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Poll: Are You More Excited For Super Smash Bros. 3DS or Wii U?

For the first time in the history of the franchise, Super Smash Bros. will have two different versions this time around. The latest iteration of the Nintendo-themed fighter is hitting both 3DS and Wii U. The handheld version launches first with portability, stereoscopic 3D, and the exclusive Smash Run mode. The Wii U version will… Read more »

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Poll: Will You Play Super Smash Bros. For Fun or For Glory?

During the exciting Super Smash Bros. Direct earlier this week, it was revealed that their will be two different styles for online multiplayer this time around: ‘For Fun’ and ‘For Glory.’ While Super Smash Bros. has a wide variety of great stages, weapons, and items, some feel this makes the game too unbalanced and not… Read more »

Steel Diver Feature

Steel Diver: Sub Wars First Impressions

After the Nintendo Direct announcement of Steel Diver: Sub Wars, I decided to download it and share my first impressions. Even just playing the free demo, I realized that this would be a cool game, with near fluid gameplay, Morse code chat, and an overall atmosphere that fits it perfectly. Make the jump to dive into… Read more »

10 New Video Game IPs 2014

10 Exciting New IPs Arriving in 2014

2013 has now long since passed, leaving behind some incredible gaming moments and memories. And despite an incredible lineup of games over this past year, 2014 is shaping up to be even better, especially when it comes to new IPs. For those unfamiliar with the term “IP,” it stands for intellectual property and represents a… Read more »


Xbox One: Where is the Kinect We Were Promised?

When I picked up my Xbox One on Nov. 22 I knew what I was getting myself into…at least I thought I did. Seeing as I pre-ordered the system in July (fairly shortly after Microsoft reversed its policies concerning DRM), you could probably say that I was hyped up for a new generation of consoles…. Read more »


GenGAME Daily 003: Nintendo’s Biggest Problem is Software

It’s not looking good for Nintendo. Those nine million Wii U sales they hoped to scoop up this year were always out-of-reach, but they’ve finally had to come out and make it official: they’re not even close. And that 100 billion yen operating profit Mr. Iwata promised last year? Yeah, that’s not happening either. Like… Read more »