Poll: Skyward Sword’s Motion Controls

Among the Zelda community, Skyward Sword seems to be one of the most polarizing games in the series. Perhaps it’s just the usual ‘Zelda-cycle’ where a Zelda game is frowned upon 2-3 years after its release, only to be loved a few years down the line. One of the reasons for the wide spectrum of… Read more »


Poll: What Is Your Favorite Element of Zelda?

Yesterday, the latest episode of Sequelitis was released, dropping some tough criticisms on Ocarina of Time for straying away from (in his opinion) what makes Zelda great. That prompted me to write a response about the balance of elements that make up the Zelda formula. There are many things that people think of when they… Read more »

Fourth Dimension

Taking Gaming to the Fourth Dimension

Video gaming has progressed far from its humble beginnings in the second-dimension. The Nintendo 64 brought three-dimensional gameplay environments and the 3DS introduced further 3D elements with the stereoscopic implementation of depth—if we forget Nintendo’s failed attempt with the Virtual Boy. Some games even find themselves combining elements into a 2.5-dimensional limbo, however we scarcely… Read more »


Poll: What Style of Metroid Would You Like to See Next?

Last month, it was revealed that Nintendo is considering how they want to move forward with both 2D and 3D Metroid games, breaking a long silence about the dormant franchise. Not long after, Shigeru Miyamoto polled fans, asking them “What games do you want us to make for Wii U?” The top result was Metroid…. Read more »


DLC Would Be Great For Zelda Wii U If It Was Done Right

Many Nintendo fans are opposed to the idea of DLC in their first party games, and understandably so. DLC has been abused by many developers in the industry with things like on-disk DLC, day one downloads, microtransactions that result in a ‘pay to win’ scenario, and more. Rest assured, that’s not Nintendo’s style. Nintendo’s official… Read more »


Poll: Are You Excited For Lana in Hyrule Warriors?

Nintendo caught us off guard last week by announcing a newcomer named Lana as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. With so many characters in the Zelda universe to choose from, many wondered why they would introduce someone completely new. This morning, we got a brand new character trailer starring Lana. Now that we’ve seen… Read more »

albw wall merge

The Time is Right for Paper Zelda

Back in 2000, Nintendo launched a game that put a bizarre new spin on their biggest and most important franchises. Paper Mario took a platformer series and not only turned it into an RPG (that had already been done with Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars), but also set it in a paper… Read more »