for reacting to said fans.” I say, there has never been a Zelda game where fans have not gotten up in arms about something. Graphics. Story. Game Play. Anything and Everything. So? And you’re talking about how that happened once in another series and it was because you perceived it to be about diversity; and you saw this thing happen once and it bothered you. It bothered you and your sensibilities that some people somewhere were upset, they complained about something, so you deem that fans of a whole other franchise should never see even another minor change. All because some fans (thus all fans?) are so unworthy to you because… they whined? “Oh. My. God. People might whine. It’s the worst thing ever. Nintendo needs to pull back and no one should get what they want.” How can you not see that you’re guilty of what you’re judging. On a personal level, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about with Hyrule Warriors. I’ve seen a lot of people get very excited to play as Princess Zelda (go on tumblr, it doesn’t stop) and I’ve seen no one being bummed that she isn’t a Ninja instead. (I’ll toss you one or two people just because I realize there is probably at least one person out there for every weird idea.) Now, if you mean that people want Sheik to be in it too, of course they do: people love Sheik and have always wanted to see more of them. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t an absolute ton of people who want to play as Zelda being Zelda.

              “The worst thing about this is, if Nintendo did do this, and the game was weaker because they split the focus of the game to Zelda and Link, and it didn’t work out exactly perfectly, people would be complaining about how they mistreated such a time honored and treasured franchise.”

              This is not the worst thing. Is that really the worst you can imagine? IHow is that such a roadblock to you? This is a normal thing that has always happened in the game industry: and most fans actually ignore the haters and carry on enjoying what they love. Some haters even try out what they thought they’d hate and find out it wasn’t so bad. Some go on griping for years. Some are right and something did suck, and Nintendo thinks the same, so they change it. And some are just miserable people, who hate everything, and so they leave to find something else to hate, and we’re all better off for it. -I’d be happy if more bigots left the fandom. Hell, maybe Nintendo should do it just to chase them away.

              • ShadyKnights

                …No, you are in fact, misinterpreting my point either accidentally, or as a means of disregarding it, while at the same time ignoring me when I tell you what my point is in an attempt to clarify. You spin off flat statements into some extreme far out assumptions that are very far removed from the actual meaning of what I say or the points I am making.

                My point about Nintendo having tried giving the princess a playable role and fans bashing it validates not trying it with Zelda until they are ready and not before stems from the fact, reguardless of the differences in series, the company is still the same. This is not me saying EA shouldn’t try to have a female Dragon Age character because it didn’t work with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed (Not speaking litteraly, this is just an analogy). Or that Microsoft shouldn’t try it because it didn’t work with Sony. No, Nintendo tried it with one of their games, fans spat at it. Listening to customers is what businesses do, so to not try it again due to the backlash it gave one of their more prominent characters, and considering exactly how popular Zelda herself is, would be reasonable if you think about it. Look at how Microsoft ditched the Kinect without even trying to do anything special with it for the XBOne. That kind of backlash can really make companies hesitant to do or try things in that area again. It may not mean anything to you or other consumers, but from the perspective of the company it may be far more less attractive to possibly waste money on something people say they want, yet won’t support. Sucky, yes, but to me that reasonable as you can only hear wolf cried so many times before you ignore the kid.

                I’m sure they would not want one of their beloved characters marred in an ill thought out attempt to give Zelda a game that would not suit her or in an attempt to appease fickle fans. No I am not calling all fans fickle, I am speaking of the very vocal minority who get their opinions regurgitated over and over throughout the internet while fans who just want to see what happens next remain quiet and just wait. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so, as a fan who usually does not say anything and just wants them to focus on what interesting idea pops into their heads, I am being vocal about just wanting them to work the series how they want it. Not to please a group of fans, but to please all the fans. Not because I want it, but because I want everyone to enjoy what they do.

                Please do not speak for me. If you feel that my sensibilities have been bruised, you may ask, but please don’t assume because I have said nothing of the kind. I do not care if people dislike or like a game I like or dislike. What annoys me is when people ask for something, get it, then complain about it wasn’t what they asked for, as they have been doing with Nintendo for quite some time. I also don’t like it when people get something new and just dismiss it cause it’s not what they’re familiar with. That’s just a personal thing that grinds my gears. However I am not saying Nintendo shouldn’t do it because these people upset me. I am saying they should not do it until they’re ready to do so and that people should stop constantly asking for the same thing over and over as if companies are def. Making one’s desire known and just being a pest are two different things.

                I also do not and have not percievied Super Princess Peach to be about diversity as far as them feeling “obligated” to do so. What I said was they tried to diversify their Mario series with Peach. She was given her own game. That is diversity and diversifying the franchise. I am not speaking as someone who is somewhat upset about some people maybe not liking the game either. I am speaking as someone who has watched many people belittle and downright degridate the game, calling it insulting and a joke all because Peach’s form of attacking was using emotions in the game. A mechanic that has a story explanation mind you, was something that people felt the need to judge the entirety of the game on. Not on the merits of if it worked, if it made sense, or if it was fun; but what they perceived Nintendo’s intention about it to be. With how Nintendo loves doing different things for different versions of their games, I could easily see them being very particular about how, if they ever decided to do so, have Zelda playable in any sense of their games that people would be more susceptible to. Again, even if they are different series, they belong to the same company and companies are very particular about taking care of their franchises.

                About Hyrule Warriors, I have seen many people talk about Zelda being a playable character yet not seem to realize she is going to be in this game after it’s announce. Actually, more because the new Zelda game was announced really. Perhaps I’ve been unfortunate to stumble across the wrong end of the internet, but I’ve seen quite a few people either ignore the HW has Zelda as a playable character, dismissing it as not really as “Zelda game”, talking about how Link should be female, or how Zelda totally could have her own game because Sheik was in OoT and Sheik is a ninja and therefor it would work great. So, sorry for the confusion on that note, but it is something I’ve seen quite a few times this past week.

                You tend to take or use my words a little too litterally I’ve noticed and I’m not sure if it is because I’m writing too forcefully or what, but when I say “the worst thing is”, I do not mean this is actually the worst thing every that could possibly happen. I mean it in a general sense. No, it is not literally the worst thing. Far from the worst thing I could possibly think of, believe you me, as I have quite the immagination. When I say Nintendo shuldn’t listen to fans who constantly compalin or demand things, I mean they shouldn’t listen to those fans. Not all fans ever in exsitance, just them. I say that, because Nintendo has a track record of listening to them and their complains and demands drown out the geinuinely good ones. Fans (the few as you call them) cried out for a new Mario game, we got Mario shunshine, they hated it then demanded they change back to something like 64. Mario Galaxy comes out, they say they want a more old school Mario game and New Super Mario bros comes out. Then they complain they want another Galaxy game. Nintendo tries something new with Zelda with the art style of Wind Waker, people go crazy and scream how they were lied to and demand a gritty, more realistic Zelda game and Twilight Princess drops. Then some people want more whimsy back and we have Skyward Sword. The new Zelda is announced and some people are complaining that it’s too much like Wind Waker, or a WInd Waker/Skyward Sword hybrid, or isn’t more like that Space World demo from before Wind Waker. I have literally heard and seen these complaints.

                Yes, you are right, these are minority voices, but the fact is, Nintendo tends to try to listen to them as they are overly vocal. I remember every one of these complaints before each game dropping followed, from them, by how Nintendo doesn’t listen to fans. I get that most fans just let things go and enjoy what they’re fans of, but I feel if the few have the right to voice their opinions about something we love, so do I. If they have the right to voice their opinion about something they don’t like, so do I. The thing is, I try to be reasonable in my complaints. I get how it can be seen that I just want to make everyone play what I want, but that is not the meaning behind my complaints. What I am saying is people should chill out on the demanding things or trying to push legitimately or otherwise, good ideas. Yeah discussing them is fine. Speculating and debating as we are doing here right now, is also good and fine. But, when people start going on with “This is what they ‘should’ do” is where I feel people start to go too far.

                I am not trying to enforce, demand, subjugate, or punish unpleaseable fans who want to see something just so I can have my way. I am just voicing my reasons as to why their demands feel ridiculous and feel like broken records at this point.

  • Qian Chen

    it will be nice if they made zelda and link playable. a two player zelda game.

  • MisterFoxInc

    The article kinda stopped having any quality for me when the first paragraph described Zelda entirely as a flat, standard damsel in distress that just waits for her hero to appear. Which is a god damn outrage is what it is, considering her actual role and varied appearance and meaning in pretty much any Zelda-game thus far.
    They don’t even realize that one of their suggestions puts Zelda in the side-kick-seat which, in my opinion, strips her even more of her own role and personality in the games. The rest seems a bit a incoherent and just supports my firm belief that it’s pointless to swap Link and Zelda’s position as that would basically just be “Zelda PRETENDS to be Link/the protagonist” and instead create another new IP with a strong female lead, preferably one that doesn’t strike you as a “strong woman” but as a “strong character.” In other words, make a game with a female lead and make it feel natural – as it should be. The Zelda-franchise isn’t the place for that to work properly.

  • N-chan

    I think Zelda’s role in the game could go farther than just information gathering or such. As seen in OoT, when she was Shiek, she had incredible abilities for speed and tactics. I would like to see something similar to spririt tracks, in that you could control her. For all the faults people seem to find with that game, the concept of Zelda actually helping out in the quest was a breath of fresh air for me. It seemed like she was filling more of a role than just a person Link barely knows who he must save. Heck, it could even be a co-op game if done right. Zelda could change the way one views temples drastically, adding a new element for puzzles and such.