Interview with Aegis Development Team

Aegis, a new indie 16-bit platformer/tower defense game, is about to launch into its Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign, so we sat for a chat with the developers at Studio Guts to see what we can expect from their new title.


GenGAME Interview: Tinker Games Talks Pale Blue

I was very lucky to interview Tinker Games, developer of upcoming title Pale Blue.┬áThis is the tale of Ellen, a normal girl who ended up live her life bringing fear and chaos upon this world; brawling every single heroes thrown at her, and carry the burden as nemesis of humanity. Loving the genius idea of… Read more »


Zelda Dungeon Interviews Eiji Aonuma

If you’ve been following all of our E3 news and coverage, you know we’ve been teasing an interview between GenGAME sister site Zelda Dungeon and Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma at E3. GenGAME/Zelda Dungeon owner Mases Hagopian and I had the privilege to sit down the man in charge of Zelda, as well as two members… Read more »


GenGAME Interview: Axeforge Games Talk Diablowing

I sat down with Axeforge Games and got to ask the developers a few questions about their game which is currently on Kickstarter; Diablowing. Diablowing is a shoot em’ up game with RPG elements in it’s item selection and ship customization. Since I’m a fan of shoot em’ up games I had some very specific… Read more »