This is GenGAME, a new concept which turns the common conception of a gaming publication on it’s head. Colorful commentary, honest insight, and live gameplay combine to form the most fundamentally awesome gaming site ever seen on the internet.


GenGAME finds news and content from a wide variety of sources–some of which do not wish to be named. Our policy is to honor such requests and keep these sources anonymous without exception. Please note that that we do not provide compensation for tips.


GenGAME.net is represented by a 3rd party advertising agency, Podcast and show sponsorship is available. For inquiries on sponsoring the podcast or a GenGAME network show, please contact Trevor (at) GenGAME (dot) net

Investing / Stocks

All GenGAME staff is barred from investing directly within the interactive entertainment sector and companies that directly surround it.

Personal Conduct

Any member of GenGAME acting as a representative will act in a courteous and professional manner at all times.


Speaking of free stuff, any giveaway or contest will contain a list of specific requirements for entrants.  Giveaways do not represent an endorsement from GenGAME.

Editorial Opinions

All opinion articles are the sole opinion of the author and do not represent the opinion of GenGAME as a whole.


As of this time, all review copies of games are purchased by editors on launch day or soon after. If a copy was provided for us for the purposes of review it will be disclosed at the bottom of the review with console information. It is our hope to provide reviews that come from a true gamer’s point of view, which sometimes has to deal with the price vs value ratio. Scores are based on a 1-10 scale, where a 10 is a perfect game, and a 1 impresses us that it made it past quality control.

Meet The Team

GenGAME staff typically wear multiple hats (often at the same time) but below is their primary hat.

Executive Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Alex Plant@LegendofLex
Managing Editor:
Trevor Magnani@themags
Senior Editor: Kevin O’Rourke – @Shabazzle
Senior Editor: 
George Pekar@GeorgePekar 

News Editors

Ben Lamoreux
Joel Palermo — @JoelPal24

News Writers

Benny Girard
Reuben Horst
Aaron Ludington
Breana Melvin
Mel DeBottis


Matt Krebaum

GenGAME Live

Trevor Magnani
Denise Chu
Aaron Ludington
George Pekar
Benny Girard

Founding Members of GenGAME

Trevor Magnani: Founding Editor-in-Chief / Publisher
Kyle “Rigs” Wrigley: Technical Director
Joe Conkling: Founding Editor
Kevin O’Rourke: Founding Editor
Brad Vanderhoef: Founding Author

Site Change Log:

Current version: 3.5.5 (12/11/2012)
fixes: fixed YouTube embeds

Version 3.5.4
Changes: Introduced the Nintendo Hub page

Version 3.5.0
introduced 5 panel feature area
Version 3.0.1 (7/16/2012)