Iwata: Wii U Games For Highly Skilled Users Coming Next Year

Wii U’s holiday lineup is notably geared more towards family audiences and younger players than older, more skilled gamers, and there has been no shortage of complaints about a lack of ‘mature’ (which does not have to mean rated M) games on the console. According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, this is all part of the plan, and we can expected games geared towards highly skilled players next year.

During a Q & A session with investors, Iwata explained that this year’s holiday lineup is more of a ‘family friendly’ package in order to set itself apart from the other next gen consoles and to attract Wii fans to Wii U. Games geared less towards families and kids and more towards veteran gamers are planned for next year, according to Iwata.

We have an offering of software for the end of this calendar year that encourages family fun at home. Nintendo is preparing a number of Wii U games for next year that greatly appeal to highly skilled users, but at the end of this calendar year, we have quite a few offerings that can be played by the whole family, dad and the kids, or grandparents and the kids. Other companies will launch new consoles (in the overseas markets at the end of this year), but I think they focus on targeting highly skilled users. Therefore, in that sense, though the competition will heat up because new game consoles will come out and there will be a “war of the game consoles” played out in media articles, we wonder if the target user will actually be the same.

The games available at the end of this calendar year, “Super Mario 3D World,” “Wii Party U,” “Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games,” “Wii Sports Club” and “Wii Fit U,” all lean more toward family use, and we are targeting those who bought Wii and would be interested in the Wii U offerings. That is slightly different than what other companies are aiming for. Thus, in the sense that we attract consumers interested in this category of video games, I think the launch of other video game systems is also good for us because they energize the video game industry as a whole.

We already know of a few titles, such as Bayonetta 2 and X (and possibly Smash Bros, depending on who you ask) that fall under this category of being for ‘highly skilled’ gamers, but we’re hoping to see many more announced in the future. What titles will sell you on Wii U in 2014?

Source: Nintendo Financial Report