Official VGX Announcement Released, Lineup Teased

The Spike TV Video Game Awards, recently renamed VGX, will take place on Saturday, December 7. Several companies have teased appearances, and we can expect plenty of new trailers and game announcements alongside the awards ceremony. The official VGX announcement has just been made, giving us a better look at what we can expect. You can catch all the information after the jump.

VGX Reveals First Wave of Exclusive Content to be Streamed During Live Multi-Platform Gaming Binge Focused on World Premieres and Breaking News
VGX, the inaugural all-day live multi-platform gaming event, revealed today that it will include a special one-night only performance of the music of Grand Theft Auto V, featuring a host of artists from the game’s soundtrack and score, and streamed on and across all screens and gaming devices worldwide.

VGX also announced that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be on hand along with an exclusive sneak peek of the highly anticipated game South Park: The Stick of Truth. Additionally, VGX unveiled its first wave of exclusive world premieres that will be debuted during the three-hour live stream on Saturday, December 7, beginning at 6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT.

The new VGX format dives deeper into the world of gaming and extends its coverage beyond awards presentations. Fans will have unprecedented access to the industry’s top developers and talent and more exclusive world premieres than ever including exclusive new looks at Titanfall, Quantum Break, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Broken Age, Dying Light, Tom Clancy’s The Division and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. VGX will also feature Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime presenting a new look at an upcoming Wii U game. Additional exclusives to be revealed shortly.

It’s worth noting that Nintendo has typically shied away from this awards show in the past, so whatever they have planned (doesn’t sound like a previously unannounced game, based on the language used) should be pretty important. Lots of AAA titles will be on display, but indie games like Broken Age will be making an appearance as well.

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  • nignacio

    “VGX will also feature Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime presenting a new look at an upcoming Wii U game.”

    • Julian Delarosa

      *rubs monkey paw*

      • CheeseLink302

        Hehe I applaud you for knowing what that story is.

    • Andrew C.

      as much as I would LOVE LOVE Zelda game. I am thinking this is something entirely new. A new franchise game that Nintendo has big BIG hopes for. BUT… I hope they also announce Zelda game as well lol

    • Cereal Bawks

      Or Monolith Soft’s X.

    • chris

      Or, hopefully not:

      “Nintendo’s very first “dudebro” game!!”

  • CheeseLink302

    Man, Nintendo sure loves to kill people by making them wait to see what they are showing.

    • chris

      I’ve lost many nights of sleep caused by anxiety thanks to Nintendo. I have no idea how I still look so young.

  • Eltanin

    I’m not a fan of Spike TV VGA. But nevertheless, all the publicity around it makes it a good spotlight for big announcements, and Nintendo sure as hell needs to step up Wii U advertising.

    They did mentioned a few months ago that the new Zelda game might be shown later this year (after the Wind Waker HD release) – so my hopes go for that. Or maybe a new Super Smash Bros trailer with a release date for the next year?

    • TJB3NC .

      If you watch Hulu at all you are bombarded by WiiU ads there.

  • Tensei

    Hmm the cynical side of me thinks Nintendo will just show more footage of Donkey Kong. But there is also the other part of me that still believes Nintendo knows how the pull the trigger and will show the new Zelda or atleast something to get people excited for the Wii U.

    But as everyone can probably guess…the cynical side of me is prevailing.

  • Elijah Boyd

    I really really really really really hope that it will be Zelda, but I doubt it. Maybe a new Mistwalker game or more SSB or X info(all of which is fine). But please, just don’t be DK. As much as I like that series, we don’t need another trailer unless it shows some new gameplay element

  • Robert

    “…new look at an upcoming Wii U game.”
    Based on the wording, it would indicate that it is a trailer of something we’ve already seen footage of. So I’m thinking maybe Donkey Kong, Mario Kart 8, or Smash Bros. If it was something we haven’t seen yet, it would have said something about it being a World Premiere video.

    • Shadao

      I believe it’s Monolith’s Project X. We have seen an E3 trailer of it, but we were told that X is not the official title and nothing was revealed about the story or setting of this game save for a few preview shots. As such, it is only game I could think of that could fit with “a new look at an upcoming Wii U game.” Not to mention that X fits well for an audience of VGX.

      • Robert

        It very well could be. I forgot that we did see an E3 trailer on that, but that’s all we really got.

      • Akai

        could also be shin megami tensei x fire emblem

    • mr magic mike


      I am definitely not getting my hopes up… I am thinking Donkey Kong. Smash Bros would have Sakurai making the announcement, not Reggie.

  • mr magic mike

    *looks at the comments… sighs… takes a deep breath*

    Only the bravest, and boldest, will expect anything other than Donkey Kong, Yarn Yoshi or Mario Kart. Hell, even the wording emphasizes something that we have already seen.

    More importantly, this is Reggie’s announcement! If it were Zelda, then Aonuma would be presenting. If it were Smash Bros., then Sakurai. If X, a Monolith Soft rep. If Bayonetta 2, a Platinum Games rep.

    Grab a banana and get your body ready for some Donkey Kong.

    • chris

      I doubt he would go to the biggest, albeit not well respected(at least by me), event for games on TV to show something old when Wii U needs something new is a bit of a stretch.

    • Andy24

      It’s the ‘bro game show’ I doubt nintendo would go with a platformer, then again is nintendo you never know with them

  • Edgarska

    Plot Twist: They announce a new Retro Metroid game, fanbase implodes, they can’t restock Wii U fast enough.

    • chris

      **pulls cloth cover off of Retro shrine and prays

    • Andy24

      No, just a cool metroid game. I know Retro metroid games get a lot of praise and I can see why, but I get bored with them. I prefer the more action driven old school metroid titles.

  • RockyAlboa

    These will very likely be the announcements based recent leaks and hints, don’t get your hopes up folks.

    -Mii as playable character in SSBU
    -Cranky Kong as playable character in DKTF

  • Andy24

    Even though, the VGA is the embodiment of what’s wrong with the industry, I’m happy nintendo is going to announce something. I would LOVE if they announce a new Metroid game or a new IP, but let’s be realistic, that’s not going to happen. Metroid doesn’t sell well for whatever reason (buy more metroid games people they’re amazing). Probably, they’ll talk about the new zelda game, Smash, X or Bayonetta 2. I’m leaning more towards the new zelda or smash, though.

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