Dark Souls 2 Coming to PS4/Xbox One According to Tesco.com

A listing has appeared on Tesco.com for a ‘next-gen’ version of Dark Souls 2. Originally launching in March 2014, the game only appeared on PS3, Xbox 360 and later, PC. With the amount of re-releases of past generation games coming to the new systems, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us, Metro are just a few examples of games that have received the upgrade.

Dark Souls 2 was very well received, and seeing that it was released 4 months into the new console generation, there were many complaints that it was on last-gen systems only. The price is set at £55 for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions, a standard price for games in the UK. The release date is currently 31/12/2014, a common placeholder date, meaning the likeliness of this being the actual date is low. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor had the same placeholder date when it was first revealed, but has since moved forward to October, meaning Dark Souls 2, if it’s real, could still be released this year.

XBO dar soulss

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Source: Tesco.com

  • Electic

    Pretty sure this has been listed there since august last year. Nearly forgot about that and got my hopes up for a sec when I saw this article.

  • Machtkampf

    Come to Wii U and then it will matter.

    • Igor Almeida

      why?so they have to downgrade the game even more? xD

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  • *Travis*

    Awesome!! bring over more games I want them all… I’m kinda done playing on last gen consoles so the more games we take from last gen the better IMO

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheGamingAlcoholic The Pilfering Vulture

    Even games I’ve enjoyed are not safe from the venom I harbor for this tiresome trend called Generation Rehash. This idiocy needs to stop immediately.

    • https://twitter.com/Rikuson1 Rikuson Rozan

      I gave up not playing it on last gen consoles to have the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite franchises The Soul series on new gen consoles. I don’t think it’s idiocy if you haven’t played the game already, it’s only if you have.

      • https://www.facebook.com/TheGamingAlcoholic The Gaming Alcoholic

        I can’t dispute that, and it goes without saying that the 360 version of Dark Souls 2 was lacking in the flair department. It’s just an irritating trend, and shows how little faith a lot of developers had starting out in this generation of consoles (Xbox One, PS4), when the majority of what is coming out is either multi-platforms or last-gen redux titles.

        I’ll admit, if FROM Software announced a new version of Chromehounds with the multiplayer intact? I’d never voice another ill word. Until that time..

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