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Pokémon Bank Has a Free Trial Period

Game Freak has just announced that you’ll be able to transfer all of your Pokémon from the fifth generation to the sixth via the combination of Poké Transporter and Pokémon Bank, but seeing as Pokémon Bank requires an annual fee, some are worried that they’ll have to pay to play as their favorites from Black and White on X and Y.

Have no fear, Pokémon trainers! Game Freak has announced via a press release that there will be a free trial period for Pokémon Bank. If you decide you don’t want to keep the service (which lets you store up to 3,000 Pokémon), you can download the free trial, make the transfer, and let choose not to renew it afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    A free trial can only do so much. What if I want to transfer more Pokémon sometime down the line, and my free trial is gone? It’s stupid that I have to pay for a “service” that I’ve gotten for free over the years. Then again, that seems to be an ongoing trend in this industry during this past generation.

    • http://www.gengame.net/ Alex Plant

      It would take you at least 20 years of service fees to equal the amount of money it currently costs to transfer Pokemon – the cost of a second system.

      • George Costas

        they could make the transfer have worked like dream radar and b2w2

      • Anonymous

        because it’s impossible to link up with your friends (something Pokémon encourages), and help each other with the transferring, right?

        • mZuzek

          Pokémon encourages TRADING with friends, not transferring your own pokémon from your own game to your other own game. This just makes a trainer’s life MUCH easier. Plus, not everyone’s friends have Pokémon games.

        • Eric Deming

          All of my adult friends play pokemon, but we are each too embarrassed to admit it to each other.

          I can’t ask anyone to sit with me four 2 hours while I transfer my 3,000 pokemon 6 at a time.

          • Marcel Pérez

            you can transfer them by boxes tho

    • Caio

      They didn’t said that you can’t transfer Pokémon like you used to do. I believe that it’s just an option for those who, like me, don’t have more than one 3DS.

    • Eric Deming

      That “free” service of trading old pokemon to new game required 2 gameboys ($150)… which most people never had at all. They never had the chance to move their collection to the new games.
      The new system allows you to migrate your old team with 1 gameboy, because Nintendo shouldn’t expect us to have more than that.

  • Sabrina Nguyen

    I love the idea, but I don’t really like how we’d have to pay for the service to transfer Pokemon (If that’s how it works) after the trial is over, but at least it’s an annual price.
    It couldn’t possibly be too much so I guess it’s fine, in my opinion.

  • Yuhin Asadulhaq Yusoff

    only 5$

    • Andrew Winn

      and do you have a problem with it being $5

      • Kazuu

        No, he was making the point that it’s only $5

  • Zach

    Its 5$ a YEAR. Not a day, not weekly, not monthly! A Year. If you dont want to and have a friend sure. This is for people who dont have a friend or who want a readily accessible bank to transfer and store pokemon ( for collectors for sure).

  • DiabloStorm

    The problem is it starts with $5 and grows from there. Wanna go to other regions? Only $39.95! Buy the DLC now!
    Not to mention, what happens if you have pokemon in the bank and don’t want to pay, or you forget, or you can’t for some reason? They delete them? Sounds like holding the consumer’s pokemon hostage for ransom if you ask me.

    • Marcel Pérez

      dude calm the fuck down,

      the region DLC would be a remake first of all or buying the last games that are compatible with 3DS. because you can go to every region on a 3DS console
      Sinnoh, Johto-Kanto and Unova (and Hoenn wait for the inevitable remakes)

      and it’s one fucking year, and I SUPPOSE it would lock up like a PS+ game in a PS3

      But dude in case you forget.

      5$ a YEAR

      If you can purchase a 3DS and own a computer to type that message

      I think you can pay 5$

      • DiabloStorm

        “dude” shut the fuck up.

        It appears you completely missed the point of how this type of thing begins and ends. Spoiler: much more than just $5

        You have no idea how the market works or how this system will function
        since Gamefreak was pretty scant on details. You “SUPPOSE” it’ll lock up
        while they continue to incur storage costs? I SUPPOSE you’re an
        imbecile and you can shove your suppositions up your ass because nobody
        is going to be happy if their mons are deleted.

        I think you can blow me, “dude” the next step is charging more and then the idiots like
        you will just say “Well, it’s only $X more” then the price will continue
        to rise and you’ll say “Well, it’s only $X more”

        I won’t be one of the morons to encourage the beginning of this business practice, it’s a downward slope once it begins.

        The starting price doesn’t fucking matter, it’s the fact that there even is
        a recurring charge to begin with that’s the problem.
        Companies have to test the demographic waters to see how we all react to changes like these. If we allow it now, that’s a go ahead for them to make even bolder moves and charge even higher rates. I don’t like where this is
        headed and I don’t feel like seeing pokemon turn into a DLC trash heap.

        • Marcel Pérez

          Well, it’s the first time Nintendo has done something like this.

          This could be the sign of higher prices and abuse of the consumer in a very money-hungry way

          But at the same time, this is Nintendo were talking about

          Nintendo that released a DLC (NSLU) for $20.00 when it could’ve of EASILY sold it for 60$ like it’s counterpart.

          And in a more realistic side.

          Deal with it.

          Theres nothing you can do about it.

          They have to pay for the servers somehow.

          it doesn’t seem of “Nintendo nature” to do this it’s true.

          But don’t jump to conclusions that they’re going to raise the price and do a fucking monopoly on us and delete pokemon that aren’t paid for.

          This ain’t Microsoft bro

          • DiabloStorm

            As much as I like them, Nintendo is still a corporation. Just like every other corporation they run on money, and if they can use one of their biggest juggernauts (pokemon) as leverage to rake in more, you’d better accept that it’s a possibility.

            There’s plenty I can do about it, voicing my distaste in their decision is the first and most obvious thing anybody could do. I could just not pay for it. I’ll have to wait and see depending on the details they release later on regarding the games and the bank itself.
            It’s the customers that run their business, we can either make or break them based on their choices, so if it starts with $5 and gets worse later on, I won’t be part of the group with your mentality that killed it.

            • Marcel Pérez

              Well, from a technical stand-point 5$ a year for a few megabytes of storage is a little steep.

              But hey, waaay better than incomplete games like ACII that you had to buy the 2 DLC’s to complete the game

  • Snivy747

    This is going to be so helpful! I live in a place where everyone is either Xbox or PC and NOBODY likes Nintendo so i seriously had a hard time transferring my Pokemon over from Black to Black 2 and from Heart Gold to Black.

  • javvaj

    Cmon guys. The anuall fee is only five bucks a year -.-

  • Aaron Echos

    Can i use the free trail and then just never use it again?

    • http://kagaminelink.deviantart.com/ Ryu


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