Succeeding the Nintendo 3DS in a Smartphone World

Smartphones take the “pick-up” out of “pick-up and play.” We live in a society where peoples’ cameras, music-players, maps, e-mails, phones, and pretty much every other electronic task you can think of, are all functions of the one device: smartphones. With games for sale on their app-stores, Android and Apple iOS smartphones are even considered… Read more »

New Super Mario Bros. U MiiVerse

Nintendo MiiVerse: Directing Gamer Frustration

Nintendo’s MiiVerse is a central aspect to the Wii U console’s operation and it has not only changed how we interact with one another, but how we interact with our games. Modern gaming is taking full advantage of society’s social media obsession, finally eliminating the stereotype of the gamer as an isolated recluse. What is… Read more »


Gamer’s Fascination With Console Colors

Though we often discuss the differences between game-consoles—why Microsoft added this, why Sony added that—one aspect remains the same across the board. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U are all black. If a variation is released, the best we can expect is usually white. In the past, designers haven’t been as strict. The… Read more »


What Does the Future Hold for Kid Icarus?

Any casual look through the Nintendo Entertainment System’s first-party library will uncover the origins of many classic video game icons. Names like Mario and Zelda remain synonymous with gaming today. Many other properties rooted in the 8-bit era, however, have long since sunk into irrelevance. But unlike retro relics like Balloon Flight and Ice Climbers, the… Read more »


Poll: Skyward Sword’s Motion Controls

Among the Zelda community, Skyward Sword seems to be one of the most polarizing games in the series. Perhaps it’s just the usual ‘Zelda-cycle’ where a Zelda game is frowned upon 2-3 years after its release, only to be loved a few years down the line. One of the reasons for the wide spectrum of… Read more »


Poll: What Is Your Favorite Element of Zelda?

Yesterday, the latest episode of Sequelitis was released, dropping some tough criticisms on Ocarina of Time for straying away from (in his opinion) what makes Zelda great. That prompted me to write a response about the balance of elements that make up the Zelda formula. There are many things that people think of when they… Read more »

Fourth Dimension

Taking Gaming to the Fourth Dimension

Video gaming has progressed far from its humble beginnings in the second-dimension. The Nintendo 64 brought three-dimensional gameplay environments and the 3DS introduced further 3D elements with the stereoscopic implementation of depth—if we forget Nintendo’s failed attempt with the Virtual Boy. Some games even find themselves combining elements into a 2.5-dimensional limbo, however we scarcely… Read more »


Poll: What Style of Metroid Would You Like to See Next?

Last month, it was revealed that Nintendo is considering how they want to move forward with both 2D and 3D Metroid games, breaking a long silence about the dormant franchise. Not long after, Shigeru Miyamoto polled fans, asking them “What games do you want us to make for Wii U?” The top result was Metroid…. Read more »