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One Piece: Unlimited World R New Trailer and Details

The upcoming game by Bandai Namco, One Piece: Unlimited World R received a new trailer and details today. The game will be available on PS3, PS Vita, 3DS and Wii U in North America July 2013. Bandai Namco said, “After 2 episodes of the Pirate Warriors series, we decided to come back to another kind of game and… Read more »


Final Fantasy X-3 Denied and More JRPG News

The highly-doubted rumours about Final Fantasy X-3 being in development have been denied by Producer Yoshinori Kitase. The rumours started when an article in Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu was mistranslated. The piece did talk about two games, just not the ones people thought. The other rumoured game, a new Dissidia: Final Fantasy had Director Mitsunori… Read more »


GenGAME Interview: Varia Games Devs Talk ReVeN

ReVeN became fully funded on Kickstarter just the other day so naturally GenGAME had to grab these guys for an interview about the game. I asked the team of Austin, John and Mark some questions about themselves, Varia Games and ReVeN and got some great responses. If you haven’t seen anything about ReVeN yet check… Read more »

Shadow of Mordor Dev on Importance of Project

It was recently announced that Monolith Productions will be working on a Lord of The Rings prequel titled Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and studio head Kevin Stephens is making it known that he and Monolith Productions are very invested in creating a Lord of The Rings game that is respectful of Tolkien’s source material,… Read more »

Xbox Wire Sits Down With Members of the Watch Dogs Team

Ubisoft’s been busy with next-gen titles – Assassin’s Creed IV, the latest and greatest in their yearly franchise – is coming to new platforms, and they’re also bringing the brand-new IP Watch_Dogs to the fledgling systems. It could just stem from my childhood desire to be a hacker, but whatever it is, I’m really excited… Read more »

The Latest on Assassin’s Creed IV from Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed is one of those game series that I often hear my friends talk about, but that I personally haven’t gotten around to playing yet. I think it’s most likely because I always hear such mixed reviews and opinions about each of the games in the series. I did grab the second one thanks… Read more »

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Localization Teased

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney has been out in Japan on 3DS since November 2012. Luckily for European fans of both series, Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino hinted at the game being localized in France. The tease came at the panel held by Akihiro Hino at the past weekend’s Japan Expo which took place in France…. Read more »