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Episode 5

First Image for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5

It has been a long road since the first episode to Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us released back in October. For those that don’t know about the series, The Wolf Among Us is a prequel to the Fables comic book series and follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf as he tries to solve a grisly murder. It… Read more »


Mega Man 25th Anniversary Album Tracklist Revealed

As many of you know this year is Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary and although it doesn’t appear that we will receive anything from Capcom this year, several bands are coming together to create an album worthy of the Blue Bomber. These tracks come from several different bands that are all about the character and have… Read more »


Drakengard 3 Coming To North America Next Year

The PlayStation 2 had its fair share of exciting RPGs that many hold dear. Since then we’ve seen a major decline in the Japanese RPG genre and the successful rise of western RPGs. Square-Enix was one of the major companies that provided us with some of the games we loved the most and it would… Read more »


Dualshock 4 Compatible With PC

With the PlayStation 4 nearing its release, there are still many questions that people have about the system and what is to be expected of it at launch. Since their conference earlier this year, Sony has made a massive push to detail and provide us with answers to many of our questions. Some of these… Read more »


Shadow Of The Colossus Free For PlayStation Plus

I’m sure there are many of you that recognize video games as an art form. Over the years there has been a massive debate about this topic and it has been met with much criticism. Two games that are often brought up in these discussions are Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Both were released… Read more »


Dark Souls II Beta Distributed At 11 AM Pacific Today

Dark Souls has left quite the impact within the industry. Being the spiritual successor to the PlayStation 3 exclusive Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls has garnered a cult following for its challenging gameplay and unique mechanics. The series has been successful enough to garner a sequel to it and Namco Bandai wants to push out a… Read more »


Injustice Ultimate Edition Coming Soon

I’m no stranger to the Mortal Kombat series and the creators behind it. Growing up during the series prime allowed me to experience not only its best and worst, but Midway’s finest as well. That being said, Midway has been no more for some time now and Warner Bros has picked up some of its… Read more »


Second Video To Frictional Game’s New Title

The developers behind Amnesia: the Dark Descent have been working on a new game and have slowly been teasing us with what its about. Last week Frictional Games opened up a site called SOMA that was filled with nothing but lines of code and cryptic messages. A few days after opening the site, a video… Read more »


Battlefield 4 Beta Is Live

With the next generation of systems upon us, many people are looking to get their hands on the new games as soon as possible. Battlefield is a series that has been known to push the boundaries on military shooters and is the major contender against Call of Duty. With Battlefield 3, EA and Dice hoped… Read more »


Team Behind Amnesia Teases New Game

Survival Horror is a genre that had seen quite the decline in recent years on the retail market, but indie developers have been hard at work at making sure every person’s nightmares are riddled with their creations. Frictional Games is the team behind Amnesia: the Dark Descent and publisher of the sequel, Amnesia: A Machine… Read more »