Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Release Date, Price Revealed

Earlier this morning, Game Freak announced that Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter, tools that allow you to store up to 3,000 Pokémon in a cloud and transfer all of your fifth generation Pokémon to the sixth generation, respectively. There will be a free trial period, but when that expires an annual fee will be required to access the Pokémon Bank. Game Freak has now divulged more information, including the release dates and pricing for some regions.

Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter will both be available in Japan on December 25 with an annual fee of ¥500. That’s about $5 or just under €4, although official prices have not been announced outside of Japan yet. These apps will be available in Europe on December 27, but the US release date has not yet been confirmed. The free trial lasts until January 31 in Japan, so you can probably expect a similar month long grace period in the West.

Source: Serebii

  • Ryan

    That’s all? if it costs about $5, I don’t see why everyone is getting so worked up about.

    • tkdkbw

      Because you will continuously have to pay for it.

      I understand it requires maintenance to make sure people don’t lose their pokemon, or to prevent hacked pokemon being transferred to the service, but there should be a way to have it be a program on the computer people can download and save pokemon to a hard drive or flash drive or something.

      to me it’s going to become “just another service you have to pay for”
      like XBL or PS+ (or whatever playstation’s is called)
      (I don’t have either)

      • Emmanuel Santos

        its weird to see Gamefreak make people pay for a game after they bought it OH WAIT

      • http://www.gengame.net/ Alex Plant

        It would take 4 years of service to reach the cost you could expect for a computer program (about $20), 8 years of service to reach the current cost of 3DS software ($40), and 24 years to reach the cost to transfer your Pokemon using current methods (the cost of a second system – 2DS).

        Cloud storage ain’t free.

        • tkdkbw

          the program thing was just an idea.
          small amounts of cloud storage can be free.

      • Ryan

        PS+ pays for itself in one month, the amount of free games you get on it far exceeds the price of the program.

        This is a very cheap program that lets you keep all your Pokemon safe and secure. They even said that it will be made to be compatible with future releases of the franchise so every Pokemon game ever released from now until the franchise is laid to rest will be able to use the service.

      • Cis

        So? It takes less than one hour of work at federal minimum wage to get a YEAR worth of a service hosted on someone else’s server. Are you really that cheap? I have to skip a meal every day because I’m so broke but even I wouldn’t mind dishing that out.

        • tkdkbw

          I never actually said I had a problem with paying.
          well… not directly.

          and what if I am that cheap?
          you don’t know anything about me.
          just saying.

          • mZuzek

            If you ARE that cheap, you shouldn’t even be buying a game in the first place.

            • tkdkbw

              Never said I was buying it,
              and Buying the game is a ONE TIME cost, even if it is paying 5 a year.

              I was making GENERAL statements, not saying what I would or wouldn’t do.

      • Curtis Jason Saunders

        So? Transfer all your gen 5 over and then cancel it. I dont see why you’d want it any more than a day. Use the free trial

        • Zombiera

          My thoughts exactly Lol Who really needs space for 3000+ pokemon???

          • Ryan

            Competitive players searching for that perfect Pokemon for tournaments, people who wanna catch em all, people who reset their game but want to keep the Pokemon they have, people who plan on playing new Pokemon games for many years to come.

          • Kevin

            It’s not the space that makes this look so appealing to me, it’s the fact that it will allow me to access any Pokemon in my collection from any future game without grabbing one of my other DS’s or dealing with trading.

            For example, have you ever heard of a Living Pokedex? When you collect one of each Pokemon and put them in National dex order (Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, etc…) Well, I completed it on my Pearl version (well, I’m still missing Deoxys and Darkrai, but other than that, it’s complete.)

            That’s nearly 500 Pokemon and, if I want access to them in any other game (including Gen V) I have to trade / transfer them all over. Do you have any idea how long that would take? Then, the little minigame of actually recatching them… it’d be a nightmare (and is also why I didn’t bother to do it, and haven’t worked on collecting Unova’s Pokemon).

            It also makes my Pearl cart completely useless because I have just over one box left for anything else I might need. I can’t restart it, or I’d loose too much progress, etc…

            This way, not only would a Living Pokedex not bog down one cart’s entire PC system (each generation’s PC is tailored to the number of available Pokemon species), but I could easily access it from any game down the road, never worrying about transferring them.

            • Julian Morales

              I will trade you a darkrai for a v-create rayquaza.

            • Zombiera

              You would lose progress on Pearl…..So you are saying that you still go back and do things on Pearl at a regular basis, and actually make progress in it?

              Also, A living Pokedex would just be a waste of space in your boxes, if you just kept transferring it again and again and again

              • Kevin

                That’s the point – a living Pokedex is a hassle to handle. It is a huge pain to transfer it between games, and so much time / effort goes into it that it makes it nearly impossible to restart your game without transferring it to another game.

                This is why Pokemon Bank is so awesome. It’s not tied to one game, so you’re free to restart your games without worry of transferring them all. Ever. It’s also useful in that it doesn’t take up precious box space.

                Also, as I pointed out, the living Pokedex on Pearl is complete. There is nothing else to do with it. Hell, to be honest, there’s nothing else to do in my Pearl version, unless I wanted to earn BP at the Battle Tower or something like that (which I don’t particularly want to do).

                I’m not “losing progress” because I will still have my living pokedex. Sure, my Pearl version won’t have access to it (or, really, any games that came out before X and Y), but why would they need to?

          • Joshua Edwards

            I DO! (Boxes upon boxes of shinies, compatition and event pokemon)

      • tkdkbw

        Please Realize what I said is just my opinion. I’m not saying it is in fact good or bad.

  • Snivy747

    I seriously don’t understand why every one is so mad. It’s $5 A YEAR! I’m sure your wallet will recover $5 in those 525,600 minutes space you have to pay for this service….

  • name

    just a question, I’m not really into dlc or anything that concerns paying extra to add a “new”feature or “new” content with a game, anyway, how long to these trial periods usually last? i want to transfer all my pokemon i saved up since gen 4 of which i transferred to my gen 5 games. that’s like my legacy you know :)

    • Erimgard

      The trial period last a month in Japan, so we can assume a similar time frame in the West.

      • name

        im actually from the philippines so, i don’t think that answer’s gonna cut it but thanks though :)

        • Erimgard

          Why not? Game Freak seems to be giving the same treatment to everyone with Pokemon X and Y. They’re trying to globalize the experience.

          • name

            You know,you’re right, I kinda overlooked that, thank you so much :D.

  • Safrole

    Just eat a sandwich instead of getting that combo from McDonalds one afternoon and your covered for a whole year.. if 5$ for a year of a convenient service is an issue then you don’t need to be buying 150$ hand held systems and 40$ games

    • Rose

      this post made me laugh my ass off xD

  • Guillermo Cervantes

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  • Rose

    this pisses me off to have to wait to play with my manaphy in 3d. wtf why not still have a system to let us trade over our Pokémon’s while they still release it after Christmas. I can see if it was one month but its basically at the end of a month into another year. wtf were they thinking! i’ll love to b*tch slap the person who came up with this waiting ideal. BYW its 5 bucks for a year. are you people seriously complaining!

    • Logan

      Game Freak almost wasn’t able to allow us to transfer our Pokemon from Gen V to Gen VI; the wireless mechanisms between the DS family and the 3DS family are too different. Additionally, they’re giving everyone a free month, presumably to allow those uninterested in paying for Pokemon Bank to still send their old Pokemon over to X and Y.

  • Darrin

    they said no pokemon in dlcs because they don’t want players to SPEND MONEY JUST FOR POKEMON but look at what pokebank is doing lol gamefreak saying absolutely no spending money for pokemon and lying about it

    • Logan

      To be fair, there is a one month free trial, so everyone will most definitely be able to send over their beloved Pokemon from Gen V onto Gen IV.
      And, for the common player, Pokemon Bank is absolutely unnecessary anyways; you can get by and enjoy your game just fine without it.
      For the “no pokemon in DLC” thing, I think they mostly meant that they do not want players to, for example, pay money for event Pokemon. And again, there’s the one month free trial, so paying the yearly fee is not necessary if you just want to send over your team.

      • EpicPokemonFan

        Well then would you give me 50-60 legendary pokemons i have, yes i play pokemon seen i was 7 now im 12

  • one pissed off player

    Imma murder pokemon CEO Tsunekaz Ishihara If it isn’t fixed by the end of today

    • Rose

      “1 month later”….lets just hope you didn’t go through with your plan xD