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Hyrule Warriors: Link Demolishes With the Ball and Chain in New Trailer

A new trailer has been uploaded for Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s soon-to-be-released crossover title, Hyrule Warriors. Like previous trailers, this new footage focuses on a character and their utilized movesets while having a specific weapon equipped; in this case, it’s all about Link and the Ball and Chain, which is combined with the Ocarina of Time‘s… Read more »


Hyrule Warriors: Zelda Dons the Wind Waker

Last week we learned that Queen Zelda will be able to fight enemies using the Wind Waker as a weapon in Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s upcoming crossover title, Hyrule Warriors. Tonight a new gameplay trailer has been uploaded, which highlights Zelda’s moveset when equipped with the Wind Waker in the game.


Sakurai Further Details Robin’s Smash Abilities

Fans of the Nintendo 3DS title, Fire Emblem: Awakening, were well pleased during the latest character trailer for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U. In addition fan-favorite Lucina, Robin, the avatar character in Fire Emblem: Awakening, was unexpectedly revealed as a playable character for the game. Based on the trailer alone,… Read more »


Sakurai Details Differences Between Marth and Lucina in Smash

Following yesterday’s announcement that Fire Emblem Awakening‘s Lucina will be joining the fight in Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U, Masahiro Sakurai, the game’s lead developer, has since updated his Miiverse with an explanation on the differences between Lucina and Marth as playable characters.


GameXplain: Hyrule Warriors Analysis

Since E3 2014 back in June, we’ve been absolutely showered with news for Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s upcoming crossover title, Hyrule Warriors. In case you’ve fallen behind on the news or simply have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it, the folks over at GameXplain have put together a handy video in which they analyze all of… Read more »


Hyrule Warriors: Fi Character Trailer

A new trailer has been uploaded for Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s crossover title Hyrule Warriors. As expected, the new trailer focuses on the most recently announced playable character, Fi from Skyward Sword, and her moveset, which utilizes her dance moves, Hylian icongraphy, and the fact that she is a sword.


Have Some High-Res Hyrule Warriors Promotional Art

Can’t get enough Hyrule Warriors hype? If you’re interested in staring at some of the fantastic character art that’s been coming from the Nintendo and Tecmo Koei crossover title, then search no more. We have a huge gallery of high-resolution promotional artwork from the game. Most of the art we’ve seen before, but never quite… Read more »


Ghirahim and More Confirmed for Hyrule Warriors

Yesterday, it was revealed that Skyward Sword‘s Fi would be an playable character in Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s crossover title Hyrule Warriors. At the time, it was also hinted that Ghirahim would make an appearance in the game, but it was until the now that were were able to confirm it. In addition to Ghirahim… Read more »


Famitsu Reveals Fi As Playable Character in Hyrule Warriors

It was hinted at the other day through the official Hyrule Warriors twitter account that Fi would be announced as playable character in the upcoming Wii U title. As of the today, the news as been made official, as Famitsu has posted a scan from their latest issue featuring screenshots of Fi in action.