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Dear Game Freak: I Want Mega Gyarados

If you’ve been keeping up with all the latest Pokémon X & Y news, you know that Game Freak recently dropped a bombshell on us. A new addition to the sixth gen will be the inclusion of Mega Evolutions. By utilizing hold items called Mega Stones, certain Pokémon can evolve to an even higher stage, reaching their ‘Mega form.’ Mega Pokémon revealed thus far include Ampharos, Absol, Mawile, Mewtwo, Lucario, Blaiziken, and Kangaskhan.Love them or hate them, I think we can all agree on one thing: Mega Ampharos looks fabulous!

On a more serious note, seeing all these new Mega Pokémon got the wheels in my head turning. What other classic Pokémon deserve the ‘Mega’ treatment? One name instantly popped into my head, and now I’d be almost disappointed (listen up, Game Freak!) if it doesn’t happen. Gyarados is a prime candidate to receive a Mega Evolution. Hit the jump to see why.

Gyarados has always been one of my favorite Pokémon, and it’s generally a mainstay on my team in every game. However, there’s one thing about this powerful Pokémon that has always bothered me. What in the heck is with that Water/Flying type combo? Gyarados is incapable of learning any Flying moves outside of Bounce (including Fly) and it’s not even in the Flying egg group, so it’s also incapable of even breeding with any Flying types. Being half Flying gives Gyarados no advantages (outside of cancelling its 2X weakness to Grass type attacks), and it even removes its resistance to Ice and doubles its already-existing weakness to Electric.

Looking at it from a logical standpoint, Gyarados very clearly should have a Water/Dragon type combo. The aesthetic design for Gyarados is based off of Chinese dragons, he can learn five different Dragon type attacks, and he’s in the Dragon egg group. You don’t get much more ‘dragon’ than that, but poor old Gyarados has been stuck with a type combo that just brings his overall value down since Generation 1.

Of course, I know why Game Freak chose to make him Water/Flying. The Water/Dragon type combo has only one weakness: other Dragons. In the original Pokémon games, there were no actual Dragon type attacks (outside of Dragon Rage, which always does a set amount of damage), so a Water/Dragon type would be virtually untouchable. Combine that with the already impressive stats of Gyarados, and he would have been absolutely godlike. They could have changed his type combo in later generations, but people tend to dislike when games make retroactive changes like that.

Insert Pokémon X and Y and Mega Evolutions. Now that Pokémon have a way to shake up their stats, type combo, and attacks even after they’ve fully evolved by normal means, Game Freak can finally do Gyarados the right way. As a bonus, the addition of Fairy type (which is super effective against Dragon type) means that Gyarados can become a true Dragon type without being too overpowered.

What Pokémon would you like to see receive the Mega Evolution treatment in X and Y? How would you like to see them redesigned or improved? Let us know in the comments!

  • Carlos Guerrero Landestoy

    I wan’t Mega-Aggron

    • PK Starstorm

      As do I, good sir

  • Alex Plant

    I’m still sticking with my Mega Magikarp suggestion.

    • BlackRaven6695

      Mega Magikarp has six heads, is a Ghost/Dark type, has Wonder Guard for his ability and knows Earthquake.

    • Darrick Cotton

      i agree there can be no mega gyarados without a mega majikarp

  • Kevin Wickham

    mega charizard and mega infernape

    • Matthew Wesley

      Charizard is already Mega… just teach it dig in it’s earlier forms. That fire/flying thing throws them for a loop.

    • George Costas

      they must have mega starters to balance there being mega blaziken

  • MusubiKazesaru

    Mega Blastoise = Water/Steel

  • Tensei

    Mega Hardpod. Technique: Mega Hardening.

    • Erimgard

      Oh u :)

      • Guest

        That is truly terrifying

  • Ray

    It would be too awesome. That’s why we can’t have it…

  • Colin McIsaac

    Mega Snorlax please

    • Carlos Guerrero Landestoy

      This is my second Most wanted mega-Pokemon. After Mega Aggron

  • Rafa EL

    Mega Gengar :)

  • Mseevers95


  • Lightproud

    Mega Tauros

  • James Harvey


  • Rebecca Ash

    Mega Tangela!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Primus

    Anyone who plays competitive Pokemon knows that, Gyrados is already a powerhouse as he is. The rest of the pokemon getting mega-evolutions (except mew two), are strong, but lacking pokemon that could potentially use their megaevolutions to make an impact in the game.

    • Lord_Shadowhand

      Blaziken is classified in the same tier as mewtwo

      • Erimgard

        ^This. If Blaziken is already considered Uber (banned from competitive competition) then just about anyone can get a Mega Evolution.

        Plus, Gyarados’ competitive value would be partially balanced out if he was half Dragon, because he’d gain a new weakness in Fairy type.

  • tp13goron

    I want a Mega Magikarp.

  • Nevan Lowe

    How about Mega Meganium?

  • Lord_Shadowhand

    Gyarados can learn bounce, a flying type move.

  • Pat

    Mega Charizard, give it its proper Fire/Dragon typing. Mega Feraligatr, give it a Water/Dark typing. Mega Gengar, give it a Ghost/Dark typing that it should be. Mega Arcanine. Mega Tauros. Mega Heracross. Mega Tyranitar. Mega Slaking. Mega Aggron. Mega Braviary. And of course Mega Magikarp and Mega Feebas and Mega Milotic

  • Karwan Kadir

    I think Scizor deserves a mega evolution. His speed has been holding him back for a long time now, boost that up and it’ll finally be up there with Garchomp or Blaziken. Plus teach Scizor some physical rock type moves already. He absolutely can’t do a thing to fire types if he hasn’t set up yet.

  • Agumon_Ql_Sabio

    Mega Scizor, op op

  • john perez