Nordic Games Talks about the Future of Darksiders and Red Faction

At E3 a few weeks back I got the opportunity to speak with Reinhard Pollice, the product development director over at Nordic Games, to talk about the Darksiders and Red Faction franchises. Pollice was able to confirm that Nordic Games is in fact exploring new ideas for sequels in both franchises, even indicating that Darksiders III is a bit further along in the process than a new Red Faction.

We also touched on the early development process, including what game mechanics could possibly be included, as well as what involvement some of the original developers of the Darksiders team would have on the game. Go ahead and make the jump to check out our full interview.

Mases Hagopian: Two months ago you guys released the new Darksiders collection bundle. Has there been any new developments with where you are going with the series. Are you guys looking for a partner?

Reinhard Pollice: We’re right now at the stage where we are looking at all possible design directions for the Darksiders franchise. I think the Darksiders franchise is well lined out, in terms of what gameplay mechanics worked out really well. Darksiders I and II teased certain things and obviously we don’t want to disappoint people. So we really want to sit back a bit, take a look at what possible angles we can take for the next Darksiders game, and also work with the right people on that.

Mases: Are you guys still in contact with Joe Madureira, David Adams, and some of the guys that have moved on to Crytek USA?

Pollice: They still love Darksiders. I don’t know if they will tell it publicly, but they do. We are talking to those guys, but that’s all I want to say right now.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: It has been clarified that Nordic Games is in touch with team members that worked on Darksiders and not necessarily Joe Madureira and David Adams]

Mases: Do they have any input on it? Their long term plans, is that something you are encompassing?

Pollice: Actually, the thing is, they never had a fully lined out plan, it was just ideas. They tried to incorporate them into Darksiders I and II, but it was never fixed that they have to go that route. There was never really a concept for Darksiders III, in terms of gameplay. They are all pretty open to what it can be. I think there are multiple angles that are good, and obviously we want to find the right one where everybody is pleased.

I’m a fan of the series myself, so I picked it up in 2010. I didn’t hear too much about the game before a friend of mine told me I should pick it up. The game was awesome, it was exactly what I was looking for. I was also a big Zelda fan at the time and it has those certain gameplay mechanics… and I’m still a big Zelda fan… and by the way, the Zelda announcement they did, it just blew my mind. I’ll just get off the show, buy a Wii U, and wait for Zelda.

Mases: I know that David Adams had hinted at one of his endgame goals was to do a Fury, Strife, War, and Death in one game – Is that a vision you share at Nordic?

Pollice: I’m not saying that we should do it, but it is one possibility. I honestly would love it, but I think it shouldn’t be a fixed four-player thing, it also needs a good single player. A lot of Darksiders fans want to have a single player experience as well.

Mases: Is there anything we can look forward too? Are you close to any sort of announcement?

Pollice: Definitely don’t pull it off the radar. Just watch out. Check out what we’re announcing. There will be a future for Darksiders. There has to be a future for Darksiders…

Mases: There has to be a future for Darksiders.

Pollice: …and it will be awesome. Darksiders is always awesome and it will continue to be awesome. It’s a rule. That’s like a rule. In the rules of the world, it is written, Darksiders must be be awesome, or is awesome.

Mases: Can you comment at all with Red Faction. Is there any plans with that series?

Pollice: A couple of months ago we were playing with the idea of doing a Red Faction Guerilla 2. We are not… open world kind of our thing with a lot of destruction going on. I think we have also some ideas on how to draft it further. We are not there to announce something about that as well. We are at a similar phase as with Darksiders, but probably a bit behind compared to Darksiders. I wouldn’t say it’s not happening… it could happen quite fast.

For Red Faction, the whole series has undergone many changes. Part I and II were very… level geometry, deformation, and destruction… Red Faction Guerrilla and Armageddon were mainly just about destroying objects that were not too key for gameplay. I think there needs to be a way to combine those two angles and takes on Red Faction.

The problem also is there are a lot of shooters out there. It’s a very crowded market space, but I still believe that a Red Faction will have a big impact.

Mases: I know you guys are predominantly, or exclusively a publisher.

Pollice: That’s not true. We also have internal development teams and studios. We actually see ourselves not entirely as a publisher, we see ourselves more as a production company that has publishing and distribution. We never want to be dependent on a third party partner. We always want to be able to bring it down to street ourselves if we have to, and we will continue to do it for certain things. But we want to go more in the direction of… we are producing content and we can pull a lot of things off on our own.

Mases: With Red Faction or Darksiders, have you guys thought about internalizing the development, or are you looking for an external partner?

Pollice: All things are possible.

Mases: Thanks for taking a few minutes to talk with us.

Pollice: No problem.

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  • http://www.gengame.net/ Guesty Pooh!

    Awesome news, Darksiders 2 on Wii U is excellent, really enjoyable.
    Good to see the franchise is alive and kicking!

  • sayed hasib salman

    Darksider 3… At last… I will get a epic game… It will be better if they turn back the story before apoclypse.. Story of Grand Abomination

  • issacasimov

    Wow. Could you use a LESS visible colour for the text against the background?

    • http://www.zeldadungeon.net/ Mases Hagopian

      Fixed… bad default quote setting. Will be changing that. Thanks for the input.

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  • Sho Ryu

    I love the Darksiders series and can’t wait for a 3rd install. They should include furry and strife in the same game though. Like a dual action support each other type deal like Army of 2 on steroids.

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  • stuart carter

    I am a fan of the darksiders series but is darksiders 3 and 4 coming out on the PS3 or am I going to have get a PS4 because I think that would wrong to take it away from the PS3 because the others are on that console

    • Abstergo Industries

      PC master race, lol

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  • Cam Katarn

    Please, please, please, please make Darksiders 3 happen!!!

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  • James Bunn

    This interview is well timed considering most of Vigil went to Crytek who is now on the verge of collapse. Perhaps Vigil can be reestablished under Nordic?

  • Orhan61

    O my god. I wait since 1000000 years darksiders 3 pls release it plssss i cant wait. …..

  • Hans Adriaenssens

    Hey nordic i am a huge fan of the darksiders serie’s!
    I have a few suggestions if you like to consider for the follow ups if you continue the series.

    There have to be at least 2 more games, it will alway’s be the 4 horse men! Maybe a fifth game with the four horsemen werhe you can choose from would be very nice.
    1: i would like more blood in the game when you hack and slach in to enemy’s just to keep the game even more dark, don’t lose the darkside off the game
    2: like the first 2 darksiders you can finish every enemy off on his own way with the circle or b buton and a special finich when your the special form with chaos meter
    3: deads chaos form is super awesome i hope you can pull it of to make it that nice for the next 2 games
    4: a co op story and online co op sounds super nice
    5: the weapons off the first 2 games plus upgrades from the first darksiders and new collection of weapons must be cool also the power ups, like to summon gouls of darksiders 2 must be kept
    6: the worlds and suroundings are in both games awesome
    7: end offcorse i liked the horses alloth with their special collors end their ability to run that fast
    8: the music of the game must be more like in the game splatterhouse
    9: dey all need wings like war even dead

    Mutch appreciated if you read my suggestions,

    Friendly greatings from 1 off the dirksiders fans

  • Cesar Augusto

    personaly, I think Darksiders III should focus on Strife or Fury alone, with a bonus gameplay of War and Death similar to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days: You complete the main game, and later, you can replay some closed stages as other character. Nad if they manage to make it a sucess, we can have a Darsiders IV with the option of 4 players co-op.