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New Club Nintendo Awards Available Today

For all you Club Nintendo members, the rewards for July were just announced. Time to spend those coins you’ve been hoarding! While a couple games might be repeats, they’re worth your time if you missed them the first go-around. Hit the jump for a rundown of what games you can nab.

Things Gamers Hate Multiplayer

Things Gamers Hate: Tacked-On Multiplayer

A few weeks a go, we talked about DLC and some of the negative effects it has had on the video game industry. This time around, we’ll be talking about the concept of “tacked-on” multiplayer in gaming because, to be honest, there are times when multiplayer just doesn’t belong in a video game. It’s not… Read more »


Nintendo Wins DS Patent Lawsuit

Back in 2009, Wall Wireless LLC – a Texas-based company – attempted to sue Nintendo over its patent of a certain wireless technology used in their Nintendo DS portable console. Fast forward to the present day, five years later, and a winner has been declared: Nintendo. The United States Patent and Trademark Office and the… Read more »

Things Gamers Hate DLC

Things Gamers Hate: DLC

No matter how many things there are to love about video games, there will always be certain traits that just plain piss us off as consumers or as fans of a certain franchise. In order to address those issues, I’ve decided to start a new series of articles that analyze some of the things we… Read more »


Nintendo DS Virtual Console Coming to Wii U

One of the stranger announcements out of today’s Nintendo investors’ meeting was that a Nintendo DS Virtual Console service is being planned for Wii U. This will enable Wii U owners to play DS software using the Wii U GamePad. The official mock-up image (click through to the full article to see) displays a screenshot… Read more »

Easy Fix for 3DS Code Redemption Issues

Nintendo’s recent surge in 3DS and 2DS sales over the holiday have caused a huge increase in traffic on the eShop, causing users to be prompted by error messages after trying to redeem codes. Fortunately, Nintendo has a solution for these mischievous error codes.

The Nintendo eShop Will be Down Worldwide Starting 4 p.m. Eastern

Nintendo has announced via its Facebook page that the eShop will be down worldwide for maintenance, which will last a total of 12 hours from 4 p.m. – 4 a.m. Eastern Time. The repairs come in response to the overloaded Nintendo Network. Hit the jump to view Nintendo’s entire statement.


Sega Says Sonic Audience Is On Nintendo Platforms

Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber believes that the players for Sonic related titles is on Nintendo platforms, and not on Xbox or PlayStation. He concluded that when the company looks at the overall sales figures for Sonic games, the Nintendo platform audiences have done the best. Sonic first appeared on a third-party system when they… Read more »


Shiny Palkia Distribution Event Begins Today at GameStop

Hey, Pokémon fans, time for another awesome distribution event at GameStop! The shiny Dialga event just wrapped up yesterday, and Palkia’s next on the list. From now until Sunday, September 29, 2013 you can head over to GameStop and pick up a shiny level 100 Palkia via Mystery Gift. This rare gem is only available… Read more »