Wii U Software Sales in UK Still Low, But Improving

Wii U sales have struggled globally, but they’ve been notoriously low in the UK. Wii U titles rarely crack the top ten for weekly software sales, and several retailers have stopped carrying the console. While an instant turnaround isn’t likely, sales data shows a notable improvement in July and August as compared to the previous two months.

Quality titles like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 have given the console a slight boost, and Rayman Legends (which launched at the very end of August and had its strongest sales on Wii U) and The Wind Waker HD could keep that rolling into September. Slowly but surely Wii U is starting to get on its feet.

software sales

As indicated by the chart above, Wii U software sales (while still quite low) have improved by a considerable amount over the early summer numbers. Can Nintendo build up an install base in time to compete with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this holiday season?

Source: NeoGAF via MyNintendoNews