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Grezzo Hiring To Make A ‘Legend,’ Could Be Majora’s Mask 3D

Update: GenGAME’s Alex Plant can confirm that the Japanese text in the headline is in fact recruiting to make a ‘legend.’ The text below the headline talks about the past work that Grezzo has done on 3DS (including Ocarina of Time 3D), so they are very likely recruiting for a 3DS game.

Grezzo, the company that developed Ocarina of Time 3D and Four Swords Anniversary Edition, has just posted a listing for job openings. Interestingly, the job listing page itself is quite short and brief, with a prompt to click a link for more details. This takes you to a second, more stylized page with a headline that reportedly reads (we’ll update with the full translation from Japanese as soon as possible) “Would you like to make a legend with us?” The word ‘legend’ is highlighted by a golden glow. Aside from two Zelda titles, Grezzo has only worked on a WiiWare game and the Street Pass title Flower Town. Could Majora’s Mask 3D be the next adventure they tackle?

Source: GoNintendo