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New Fatal Frame Title Announced for Wii U

Fatal Frame has always been about pointing stuff around, so it’s no surprise that the franchise has found its home on Nintendo platforms since the launch of Wii and Nintendo 3DS, both of which use motion-controlled pointing options. The last game in the franchise, Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, played like an AR game, leading… Read more »


Xbox One Will Launch September 4 in Japan

Last year, prior to the Xbox One holiday launch period, Microsoft announced that their latest home console wouldn’t arrive in Japan during the first wave of launches – instead, we should expect it later on, in 2014. Given the relative unpopularity of the Xbox brand in Japan, the decision wasn’t terribly surprising. However, 2014 has… Read more »


Nintendo DS Virtual Console Coming to Wii U

One of the stranger announcements out of today’s Nintendo investors’ meeting was that a Nintendo DS Virtual Console service is being planned for Wii U. This will enable Wii U owners to play DS software using the Wii U GamePad. The official mock-up image (click through to the full article to see) displays a screenshot… Read more »


GenGAME Daily 004: What About the Gamers?

While the Game Industry is busy arguing about whether Xbox One or PS4 is better, or whether Nintendo will get out of the hardware business, or whether Michael Pachter might decide to one day look outside and say that yes, the sky is in fact blue, basically everyone seems to have been ignoring the real… Read more »


EU Court Judges That Jailbreaking Video Game Systems is Legal

Nintendo’s been a big opponent of mods and homebrew hardware for as long as they’ve been in business. While of course the company has a vested interest in preventing circumvention of their copy protection measures to avoid piracy, they’ve always taken the stance that any and all mods are (or should be) illegal. Turns out… Read more »


Infamous: Second Son Has Reached Critical Mass

Infamous: Second Son has really evolved since its initial showing at PlayStation 2013. For many, it’ll be the first big Sony-developed title they play on their PlayStation 4 – so far, the biggest sellers have been the Usual Suspects, the Call of Dutys, the Battlefields, and the Assassin’s Creeds. The latest trailer is out to… Read more »


GenGAME Daily 003: Nintendo’s Biggest Problem is Software

It’s not looking good for Nintendo. Those nine million Wii U sales they hoped to scoop up this year were always out-of-reach, but they’ve finally had to come out and make it official: they’re not even close. And that 100 billion yen operating profit Mr. Iwata promised last year? Yeah, that’s not happening either. Like… Read more »


GenGAME Daily 002: Software Drives Hardware

Rule #1 of a successful console company: your business must be profitable. Simple, right? Rule #2 is similarly simple: your software must drive hardware sales. You can have the best, most powerful console with the best game library, but none of that inevitably matters if the software doesn’t drive people to actually pick up and… Read more »


GenGAME Daily 001: Profitability Matters

It’s become kind of an industry tradition to call for Nintendo to go third-party and bring their games to other platforms. Lately, with the gross mishandling of Wii U, those calls have become much louder. It’s gotten so bad, people are starting to read everything as having to do with Nintendo eventually taking their games… Read more »