Nintendo 2DS Actually Has a Number of Advantages Over 3DS

Ever since Nintendo introduced the DS Lite – and really even further back than that, to the days of the original DS and Game Boy Advance SP – handheld gamers have grown kind of used to “clamshell” designs with their fancy hinged screens. I’m not too surprised that one of the common reactions I’ve seen to the newly-announced 2DS, which ditches this design for a “slate”-like form factor, is “why would anyone want this?” I was a little skeptical at first, too.

However, the more I look at the 2DS – the more I think about the more brick-like design, the form factor, and the decision to back away from the 3D effect – the more I like it. It just makes sense, given the goals Nintendo is hoping to achieve.

No More 3D

Let’s face it: from the beginning, the 3D effect has been more of a liability for Nintendo than an asset. Right off the bat, we know it cost a prohibitive amount of money – cutting the price to a range the market could bear pushed unit sales into the red profit-wise – but apart from that, it’s clear that there was a great deal of paranoia surrounding whether 3D was good for children’s health, whether it would cause headaches while playing, and so on. It’s no surprise to me that Nintendo’s now distancing themselves from a 3D-dominated future for handhelds, because the idea just wasn’t working.

I wrote an editorial last year titled “Nintendo 3DS Should Not Have Focused on 3D.” My salient points were that 3D sucks up a lot of the power that could be put to more important tasks, such as faster processing, extending battery life, and so on – all things that make the play experience and game experience fundamentally better – and that 3D never really had a chance as a system-defining feature as long as games had to be rendered playable in 2D. It seems that Nintendo has finally taken note, and realized that 3D isn’t really the selling point they originally intended it to be.

Tough Times, Low Prices

I’ve always thought Nintendo was kind of insane for releasing a significantly more expensive handheld device in today’s more budget-sensitive landscape. To put things into perspective: 3DS debuted at $249.99 in 2011, a full $100 more than DS’s $149.99 launch price in 2004. Even then, history shows that DS didn’t even really take off until the introduction of the redesigned DS Lite ($129.99) in 2006. Since then, 3DS has seen a significant price cut to $169.99, but outside Japan the handheld has performed under Nintendo’s expectations.

2DS seems to be 3DS’s answer to the DS Lite, so much so that it’s even debuting at the same price: $129.99. That’s a number that more consumers are comfortable with – after all, they’ve considered handheld gaming as worth the cost of entry at that price point before. Nintendo seems to have realized that a tougher economy calls for lower prices and fewer bloated features first and foremost to avoid overshooting their market. That’s a lesson they’re starting to learn with Wii u as well: just because you pack more in doesn’t mean you can get away with charging more… or that your product will actually be more desirable.

No Hinge = Enhanced Durability

A knee-jerk reaction I’ve noticed regarding 2DS’s form factor is that the lack of a clamshell means the screen is always exposed, which leaves it vulnerable to damage. As it turns out, that’s not necessarily the case. A hinged design is actually more susceptible to breakage.

nintendo-2ds-announcedMoving parts are almost always more problematic than solid pieces in this regard. It’s not too difficult to break a hinge off or to bump the edge of the top screen against a surface when it’s flipped up, and either of those things can render a handheld totally unplayable. That sturdier “brick”-like design winds up being a godsend more than a liability – just think back to the relative indestructibility of the original Game Boy. Now you can drop your system, it can bump against your furniture every now and then, and it’ll probably come out alive.

I’m always hearing about the low build quality of game hardware today compared to the systems of the past. I’ve even experienced it with my 3DS – the hinge is already starting to feel a bit loose. The 2DS seems to represent a movement back toward the higher build quality that Nintendo’s always been known for.

Better Comfort

One of my enduring problems with the current 3DS models is that they feel too darn small. I get cramps when I use them for too long, since there’s not really much bulk to grip onto. The D-pad is tremendously uncomfortable to use, and while the Circle Pad is actually a friendlier alternative to a full analog stick if you’re looking for an input substitute, I’d still rather play New Super Mario Bros. with its traditional layout. The L and R buttons feel small and don’t have a satisfying tactile feel. The Start and Select buttons are also pretty awkwardly placed – a nearly universal criticism of the original design.

2DS seems to address these concerns. It’s significantly bigger and thicker, for one, which should alleviate the cramping issue. The D-pad is now situated in a more ergonomically-friendly position, making it more usable. The L and R buttons are now larger and seem to better match the more “solid” feel of their console counterparts. The Start and Select buttons now mirror their placement on DS Lite. Everything about the new design seems more pleasant on a usability level – enough that I can actually see myself transferring to 2DS as my handheld platform of choice for Nintendo content.

I don’t think any of this – bar the lack of 3D – could have been achieved with the original clamshell design. The new button layout would have been impossible to implement – can you imagine having to reach across a hinge to use the Circle Pad? Since the hinged layout relegates the “controller” components of the system to the bottom half of the device, it’s fairly limiting with regard to negotiating the balance between portability and ergonomics. Nintendo VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffitt even mentioned that the lack of a hinge was a factor in bringing down the price.

Bearing all this in mind: yes, the 2DS is a bit of a curveball in the design department. However, most of the form factor changes are actually for the better – they address known issues with the current 3DS design. I can’t make any definitive statements until I hold one in my hands, but so far, I’m intrigued enough to give it a shot.

  • Ghabulous Ghoti

    The model looks just plain stupid. The 3DS was rather sleek looking IMO. While I see what you are saying with most of these points, I must say that the button layout looks awful. It’s too high up. Reaching over for the touch screen to use one of the touch-buttons in OoT would be almost impossible to do, especially if you mapped something to both the top and bottom.

    I also feel the need to mention that, although I agree the focus on 3D wasn’t a great thing, I like that it is there. It’s just like HD on home consoles. It doesn’t add a thing to the gameplay, but it looks way better than it would without it.

    • Amedeus

      Then stick with the 3DS? Nintendo’s not replacing it. This is a cheaper option for those who don’t want the 3D or don’t want the price of the 3D.

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        I have no intention of getting a 2DS, I was just stating my thoughts on the model. That’s kind of what the comments section on websites like this are for… stating thoughts and opinions… and comments…

        • Amedeus

          Cool story. I shared my opinions, too.

          • chris

            It seems the meaning to the word ‘opinion’ is as varied as the meaning for the word ‘literally’ nowadays. I once saw someone say feeling sad is an opinion. Feeling sad is an emotion lol.

            • Christian Leedezma

              fuck you bitcxh

          • Matthew Doyle

            I bought it last night, and everything you said about it I agree with, It was a cheaper option for me and I can’t stand the 3d, it gives me headaches :/

            • Mich

              you could turn off the 3d

              • Matthew Doyle

                yea but my main point was, it was a cheaper option..

              • Matthew Doyle

                No, it was cheaper anyway just to get a 2ds

      • wooloochief

        Exactly. Even though I probably like the design of the 3DS more, this will make it so much easier to afford the games I want.

    • Emmanuel Reyes

      What a baby…

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        Might I ask how so?

        • Marvel

          Because your sharing your opinion and some people can’t respect that. Some people wouldn’t know respect if someone slapped them in the face with it.

          • Ghabulous Ghoti

            “wouldn’t know respect if someone slapped them in the face with it.”

            That kinda sounds like an oxymoron to me :P

            • Marvel

              Uh huh… And?

              • Emmanuel Reyes

                Yeah, I think I replied to the wrong comment on accident. So the joke’s on youuuu!

                • Marvel

                  That made no sense whatsoever. Not in the slightest.

                  • Emmanuel Reyes

                    You replied to me about “respect” for only to be clouded by the fact that I wasn’t motioning my notion to who you thought I did. Marvel.. Pffffttt.. More like… Lamevel.

                    • Marvel

                      That’s just wonderful. Good for you.

                    • Jacob Penny-Herrmann

                      actually he replied to ghabulous ghoti :P

    • Trent Taylor

      HD is fundamentally different than 3D. HD doesn’t add to gameplay? Are you joking? Have you ever tried playing a game like Mass Effect or Dead Space in SD? Long text blurbs become practical to put in games with HD, which changes how you design a game, and interact with it, which I believe would be defined as gameplay. It adds clarity, enhancing your ability to interact with your environment with confidence, again gameplay. Nintendo can barely fit two sentences in Wii Games like Skyward Sword, resulting in worse gameplay because I need to do more work to see less text. I
      3D, I have yet to see it add to gameplay significantly, though I’m sure it could. But please, realize, you come across as foolish discounting HD (Which I assume means resolution) from adding anything to gameplay.

      • Zach

        3D does have its moments as well. There are many times when it’s difficult to see the position in space of an object without 3D on.

        • Trent Taylor

          To be sure, it’s nice. I’ve played around with 3D gaming on the PS3, 3DS and PC, but I’ve yet to find it to be worth the effort for gaming, though I might try again when I get a better graphics card. The main issue with it is it requires a lot of horsepower, and isn’t quite worth the frame rate drop.

          • Melles

            I like the added depth 3D brings to Star Fox and Kid Icarus, because makes it easier for me to gauge distance and speed to dodge shots. And it’s super pretty in particle rich environments, such as the Kokiri Forest in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time 3D.

            In response to the first post, though, I can’t agree with the example of needing to scroll text as a significant enough factor to count as worse gameplay, at least significantly enough to justify calling it out, or being worth the additional development cost for HD. I can see certain benefits for HD development, but I feel that isn’t a very strong example.

            • Trent Taylor

              I think it’s highest benefit is in artistic vector-y games and in general for improving the clarity of detail and texture of things like skin, but that’s a little harder to objectively argue for when I’m on a Nintendo focused site where occasionally enjoying hyper realism can very easily get you called as a graphics whore (Which I kinda was for a time). But yea, gorgeous art styles are really accentuated by nice sharp lines.
              3D depth perception is similar, but I don’t know if it’s as worthwhile in general, universal ways as HD. Certainly no knock on it, but I think resolution and frame rate is a prerequisite to a good 3D experience. Sidescrollers don’t seem like they’d benefit much in gameplay, though it would be quite pretty aesthetically on game like Super Mario Bros 3 with the stageplay theme.

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        Outside of fitting more text on the screen, I don’t see it adding anything significant. It just looks nicer. I’m not too bothered by having to hit “A” a few more times in the existing Zelda games. You can fit a lengthy monologue in, and just have an “A to continue” appear at the bottom without much trouble. Sure, it’s inconvenient, but HD is no more a game-changer than 3D.

        • Trent Taylor

          Part of gameplay is experience. Part of the experience is immersion. I’ve never ever been immersed in a Wii game since I upgraded HD. It changed the way I play games. You’re fooling yourself if you think Mass Effect or Last of Us could be as powerful, immersive experiences if you merely switched to SD. Notes would become globs, Mass Effect menu’s would be non-functional, and ugly, Codec’s would be gone. The video quality increase alone makes the experience better. Heck, resolution alone is important. I quite Skyward Sword halfway through on the Wii and switched to Dolphin because playing it on their had better immersion and experience.
          It’s game changing, and I say as someone who once spoke the same as you, It’s Nintendo worship in the highest to trumpets gameplay when someone states the importance of HD. I understand it if someone hyper focuses on realistic graphics, but I genuinely think HD is the single greatest universally beneficial achievement in gameplay in this decade.

          • Omar

            I’m sorrry but HD isn’t defined as gameplay

            • Jason Schultz

              Yeah, but it’s a VIDEO game and clearly helps you realize the game world much better and decide on things ahead of time.

              SD is like being visually impaired.

              • Omar

                Before HD was even created video games existed, and they were fun and you could see them very clearly being able to decide on things, so HD isn’t necessary. Not at all.

          • Matthew Wesley

            And her I was thinking it was making better games that stand the test of time… Will anyone be playing the last of us in 5 years, how about ten? But Nintendo’s ip’s stand the test of time… Super Mario Galaxy anyone… an sd game that looks better than much of the hd shit being released today.

            • Trent Taylor

              Comparing Last of Us to SMG is apples to oranges. One is a jump in, jump out platformer, and one is a story based shooter. Last of Us is better at any one time than SMG, but certainly less replayable. Both are great, games I’d recommend. Metroid vs Mass Effect is a more apt comparison. Will I ever go back to Metroid? Maybe, eventually, probably emulating in HD. Will I go back to Mass Effect? Almost certainly. It’s fun, gorgeous, replayable and has a strong story.

              • Doug Morey

                Pft. What the fuck are you smoking? I got bored with Mass Effect in the first Mission. Metroid Prime Trilogy I have played through at least twice. Not to mention that many Nintendo games are considered the best of all time. Many stand the test of time while Microsoft and Sony have to keep rebooting everything to keep it selling. I understand it’s your opinion bro but at the same time, I have played the same game in both SD and HD and still was able to play it. There was literally nothing different about the game outside of a sharper image. That’s it.

                • Trent Taylor

                  Give Mass Effect another go then. I had the same issue as you. Got bored after the first mission. Heard amazing things, figured I’d try again. Got a bit farther, still wasn’t sure what the fuss was about, but I gave it a third go, letting go of all my pretenses and such and just ran with it, played non-stop ish and found it to be one of the greatest games ever. I really would recommend playing through it again, as the payoff is worth that initial hurdle.

                  Whoah, whoah, whoah. You’re criticizing Sony and Microsoft for rebooting old franchises? Are you joking? Not criticizing them for doing it, but Nintendo is the king of resurrecting franchises. Sony has done, what? I can’t think of anything. Sequels, sure, but it’s not like they are sequels we don’t want, and Sony has been the king of new IP’s this generation. The Last of Us, Uncharted, Beyond, Heavy Rain. Nintendo did what? Captain Rainbow? They didn’t even bring that to the US. The only major reboot I’ve seen is Tomb Raider, and I haven’t played the original Tomb Raider’s to say if it’s even a reboot.

                  As for Metroid, obviously, it’s the same game, but a sharper image changes how immersed you can get. I’m not saying OMG, HD changes the entire game in any other aspect than resolution, but that it markedly improves how I interact with games, which by definition is gameplay. Unless by gameplay you mean mechanics, which is an entirely different thing, and merely a single aspect of gameplay. One of these days I do want to go back to them, but my memories of Metroid Prime don’t hold up all that well. Tons of hitchy, blatant loading with doors, completely uninteresting story, strong, but not amazingly compelling gameplay. It’s not that Metroid is bad, I’m looking forward to losing my shit when Nintendo announces a new Metroid game another as much as the next guy, it’s just it doesn’t hold up to Bioware doing a Sci-fi RPG.

                  • Doug Morey

                    You’re point is valid. I will certainly give Mass Effect another try, most likely with the Trilogy collection. My point is merely that HD is no different. Yes, it does create a more crisp world but at the same time playing a game like Heavy Rain plays no different or adds nothing to it by being in HD. While 3D is the same as this, I have found that I am better at judging distance and so can therefore feel more immersed in the process by using the 3D. It’s all relative perspective, of course. I agree that Sony has had some new IPs, but most of those are also 3rd party. What has Sony themselves or even Microsoft come out with? Nintendo does at least deliver good first party content and hopefully those new IPs will be coming. I apologize for my approach with the earlier comment. I may have come off a little brash.

                    • Trent Taylor

                      It’s okay, it’s easy to get defensive when you feel like an outsider is attacking something you love. I love Nintendo as much as anyone, still consider Nintendo to be the best company of the big 3. Just think they have made mistakes in the hardware department that cost them a lot, and hurt their long term longevity. I desperately want to want a WiiU or to enjoy the Wii. I just don’t see the value like I used to. I’ve become very accustomed to not feeling limited in choice, so when I see WiiU isn’t doing well, as much as I love Nintendo, I know to enjoy real choice of games, because of their hardware or graphical limitations, I have to buy a PS3 or PS4 too really get the most out of the generation.
                      Part of my total aversion to SD (It’s not just in games, I genuinely can’t watch DVD’s anymore) is certainly that the house I’m in has no SD TV’s setup. It would probably be more enjoyable to play SD if I was on a SD screen, but I can’t just excuse Nintendo for not having the foresight to think HD might catch on, what if people get rid of there SD TVs and our games look awful displayed non-natively? Admittedly, I don’t have component cables for my Wii, but from my experience with my best friend who has the cables, it’s not that much better than 480i.

                    • Doug Morey

                      I disagree with that only slightly. Then again I have a huge 40 something inch HDTV so maybe it’s the size of the TV? I dunno. But for me the difference was there. Subtle for some things, but there. I also like that Nintendo embraced HD by including an HD cable with their Wii U. However this also created the opposite problem of what happens if someone needs the SD cables? Small issue I know but it’s there. Still, I think the Wii U will catch on once the games begin to come out for it. But to each their own. Cheers.

                    • Trent Taylor

                      TV size could certainly be a factor, along with distance you sit from the TV.
                      From what I’ve heard, HDTV adoption is over 60% or something now. I don’t have have a WiiU yet, but it has the same cable slot the Wii and Gamecube had, right?
                      Here’s hoping for Nintendo.

              • EzikielofHyrule

                Apples vs Oranges
                Fruit Fruit
                Red Orange
                Sweet Sweet
                Citrusy Citrusy
                Seeds Seeds
                Comprised mainly of Comprised mainly of
                glucose and water glucose and water
                Grown on tree Grown on tree
                100% Edible 100% Edible
                Foamy Texture Squishy Texture

                Main difference is look and structure, so yes, it is like compairng the two

              • Taylor Jacobs

                You have no idea what you are talking about plus you are a sony fanboy so stfu

          • Aaron Lefebvre

            Thew most atmospheric game ever made imo is still Silent Hill 2. The game had the best atmosphere ever, where the music, background noise, environment, creatures, and just the ere feeling of isolation made the game unparalleled when it came to atmosphere. Not even Amnesia is on its level. TThe HD remake was worse than the original, because it took away a lot of the things that made it great. Proving that HD doesn’t add much. I can be just as immersed into a SD game, as i can with a HD game. Thats very ignorant. Wind Waker looks better than most HD artistic games too.

            • Trent Taylor

              That’s not proof. That’s a highly specific game, that wasn’t designed for modern hardware, and as you probably know, was designed around the limitations of the original hardware. It doesn’t prove anything. You’re arguing about the specific, I’m arguing about the general.
              As for Wind Waker, it’s gorgeous on an HD Dolphin render. Quite possibly my favorite game ever.
              I’m not ignorant, certainly I can be immersed in an SD game, but unless it’s art style lends itself very much to lower resolution (Like sprite based games), I’ll feel more immersed playing the HD version 9/10. The problem is, resolution is a very simple, objectively better thing. There is no reason a better designed Silent Hill 2 HD couldn’t do it’s job. Maybe they didn’t respect the atmospheric design when porting it, but that’s a problem of game design, not resolution.

              • Aaron Lefebvre

                You fail to understand that if Silent Hill 2, a SD game can be immersive, and atmospheric than ANY SD game can be to if done right. There are plenty of HD games that are not atmospheric, immersive, and just plain bad.. You argument means nothing, when there is evidence to prove your claim wrong all over the place.. HD isn’t what makes the game more immersive, or atmospheric, its the music, atmosphere, and feel the game gives you when playing it whether it be intense, good, comfortable, scared, ect. All of this can be done with, or without HD.

          • Ghabulous Ghoti

            I assure you, playing Skyward Sword on an STDV is no different then playing it upscaled by Dolphin. I’ve seen the difference in person, and I don’t care too much. It’s a bit clearer.

            I’m sure you’ve seen my complain about input lag. Until they make a lagless TV, I’m unable to play on them, because I enjoy Smash Bros. at a very high level of play. ANY amount of lag renders the game unplayable to me, even on a more casual level now because my timing is too accurate.

            HD is a nice thing to look at, and looks great on any PC game I play, but if I was using an SD monitor on my PC, I really wouldn’t care too much. It’s just an added bonus.

            • Trent Taylor

              While I certainly understand the concept of input lag and the problems with HD, if you’re like me, and calibrate your TV, you’ve turned off all enhancers and such already, negating input lag for anyone but the most sensitive people. Be honest, that’s about as niche of a situation as niche situations get.
              My point is that HD is near universally going to improve how you interact with the game. Input lag is only ever really going to ever affect hardcore local fighter players. Even then, I’m sure it can be negated to a non-issue.
              You’re suffering from eyesight issues if you think Skyward Sword looks the same on Dolphin and a Wii outputting to the same TV though. It’s noticeably improved, even with SD interfaces.

              • Ghabulous Ghoti

                I assure you, I have no eyesight issues. I doubt my vision is anything special, but it’s not bad. There is a clear difference, but not enough for me to really care. Remember, I’m playing it on an SDTV. 480i games look better on SDTVs than HDTVs, so if you were playing on an HDTV, Skyward Sword would have looked a lot worse to you than it did to me.

                I’m very sensitive to input lag, and have yet to find a single TV or monitor I can play Brawl or Melee on without sensing something, though admittedly they are pretty darn good these days.

                I still don’t see how it improves interaction any more or less than 3D does. Both serve only to make the game look better.

          • EzikielofHyrule

            I agree that games do increase in value if they are in HD, but the amount HD effects it is in very close relation to how good the game would have been in the first place. If you made Two Worlds, almost any of the recent spiderman games or Bad Teddy HD they would still be very bad games. So, yes, HD does make a game better, and no games like Mass Effect and The Last of Us would not be as good if the were not in HD, but HD does not make a game better to the point that you should not play SD games, and while they would not be as good, both of those games would still be amazing games in SD. HD does no good if the game does not have good story, acting, and gameplay.

            • Trent Taylor

              Obviously you can’t make a bad game better just by being in HD (Unless I suppose the reasons it’s bad are due to the lack of being able to resolve detail), I’m just saying it’s a huge negative if a game is in SD, or low resolution in general, compared to HD. A good example being how it actually offends me that the WiiU has no upscaling or HD Rendering for Wii games. Obviously, they want to sell HD Remakes in the future, but that’s not right. If the 1.5x more powerful than the PS3 is accurate, it should be able to. I have a GT 9800 graphics card right now, which is roughly equivalent to the PS3 hardware, and it can run Wii games in HD (With code translation no less). This should be a feature on the WiiU.

              • Taylor Jacobs

                the psx is equal to the gtx 7800 so again you have no idea what you are saying. stop trying to sound smart

                • Trent Taylor

                  @_@ I wasn’t trying to, that’s what my research last time came up with when I looked quickly. Either way, it’s beside the point. The WiiU is more than powerful enough to do it, and unlike emulators, doesn’t need hardware emulation, so there is no reason it couldn’t render WiiU games in HD. Last time I looked quickly, I’d read it was a GTX 8800, which, from further reading, is the same card as a 9800.

          • Churze

            Sorry, but I just find it pretty shallow that you can’t be immersed in a game if it’s not HD I play plenty of HD games in SD, feels exactly the same to me :/

            • Trent Taylor

              And I find it inappropriate to lower my standard for Nintendo just because I typically enjoy them.. HD is a standard, with more than half of all people on it. 3D is destined to be a standard, and I believe it currently stands at around 12% adoption.. Not meeting standards is the mark of a poor game, regardless of its other merits. Not being able to predict where the standard is in 2 years is also a failure (Nintendo wrongly though HD TV adoption wouldn’t take off) You can only say as company we don’t think graphics are what people want so many times before its blatently obvious there’s no real merit in not having them, but it just made you more money for a long time, because you can spend less making a quality system, and instead devote money to a gameplay gimmick no on uses, and also isn’t up to standards (Capacative touch vs the WiiU’s resistive touch), when we are far from out of innovations in gameplay with the dual analog controller.

              Do I despise the Wii? No. For its first few years it was the most interesting and innovative console on the market. But it can’t sustain itself on 2 good Nintendo games a year and a market that didn’t care about games beyond Wii Sports and Wii Fit. The games are simply more innovative and memorable on non-Nintendo consoles now. Nintendo just feels like sequels for the sake of sequels, with nothing to really merit buying the games with the exception of Metroid and Zelda.

        • Jason Schultz

          Look nicer? Playing an SD game is like playing a game while partially visually impaired whilst not having glasses on. Things are less clear and it’s harder to make out things in the distance.

          HD is MUCH more important than 3D!

          • Ghabulous Ghoti

            Playing an SD game on an HDTV looks awful and blurry. I still use a CRT, though, so playing an SD game on that looks pretty fine, despite the TV’s larger size (about 5ft). To someone like me, who plays Smash Bros. competitively and therefore, cannot deal with ANY amount of input lag, I am stuck forever in SD, and 3D makes a much bigger difference. Both just look better. That’s all it is.

      • EzikielofHyrule

        First off you are comparing games that the “long text blurbs” are only in things like emails and datafiles that cover the entire screen, to a game where the “long text blurbs are diolog and have accompanying animations.

        That being said. I do agree that it takes less time to read things in HD, but the only thing it really effects in gameplay is the time it takes to read. On your comment on having to do more work to read, just because there is more text, doesnt mean its easier to read. If I play Mass Effect on my HD tv, I have to get fairly close to the screen when I read text log because the text is small and hard to see, whereas if I play Skyward sword, I can read at a comfortable distance..

    • the_mags

      Nail, meet hammer. Well said.

    • Doug Morey

      That is my concern as well since many games (RE:Revelations for example) use the Touch Screen for quick reloading or item switching. Moving the Touch Screen further away from the controls seems like it’s going to be problematic. I know that it’s merely an option but it still seems like the best things about the 3DS are being removed.

    • Alberto Jorge

      “The 3DS was rather sleek looking”
      The Kinect is sleek looking, but the thing barely fucking works.
      The PS Vita is sleek looking, yet for every one PS Vita user, I see 400 DS Users.
      And don’t get me started on XBOX One.

      “The model looks just plain stupid… the button layout looks awful. It’s too high up.”
      Have you seen the complete design of the 2DS? It’s thicker on the top half than the bottom half, shaped like a right triangle. If the buttons were moved to the bottom, the weight of the top half would make it harder to hold. “Reaching over for the touch screen…” Yeah, If the buttons were on the bottom, You’d have to reach over BOTH screens for the L and R buttons.

      “I like that [the 3D] is there.” I agree with you. While it’s a neat thing to have just in case, it’s really pointless. You have to hold the 3DS in a certain position and keep your hands still for the 3D to work, or else, it looks weird.

      Look at it this way. What Nintendo is doing is nothing new. The reason they made the NES 2 was to reduce not only manufacturing costs, but retail prices, as it removed useless thing as some cable ports, and making the system a toploader to avoid damaging your NES cartridges. The same thing with the SNES 2, Gameboy Pocket, Nintendo DS Lite, and now, the 2DS. This is happening for a good reason.

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        There is nothing wrong with a good console like 3DS looking sleek.

        The button problem all comes from the stupid design. If they had just stuck with clamshell, there would be no problems there.

        I see this as pretty different than their other alternate models. The NES2, SNES, and GBP were released near the end of the console’s lifespan, when interest was waning and people would want to pay less because the hardware was outdated. The DS Lite, as well as the others, also weren’t a downgrade. The 2DS’s lack of 3D isn’t a big deal, but the design of the thing is awful. It looks like holding a brick. I’ve already expressed my dislike of the button position, and you’ve explained how THAT’S there best choice due to shoulder buttons, which I overlooked. If this is honestly the best placement, then that’s a sign that the hardware was poorly designed.

        I feel bad for any kids whose parents buy this for them this holiday thinking it’s a good money saver.

    • LazyDiablos

      You say the button lay out is terrible because its too high up but first of all if the buttons were on the bottom how would anyone reach the shoulder buttons? and if you have a 3ds try to place your hands where the buttons would be then try to reach the touch screen. Its not that hard.

      • Ghabulous Ghoti

        I know that they would then be out of place. It just fuels the fact that the console is poorly designed. You can’t possibly have a good button layout without redesigning the thing, even if it’s just slight.

    • Joey X. Monaco

      the fact that 3D trashes the retina and the hinges on the 3ds leave it prone to breaking are why i never wanted a 3ds, I am curious though why you think touching the top of the top screen and bottom of the bottom screen at the same time on a 2ds is “almost impossible to do” i can easily touch the top and bottom of the system case on the 2ds and still have my hand in a c shape.

  • Joshua

    I still find this somewhat impractical. They didn’t have to release a new system at all. >.> Also, I’ve had my 3DS practically since they were first released, and mine’s in just as good of shape as it was back then, and I’ve put so much time into playing it already that it’s not even funny. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a special case or something.

    • Erimgard

      It’s more a new model than a new system.

    • Ericzander

      What’s your logic behind saying they shouldn’t have released this new system? It’s cheaper, and it still gives them a profit. It seems like a win-win and they aren’t taking the original 3DS off of the market anyway.

    • Caio

      You are not a special case. You just have more than 7 years or don’t mind paying $170 in something you can pay $130 for almost the same.

    • Marvel

      You aren’t a special case. I’ve had my 3DS for nearly 2 years, and the thing is in great condition. Even if I didn’t have one now, I would still get it rather than this…thing.

    • Alberto Jorge

      It’s a new model and name, not a new system. It still plays 3DS and DS games. Kind of like the NES 2 (the Toploader). It’s not a new system, it’s just a different design that does the same thing as the NES. Play games.

      • Joshua

        Yes, but did they REALLY have to make a new model? I mean… my 3DS is perfectly fine. If I don’t want to play in 3D, I turn 3D off. Endurance isn’t an issue with me; I always take good care of my systems. Hell, I still have two Gameboy Pockets. And if it’s a battery life issue, you can go to Gamestop and buy an extended battery back from Nyko for $10, if that. It at least doubles play time while in 3D mode. I don’t know, it just seems to me that Nintendo is making a lot of unnecessary stuff. I will say, though, that this system would have been perfect to put triggers and a right Circle Pad on. Then they could have been like, “Oh, use your 2DS as a Wii U controller.” That would have been cool.

  • Hayden Rogers

    I’m sick of everyone calling the 3D a gimmick. It’s not. Yes, there is the classic argument that “it gives me a headache” but 9 times out of 10 that’s because you haven’t spend more than a few hours with it. I got used to it after a few days and I’ve loved it ever since. I picked up my 3DS a few weeks after launch and I love the 3D, to me it is the most important part of the 3DS from a hardware standpoint. Playing OoT with the 3D felt like rediscovering the game again, it was a rebirth for the second time. (from 2D to 3D, and from 3D to Stereoscopic 3D) Super Mario 3D Land even used the 3D in a lot of creative and innovative ways, Mario Kart look gorgeous in 3D, and even Fire Emblem takes huge advantage of the 3D hardware creating some gorgeous environments that really benefit from the depth.

    The 2DS is not a bad idea, it just shouldn’t be compared to the 3DS. It’s designed for children ages 7 and under according to the Big N. I can see it being popular among those ~20 as well as a kind of throwback, but compared to the 3DS it’s inferior in all honesty, and it prevents you from getting the full experience that 3DS devs are designing these games to do.

    • Caio

      Do you need the 3D to play? No? Then it IS a gimmick.
      I’m not saying it is bad – I love the 3D and never had any problem with it – but it isn’t something necessary for you to play the games, it’s just an “accessory”.

      • Hayden Rogers

        You need the 3D to get the most out of the gaming experience. You’re essentially calling milk a gimmick to cereal.

        • Caio

          No. The gimmick in the cereal would be honey. You don’t need to put honey in your cereal, just milk, but some do it.

          • bradtastic2

            Worst metaphor haha all 3 go well enough without the other.

            • Caio

              It was he who first proposed the metaphor. You could say the same to him…

          • N64guy

            Perhaps this is like watching a movie, that has the option of 3D, going to watch it in 2D. It’s not even a problem, considering that several of the games I have for the 3DS are N64 remakes/updates. They were originally made in “2D” (display) but now have been “dimensionalized” for 3D. Whether you want the 3D or not, is up to you.

      • Trent Taylor

        Do you need a color, image based display to play a “video game”? No? Then modern video displays are a gimmick. Text based adventures FTW.
        You’re qualification of gimmick is flawed, or the word gimmick is the most useless in the english language.

        • Caio

          I can agree with the color(if you’re not playing Simon or something like that), but you do need image based display to play videogames that aren’t text based, so yes, maybe you could call color a gimmick.
          I’m not saying that the 3D(and colors) doesn’t make the games better, I’m just saying that you don’t need it. That is, as far as I know, the definition of gimmick.

          • Trent Taylor

            But non-text based games aren’t needed, and therefore a gimmick. Heck, video games are unnecessary to begin with, and therefore a gimmick. You don’t need to be alive, right? You could saying living is a gimmick too.

            At any rate, gimmick is defined as:
            a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.

            Which 3D might be. I think it is a logical leap forward, so as a whole, I wouldn’t say it’s a gimmick. 3D is certainly being pushed hard in a gimmicky fashion though.

            • Caio

              When you say that “non-text based games aren’t needed” you aren’t talking about a feature, you’re talking about the whole thing. You can’t compare it to what I’m saying…

              And the definition of gimmick is that, PLUS this “the special feature is typically thought to be of little relevance or use”
              Which the 3D is. It is something that attracts attention? Sure. But you realy don’t need it. It just add something to the game, makes it look better, but beyond that, it don’t have much use.

              People just need to stop thinking that gimmick is something bad. It isn’t. The 3DS has a lot of gimmicks besides the 3D, but it doesn’t make them bad things, they are just cool features that you don’t actually need, but you may like it even though.

              • Trent Taylor

                I’ve never heard gimmick used in a positive light, and frequently used in a negative light. Using it in a positive way is just gimmicky. IMO any feature you don’t use frequently in a devices lifespan IS a bad thing. It adds cost, increases weight and power consumption and takes away space from something more important if it’s hardware based.

      • Ritter Max Jacobson

        What do you mean you ‘don’t need the 3D’? Have you all forgotten that The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is specifically designed to use 3D for several(if not most) of the puzzles? And Nintendo even said that themselves. That game is just an example of the many games already here and more to come require the 3D.
        And as for the ‘price’ issue, are you really that cheep that you can’t spend an extra $40 bucks? In my opinion, of you don’t have the money to buy something that is reasonably priced, then you probably shouldn’t be buying it anyway.
        Plus in my opinion, the design is just plain ugly. I thought the whole reason for the 2 separate screens was because of the hinge. With no hinge, they should have just made one screen that was digitally separated when you turn it on.
        And I bet that most of you who are defending the 2DS thought the same thing as us when you first saw it, “why Nintendo? That’s the most stupid thing ever!” And now after reading one post from someone who you all look to as some kind of God, you’ve suddenly thrown out all your original opinion and are blindly following what he says just because you think of him as a ‘celebrity’.
        So when you buy your poorly designed 2DS, let us all know how much you love not being able to complete one of the most long awaited portable Zelda games.

        • Caio

          First of all: I already have a 3DS since 2011. I’m not saying that the 3D and price are things that I think as a issue, I’m talking about the people who don’t have a 3DS.
          A Link Between Worlds isn’t even out yet. I don’t know how the puzzles will be, but I’m SURE that you can do them without the 3D. It’s like Super Mario 3D Land. The 3D helps you to solve some puzzles. It makes it easier, but you don’t need it. A friend of mine lost his right eye(so he can’t see 3D) and played SM3DL for a while without any problem.
          As for the price, there are a lot of people who have the money to buy a 3DS, but they won’t because they think it is too expensive. I don’t live in the US. Here the 3DS is something like 300 USD, and the 3DS XL is 470 USD. In the US that would be a $30 bucks difference. Here it’s $170.

          And about the “two separate screens” that you said. They aren’t two screens. The 2DS has only one screen divided by a piece of plastic.

        • http://6starwrestling.net/ Cybrus

          You do realize that you are completely wrong about needing 3D to solve puzzles in A Link Between Worlds, right? Nintendo just released the official box art for A Link Between Worlds and it clearly states right on the box “Playable in 2D and 3D” 3D is nothing more than a novelty. It is not required to beat any puzzle in any game. It is always optional.

      • EzikielofHyrule

        By deffinition anything that is done to atract consumers or gain publicity is a gimic. So, yes, the 3D is a gimic. but by that standard. So is the dual screen, pre order bonuses, ads, making a system that is not 3d, cloud storage, so on and so forth. It has nothing to do with wether or not you need it to play all it is is a trick or device meant to atract attention.

        • Caio

          Is it really that hard to understand? Gimmick is something that, BESIDES what you said, YOU DON’T NEED TO PLAY. There are a lot of games in the DS and 3DS that uses the Dual Screen, so it wouldn’t fit in the definition :/

    • smcrzgi

      i only play OoT with the 3d on half, cuz sometimes when going through the logs or dark doorways, you can see double of them. at half its not as bad. but i totally use the 3d all the time.

    • Michael Hierlmeier

      I’m sorry, but “gimmick” does NOT MEAN “BAD”. I hate the misuse of the word, people thinking it means “cheap” or “bad”. Which that’s not what it means. It’s literally just something to grab attention. It’s basically just something that’s different that stands out and gets sales (from a marketing standpoint). Sure, gimmicks CAN be cheap and bad. But 3D, no matter what it’s for, is a gimmick. BUT it is an awesome gimmick for the 3DS. It’s not “cheap”, either. Nonetheless, I believe I’ve made my point, that gimmicks are neither inherently good nor bad. And 3D is, in fact, a gimmick.

    • http://snuxoll.com Stefan Nuxoll

      One thing people seem to forget is a large part of the population (myself included) cannot see stereoscopic 3D, there’s also a subset of the population that cannot even see 3D in every day life (I myself, belong to the latter group).

      Unfortunately, the 3D support on the 3DS gets lost on these two groups of people and adds a hefty cost to the system, I never picked up a 3DS and got a PS Vita instead solely because I wanted to spend $250 on a system with better specs instead of the 3D gimmick that I cannot use. Now that the 2DS is out, I’ll probably pick one up to play Pokemon X & Y on.

    • Ghabulous Ghoti

      I do very much like 3D, and OoT and Mario 3D Land looked great, but I must disagree with the other two. Mario Kart had hardly any depth and pretty bad looking character models. Fire Emblem’s sprites don’t look that great in 3D in my opinion, and though I like the way the models look in combat, I always play that game in 2D.

  • Ty Trego

    Try using the touch screen on the 2DS. or fitting it in your pocket. Even my XL fits in my pocket. And you can bet your palms being all over the bottom half of the system are just gonna cause problems. This 2DS would be a good idea if they didn’t make stupid mistakes like button layout.

    • Ericzander

      You can buy a case for it. An official Nintendo one will be about 13 bucks and I’m sure that very soon after release a bunch of third parties will sell cases for even cheaper.

      • Ernesto Palma

        The case should have been included. It raises the price to be only $27.00 US dollars cheaper than the other 3DS. Not so value-friendly then, is it?

      • Ty Trego

        Case still won’t fit in my pocket.

  • Churze

    I’m really loving this new model. Not really it’s design, just how cheap it is. I already own 3ds XL, but I kind of have to fear taking it outside of my house due to how much it is worth. I have my ambassador program GBA games (which may never be released on other 3ds systems) and over $100 worth of digital downloads. So I’m carrying around over $300, and it is BIG, so it could slide out of my pocket easily without me noticing. Plus, considering it is pretty hard not to notice in my pocket, I could get mugged very easily and very fast. So I may purchase this model for more distant trips and less safe areas, and save 3ds XL for playing at home (which does kind of kill the whole portable part…).

    • Nome

      I suggest you invest in an XL case

      • Caio

        And make his XL worth even more?

        • Nome

          $10-$20 for a carrying case to protect your $300+ in hardware and software makes sense to me. I like my things not breaking

          • Churze

            Mugging is also something I have to deal with. If I carry around a bag, then my 3ds XL is perfectly safe. But I will make an excellent target. The big thing I’m worried about is Ambassador Program GBA games.

    • Kevin Clear Ransome

      well here’s an idea, dont put it in your fucking pocket, put it in your bag….

  • Aika

    I honestly thought the release was a joke at first, but after seeing many of the points in this article repeated elsewhere, it makes sense in a lot of ways for Nintendo to go this route. Although I rarely use the 3D feature on my 3DS, I’m still happy with it. Besides, no one is being forced to buy this model, as you could still choose to buy a 3DS. Seems like a good option too for younger kids and parents who don’t want to spend as much as well as worry about turning off the 3D feature.

  • Sarah Tapley

    This product, I believe, is aimed at people like me: people who were completely fine with their dslite/xl/w/e and didn’t want to have to shell out the money to buy a 3ds, especially after hearing the 3d, while cool, was painful, and generally goes unused.

    I thought about purchasing a 3ds just for the OoT remake, Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon X/Y, but I wasn’t going to invest that much money into a system I would use for three games. I am, however, now seriously considering getting the 2ds. And the fact that it’s being released the same day as X/Y. . .coincidence; I think not.

    In essence, this product is developed for people who were on the fence about getting a 3ds, by removing the 3d and releasing it the same day as Pokemon X/Y.

    • Nome

      Don’t forget about eshop games. They’re both cheap and fun

  • Sylph Drake

    Well I like it. And none of you other commenters is going to convince me not to.

  • Charlene Buffington

    I would get one for my son when he is just a little older (He’s almost 5). I had given him a DS lite and I agree with the hinge thing, he would clap it shut or walk around with it, making it seem that the top display was going to fall off. This also is good for children 10 and younger who do like video games. It’s cheaper, so not as much loss if it does get broken. And you dont have to worry about them turning on the 3D mode.
    And I only ever hear people complaining about how they hate the 3D mode and the price of the system, well here you go!

    • Kevin Clear Ransome

      why would you give him a ds lite in the first place? he’s too young and surely going to break it.

      • Charlene Buffington

        #1 It was an old DS Lite, purchased from eBay and it the bottom screen was extremely scratchy, couldnt get refund etc. #2 They make ‘toddler’ edutainment games Ages 4+
        Aside from occasionally clapping it shut he did take relatively good care of it for being 4yrs old.

  • Joel Peter Palermo

    Very well written article! Thanks for laying things out regarding Nintendo’s new hand held.

  • K. Harris

    I like the idea and I don’t like it. The hinged design, streetpass, spotpass…that’s about portability. With a delicate touch screen, the hinge makes sense. I don’t like the way they are when you hold them, mind you… I have small hands, and it’s still uncomfortable. But I can take it anywhere. As for the move away from 3D, I’m completely fine with that. It’s a nice trick, but I leave my 3D slider all the way down, and if I ever DO use it, I end up putting it on low because it’s just annoying to the eyes.

    I don’t actually think this will sell very well, despite there being some good points to it. It makes me think of the Game Boy Micro…that thing was kind of an “Oopsie”… But maybe the low price will get some parents to buy it for their kids?

    • Kevin Clear Ransome

      you’re comparing the 2DS to GB Micro because?

  • http://gengame.net/ Kevin O’Rourke

    Here’s my humble little opinion. If you don’t have a 3DS then the 2DS is a nice option. I personally would go for the 3DS over the 2DS but that’s just me. I think it’s great that there is a lower cost option with the 2DS because options are nice. :)

    • wooloochief


  • Clayton Williams

    if you don’t want it don’t buy it. i’ve had my 3ds since launch and i love it, but i don’t ever use the 3d cause i personally don’t are for it. this looks like it would be more form fitting to my hands than the original. and its cheaper. if i didn’t have a 3ds i would purchase one.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    I just want an easier way to exchange my 3DS for a 3DS XL and not loss all of my stuff and ambassador privileges.

    • Patrick Michel Edinger

      I think that is all saved to the “SD” card. so i think you would just need to switch the “SD” cards.

      • Rytan

        Nope. you have to do a system transfer.

  • Terrak

    I Have to say i still prefer the claim shell and would never get this version even if its priced lower. I even wished phones still had the clam shell design to protect the screen (yeah i know theres gorilla glass etc and i do realize they no longer make them, so its just a preference). But i do understand the idea and it makes sense. Looks weird but it has a wealth of software available for it and with the significantly lowered price it could be another gold mine for Nintendo. With the price drop of the Wii U and a wealth of exclusives coming out for it Nintendo really is working hard for the gamer dollars, kudos to them

  • Blake Wigert

    Nintendo is really hurting its current customers with all the price cuts and bundles, not liking it one bit, we should be rewarded for putting our faith in the company and instead we get punished. What is wrong with the world, everything is so backwards.

  • Marvel

    I seriously feel like hiding in my closet and enjoying the 2 gaming things from my childhood: the original DS and Pok√©mon. I’m sick of all of this nonsense anymore.

  • BigHairyFart

    I never found my 3DS too small, I think it fits like a glove. The 3DSXL ,however is too damn big, in my opinion.

  • Aaron Lefebvre

    I use 3D for all my games, it doesn’t hurt my eyes at all, and adds more depth to games imo. I have been using the 3D since Day 1. Some use it, some don’t.

  • Xis That Kid

    yuck, I’m sorry….but yuck another Ninty system I’m not buying I guess.

  • Lady Viridis

    As someone who has been holding off on a 3DS both because of cost and because I don’t care about 3D (I planned to leave the 3D off all the time anyway), this sounds like it could be a good fit for me. While I did like the clamshell design of the 3DS, the reasoning behind this model makes sense. I myself have tiny hands, so my only concern is whether what feels comfortable for others will be too bulky and heavy for me. I’ll probably wait until this shows up in stores and test it out before I decide whether to buy this or a used 3DS. But it would be nice to finally play some of the 3DS games I’ve been looking forward to without having to save up for such an expensive system.

  • HylianBadger25

    The ‘Brick-like’ design reminds me of video game consoles that were available at McDonald’s. it took the original device and threw it in a huge plastic box for safety and robustness. While it makes some sense being marketed to small children, I personally still don’t want one.

  • Doug Morey

    It’s simple. 3DS. The 3D adds depth to the games and makes them look better. that is not even an opinion, it’s a fact. I’ve tried playing my games in 2D and a lot of times I find myself going back to the 3D.
    Now, I’m about to blow your minds and prove why the 2DS isn’t necessary in anyway. If you want a 3DS but don’t want to play them in 3D….You. Cut. The. 3D. Off.
    Now, wasn’t that simple. You remove the 3D in the settings and never have to worry about it again. Plus you can buy used models of the 3Ds for often cheaper than the price of the 2DS so I literally am seeing no reason for this thing to exist. I’m going to wait until I hold on to see how it feels but right now, my money is on the XL model for an upgrade over this.

  • Zachery anderson

    Hey I totally agree with everything you said except for one thing. The 3D in the 3DS was definitely a selling point for me, and playing with the 3D on vs. off makes a big difference, at least for my gaming experience. If nintendo released another 3D handheld I would say, “HECK YES!”

    Oh and I would totally buy the 2DS if I hadn’t already spent all my money on an Xbox One pre-order.

    Yes I am an HUGE Nintendo fanboy.

  • Emilio

    but can it fit in my POCKET????

  • Gabriel Gomez

    I’ve also been starting to want to buy this… but but but… I want the 3D. I don’t know what I would do without it. The design looks better than what I originally thought, but I still want the 3D on a 2DS. Oh I know! Maybe a 3D 2DS? Highly unlikely.

  • disqus_pxJCmEj7ZA

    There is just on game that would be nearly impossible to complete 100% with a 2DS and that is Super Mario 3D World. Some of the puzzle rooms require you use 3D, and how are you going to do that with a 2DS?

  • Pickles

    Other than looking kind of stupid, I think this was actually smart.

  • Reno Thomas

    You can buy a preowned 3ds for cheaper, dealing with price issues (I know nintendo doesn’t make any money from this directly but game shops use that money to buy the new games from them so it does get back to them) and there is a feature of the 3ds called the slider which adjusts the depth all the way down to 2d. And parents can lock it to 3d so young childrens eyes aren’t damaged.

    Also the design looks really awkward, the hinge meant I could angle the screen so I could see the controls and what was happening at the same time and it also offset the weight it so I could hold it in 1 hand without effort. The button layout is too high, making it awkward to use touch screen features.

    • Alberto Jorge

      Dude, the difference between the hinge of the 3DS and the flat 2DS is… 10 degrees in angle. Besides, this wasn’t a problem with the Gameboy. The 2DS looks rather comfortable. After all, the purpose of a game system is to play games, not to fit in your pockets.

      • Reno Thomas

        Yes but the GB didn’t have 2 screens I had to concentrate on. And I couldn’t care less if the 3ds could fit in my pocket or not, I carry it in my backpack, like I would any of my hh consoles. The point is the hinge makes it more comfortable to manage the system and it’s not 10 degrees, it’s anywhere up to 90 degress (before it becomes hard to see either screen).

  • tj

    hello, hello anybody home!!! come on people use your brain for a second the 3d on the 3ds can literally be shut off forever by parental controls. Think nintendo, think

  • Hairee Pothead

    The screen is downgraded to 400i on 400 fat pixels rather than 400P on 800 narrow pixels on the 3D capable model so you can see jagged pixels on the 2DS like on all the oldschool Gameboys and original DS family unlike 3DS which does 400 Progressive Scanning on 800 retina narrow pixels which reduces pixelation in 2D mode.

  • Vitamin E

    Is the Circle Pad bigger on this model? I like that, if so. I’ve used a 3DS like once, and my first thought was, “Why is this thing only like a third of an inch in diameter? It’s as awkward as can be!”

  • Hugo Fernando Farias Cea

    Comfortable? LOL
    So, even the 3DS XL is small for you? You got some gigantic hands then. You have to remember that this new iteration of the 3DS is aimed at little kids that the 3D-effect would not be suitable for. The no-clamshell design is also because little kids tend to break the hinge (I bought a 3DS for repair last year which was literally split in two. The previous owner was a 5 year-old). Yeah, the 2DS may be confortable for your humongous hands that dwarf the 3DS XL, but a 7 year-old or younger will not be able to hold it properly, much less press more than 2 buttons at once. Very intelligent design there, Nintendo.

  • Jason Schultz

    I’m a little concerned about the battery life, as the only chart out I’ve seen show it still having a meager 3-5hrs. batt. life, and yet there’s no more 3D functionality.

    The 3DSXL is sited as to having 6 hrs. or more, so you’d think the 2DS would have 5 hrs. to live minimum.

  • Stinky Toad

    While looking at some of the comments, I realized what this thing is not good for: How would you play a game like Super Mario: 3D Land, when half of the star coins are only visible when you turn the 3D on, or when you play Kid Icarus: Uprising, with it’s unique stylus control? It would be especially awkward for me, since I’m left-handed and prefer to use my thumb rather than the stylus or waste my money on a circle pad pro!

  • Chris

    Reminds me of the Gameboy.

  • Bob The Builder

    The Sky Is Purple!!!!!

  • brad

    I’d be buying it if it folded I’m military and I don’t think this things going to handle being carried around like my dsi did.

  • Alex Newlands

    anyone know how to play music on the 2ds

  • Rick van Beek

    2ds sucks it feels like plastic garbage my 3dsxl feels much better and plays better in my hands and 3d is a PLUS!!!! save your money and buy a 3ds or 3ds xl!!!

    • TRJosiah

      All hail XL

  • Shutup2908

    Just shut up! Get over the fact that 3ds is better and you know it, just that you lazy people who can’t get out the house and get a job to earn money to get a 3ds are only wanting and arguing about the 2ds because your getting the 2ds and so you want yours to be better than anyone else’s when it’s not! So SHUT UP! Thank you.

  • heiowge

    I just bought a 2DS for my son for Christmas. He has a DSi XL already, but the hinge is starting to go and he needed a replacement. Problem is that a lot of new games are coming in 3ds only, or are just not being stocked locally in non-3ds versions. I can’t afford a 3DS, and don’t really want my son (who is 6 and therefore below the stated 3D safety threshold) playing 3D games. So the 2DS was the best choice.

    • Cahone

      You want us to believe you can’t afford 40 dollars more you lying piece of garbage.

  • awdasdawdawd

    NINTENDO 3DS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just buy a playstion or xbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Santa Creek Furrows

    Yup! They have a winner… I have 3 children, oldest just turned 7. I had a PS2 and a modified XBOX… still have the x somewhere… we just recently got a PS3, and I am thinking that before they stop selling them, I’m going to get a second, test it, and pack it up, minus the controller…LOL I have no real desire to get a PS4 at this point, or XBOX 1 … I rarely play the games we have, and the PS3 has plenty to collect, and should keep us going a long while… as long as the hardware keeps ticking….LOL
    I had a NES, and we have a SNES still working in my son’s room. Most of the people in my area got the Wii…. I never really liked it much. I’m not really up on all the new games, and hardware, but my kid has been begging for a “DS” since before his last birthday, so over a year now. This new 2DS, with a case… is just the fit we needed… I think it can hold up, and will be able to use DS and 3DS games, so he should be set for a while… Leapsters are now for out and about, leap pad goes to 3yr. old, and she can get a 2DS later… I like the pricepoint, construction, lack of 3d(unnecessary and possible problems), and that you can get NES games…. anyone say CONTRA??? LOL I am glad this model came out, we have a line on a DSi for cheap, but may get the 2DS, and the used DSi for the 3yr old(4 in Mar.)…for her B-Day… to be more like Bubba…LOL I’m glad this deal came up on the cheap used DSi, or I probably would have never even looked these things up….. Thanks for the writeup… Isaiah

    • Cahone

      Just stay away from Nintendo and get a Vita.

  • John egbert

    I like my 3DS never
    And my friends 2DS wont turn in and shes been charging it for days she just got it a week ago

  • John egbert


  • FukinLoosers

    you nintendo fanboys sure know how to goble on the shit nintendo trows at you and yet claim it tastes as sweet as pre-cum

    • Mike Zero

      English = You’re doing it wrong.

  • Mike Zero

    Nintendo is distancing itself from 3D? Is that why they just announced that they sold 16 million units in the past year alone, bringing the total up to 35 million? Along with this announcement came a very enthusiastic statement about how many more games are coming out in 2014. The ONLY reasons they released this watered-down version is that it is cheaper to produce and it prevents children from ever having access to the 3D option, and kids are definitely the target demographic for Nintendo’s handheld. The 2DS looks like a doorstop and my 3DSXL blows it out of the water hands down, no contest.

  • Bill

    Just got mine yesterday and love it. The no flip design brings me back to the old days of psp/GBA/GB. I got it because I didnt want the 3d function. It still plays all the games so Im happy.

  • Chris

    Some people argue that the 3DS looks like a childish toy, I disagree. But the 2DS ohh man, it looks like a failed tablet prototype made by a 5th grader. The screens are too small and its a fatty. What I would like to see from nintendo is a DS that features a ergonomic, fits in your had well portable game system. Think how well a console controller fits in your hand, why cant we have that. With the flat design my finger always feel out of place.

  • Sumo Sam Farn

    My kids have had a few different DS consoles over the years and the hinges have always been the reason for needing a replacement. The 2DS is perfect for my youngest daughter! Well done :D

  • TRJosiah

    then get a xl Dang it! it fixes all the problems you mentioned and has 3d, and is sturdier

    • Derek v

      The 3DS also feels crampy also has SEVERAL hinge breaking issues (hell just google for images) and only idiots buy stuff like this off of craigslist unless you want to deal with some lowlife EBT whoring rap blasting idiot in an old honda selling you a “”not stolen”” 3ds.

  • TRJosiah

    The helix fossil has spoken….

  • Guest

    3ds > 2ds

  • Gabe

    2DS is the same thing as a 3DS. “It doesn’t fold,” so what? It is even better when you can fold it, you could fit it in your pocket -_-. “No more 3D,” that’s even worse. Why waste your money on the same thing as a 3DS, but with a more stupid design. The biggest and most notable change is the name.

  • DerpyDave

    I think i gonna buy a 2DS. Because i don’t like 3D and the price is much lower. :)

  • Wallace Soo

    If you own a 3ds or dsi , you sure know the hinge really bring tons of problem to you , especially turn off when you open the screen over certain angle , that just simply make me sick……….I buy a 2ds which monospeaker which just same with smartphone really is great…2ds sound quality isn’t really worse , but stereo always better , however the 2ds is comfortable to use , high durability compare with 3ds , I would REALLY RECOMMEND 2DS TO YOU INSTEAD OF PROBLEMATIC 3DS…. (I do not own 3ds xl so I don’t know the 3ds xl has fixed the hinge/ribbon problem or not)

  • Mysterious Person

    Ya the 2DS has a “Brick like design” and has more “comfort” to adults, but they make the 3ds for kids so that the kids will beg their parents to get the a 3ds, and their parents will think the 2ds is less comfortable and looks stupid so they get them a 3ds which will cost they 100 more dollars so that’s why them made the 3ds the way it is. Also if your 3ds is cracked in the hinges that’s your fault not nentendo’s so be more careful and if you drop it and it breaks then it’s also your fault for dropping it.

  • Mysterious Person

    And the title “A 2DS actually has an advantage over the 3ds” can be changed to “over all the advantages that the 3DS has a 2DS has one”.

  • The Horror Enthusiast

    How exactly is this supposed to be a “hand-held portable great game system”? It most certainly won’t fit in your pocket, and people don’t usually like to carry big chunky systems in bags with them. Especially guys,