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2013: The Year of the 3DS

By Bre Melvin, December 31, 2013 11

Well, it’s December 31st. It’s that time of the year again where everyone feels the need to reflect on the past three hundred and sixty five days, and I might as well follow suit. However, instead of looking back at the whole of video games for the past year, or even this site’s history, I’m going to babble on about something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: 2013 was the year the Nintendo 3DS became my favorite gaming console.
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Countdown to A Link Between Worlds With A Link to the Past: Part Two

By Bre Melvin, November 21, 2013 3

UPDATE: The stream has now ended.

With The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow, we here at GenGame will picking up where we left off in our countdown for the new title with part two of our special streaming event in which we play through The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Read More


Countdown to A Link Between Worlds With A Link to the Past

By Bre Melvin, November 10, 2013 14

UPDATE: The stream is now over, but we didn’t finish the game. Stay tuned for a part two announcement closer to the release of A Link Between Worlds.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will soon be released for the Nintendo 3DS. As part of a countdown for the new title we here at GenGame will be hosting a special streaming event in which we play through of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Read More


First Look at Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind

By Bre Melvin, September 24, 2013 10

I’m a big fan of both the Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan as it’s known in English) manga and anime series, and I am eagerly anticipating what will be the first of many full-fledged video games based on the franchise: Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind.

Over the past week, we received our first look at the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title in the form of a few screenshots and a short teaser trailer.

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Final Hours of Edo Superstar Kickstarter Campaign

By Bre Melvin, September 4, 2013 2

As of posting this, there are only twelve more hours remaining before the close of the Kickstarter campaign for Edo Superstar.

For those not familiar with the project, it is a fighting RPG video game in the style of traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e, and is being developed by Jed Henry, who is well-known for his Ukiyo-e woodblock depictions of nostalgic video games (namely Nintendo titles).
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The Trouble With MMOs: Escaping the Bounds of Pre-Established Conventions

By Bre Melvin, July 18, 2013 10

Too often have I been tempted by the allure of a cinematic trailer for a game, and this is especially true for fantasy MMORPGs since these trailers are essentially high-end eye-candy. But let’s face it, while they’re fun for everyone and especially rewarding for pre-exisiting fans of the game, they are unrepresentative of the gameplay (or even the cutscenes in many cases), since these cinematics feel more like movies than dungeon crawlers.

For me personally, the problem is that when I see these cinematics without any knowledge of the gameplay, I start to imagine what type of game I’d like these trailers to represent solely based on the presented visuals, and these types games more often than not simply do not exist. The end conclusion is that when these MMOs are finally released, despite my interest in their aesthetics, I have no interest in the actual games. However, it’s rare that these desired aesthetics ever crop up anywhere beyond the MMORPG sphere. There is a big a glaring reason for this, and it’s one the game industry as a whole needs to move beyond.

The trouble begins with our definition of MMOs and MMORPGs.
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Eiji Aonuma: Why Wind Waker HD, Zelda Wii U, and Zelda As a Playable Character

By Bre Melvin, June 13, 2013 19

Nintendo has received a lot of criticism as of late, especially in light of their performance this week at E3. Of particular note, many are wary over the fact that the next two Zelda titles for the Wii U and 3DS are both essentially recycled ideas, with The Wind Waker HD being a remake and A Link Between Worlds recycling much of A Link to the Past. Not to mention that the previously released Zelda title was a remake of Ocarina of Time.

Many have theorized that this move has been to compensate for a lack luster first-part 2013 line-up and to essentially stall while the company spends more time developing their new titles. However, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma says the strategy has been for an entirely different reason.

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Blacklight Retribution E3 Trailer

By Bre Melvin, June 12, 2013 0

Sony has released a new trailer for the PS4 version of Zombie Studio’s Blacklight Retribution. The title has already been available as a free-to-play shooter for the PC since last year, but it was announced back in March that the game would be available on the PS4 as a console exclusive later this year.

This E3 trailer showcases the game’s characters, weapons, and combat types. Click below to check it out.
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Wind Waker Vs Wind Waker HD: The Comparison Video

By Bre Melvin, June 12, 2013 16

Since Nintendo revealed The Wind Waker HD trailer yesterday, we all knew it was only be a matter of time before someone posted a comparison video between the footage in the revamped version of the game and the original. That time has now come.

Click below for the video.

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Developer Direct: Pikmin 3

By Bre Melvin, June 11, 2013 3

Nintendo has released several videos from their earlier Developer Direct today that highlight the gameplay aspects of their upcoming titles. This next video features Shigeru Miyamoto discussing Pikmin 3 for the Wii U.

In the segment Miyamoto reveals that the time limit that plays a large role in the first two Pikmin games is no more. Instead, a player can now spend as many days as they like completing their rocket, allowing them to try to shorten the number of days it takes them to beat the game or go at a more leisurely pace. All this and much more (including in-game map and boss details) after the jump.

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Mario Kart 8 Screenshots

By Bre Melvin, June 11, 2013 5

In addition to the trailer earlier this morning, Nintendo has released a batch of new screenshots and promotional images for the upcoming Wii U title, Mario Kart 8.

Click below for the images.

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Developer Direct: Wind Waker HD

By Bre Melvin, June 11, 2013 6

As part of Nintendo’s Wii U Developer Direct, a new video focusing on the HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has surfaced online. In this new video, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma discusses some of the new features in the Wii U version of the game while demonstrating some gameplay elements on the GamePad.

Among the discussed features are faster sailing speed, lighting changes, using the stylus to play the Wind Waker instrument, and more.

Jump inside to watch the video.
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