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GenGAMEcast 063 for January 22, 2015

This week on the GenGAMEcast Trevor is joined by co-host George Pekar and resident eSports aficionado Sam Korn to tackle the week in gaming news. Microsoft took the stage this week and showed us a world of holograms…and Windows 10. This Week’s intro song can be found here and our outro song here. Jump past… Read more »


GenGAMEcast 062 for January 15, 2015

This week on the GenGAMEcast we have a full house as Joe Conkling unexpectedly drops in to create the “Pentacast” with Sam Korn, Benny Girard, George Pekar and Trevor Magnani. Nintendo went ahead and laid out their spring lineup, the panel discusses their favorite parts of the event. Twitch showcases a library of music that… Read more »


GenGAME eSports Update: 7/4/2014

eSports has grown exponentially over the course of the past 4 years–particularly in the United States. Between large games like League of Legends creating professional leagues, to Blizzard creating a year-round league to support Starcraft 2. CounterStrike has never been more popular, with the move to Global Offensive and DOTA 2 seemingly can’t stop breaking… Read more »


Welcome To GenGAME 4.0

Welcome to the latest and greatest update to GenGAME! This update has been in the works for over a year now, and we are really happy to finally unveil it to our readers. Our goals with the latest update are to increase speed, readability, and improve mobile browsing. In the coming days we will be… Read more »


Community Game Night #2: League of Legends Edition

Calling all summoners! CGN is back, this time with Riot’s free to play MOBA, League of Legends. Join us on Twitch at 10PM Eastern (7 Pacific) for a night full of games! Join GenGAME staff Sam and Trevor in game by listening out for the game names and passwords! That’s it! We’re done for this… Read more »


Tonight At 10pm ET: Mario Kart 7 Community Night

It’s time to pull out your 3DS and Mario Kart 7 because tonight at 10PM we will be playing Mario Kart 7 with viewers. Join us on Twitch at 10PM Eastern (7PM Pacific) if you can’t participate to keep an eye on the action. We will be streaming direct footage from our 3DS in studio…. Read more »


Bungie Premieres Destiny In-Game Footage

Bungie took the stage at PlayStation’s Media briefing to show–for the first time, in game footage for their new game: Destiny. Destiny focuses on group-based gameplay and during their demo they showed off how public events play out. Public events dynamically join your group with others to take down even more intense foes. We also… Read more »


GenGAMEcast 055: We Have The Xbox One

Oh, it’s back – and George and Kevin brought a gift for Trevor. In this week’s show, Xbox One design talk combines with the recently-announced Nintendo-Sega partnership and a discussion on what we want to see in the next Super Smash Bros game. We will be recording our weekly shows at 7:45pm Eastern / 4:45pm… Read more »


GenGAMEcast 052: Nintendo’s Wii U Solution

It’s that time again where we sit down, and try and make sense of this week in gaming news. Join Trevor, George and Aaron Ludington as they take on this week in gaming news. On tonight’s show we will be discussing the Adam Orth situation, EA and their recently retained title, Nintendo’s 3rd party lineup,… Read more »


GenGAMEcast 050: ‘StupidStupidStupid’

This week on the GenGAMEcast we bring Brad Vanderhoef down to celebrate 50 wonderfully awesome episodes of the GenGAME cast. In addition to a bunch of screenshots releasing for Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5, we dissect the recently announced additional features of the PlayStation 4, and we count down Kevin’s top 10 RPG… Read more »