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Wii U Sales Now Ahead of PS3, Vita in Japan During the Same Time Period

Wii U’s slow start has been well documented across the gaming world. Numerous game delays and a higher than normal (by Nintendo standards) price point saw the console pulling in Gamecube numbers or worse for months. However, the console has slowly gained some traction in Japan and is currently making a strong holiday push. Media Create tracks sales in Japan every week, and comparison shows that Wii U is now selling at a faster pace than PlayStation 3.

A relatively fair comparison can be made between the sales of PlayStation 3, Vita, and Wii U, as they all launched within a week of each other in different years. If you chart their respective numbers through 52 weeks, or one year’s worth of time, you get these results:

PS3 – 1,273,555
Wii U – 1,219,474
PSV – 1,074,621

However, if you’ve been following our sales updates, you know that Wii U is having a pretty strong second holiday season. Its November and December sales numbers are higher than either PlayStation 3 or Vita during the same span. Thus, if you compare the numbers as they currently sit (at 54 weeks), you get this result:

Wii U – 1,343,139
PS3 – 1,341,304
PSV – 1,110,333

Wii U still has a long way to go before it’s commonplace in Japan, but it’s not all doom and gloom for the young Nintendo console. The real struggle will be pushing into the American and European markets, where the Wii U has yet to establish a strong footing and now has to compete with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: NeoGAF via Nintendo Enthusiast