Microsoft Still Considering Xbox 360 Emulation On Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that they are still thinking of a way to emulate Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. While nothing is officially confirmed, the idea is being kicked around. During Microsoft’s Build developer conference, development lead Frank Savage had this to say: “There are [still plans for an emulator] but we’re not done thinking… Read more »

spiderman 2

The Amazing Spiderman 2: Kingpin Trailer Shows Off a Host of Baddies

The latest trailer for Activision’s upcoming game, The Amazing Spiderman 2, features a whole host of super villains for players to face off against as their favorite genetically altered web-slinger, Spiderman. The trailer features newly introduced villains Kingpin and what looks to be the infamous Carnage, in addition to the nimble Black Cat. Previously confirmed villains… Read more »


Doom Beta Will Only be Available on PC, PS4 And Xbox One

The Doom beta set to release alongside id Software’s upcoming title, Wolfenstein: The New Order, will only be available to players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, according to Wolfenstein‘s FAQ page. Players who pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order for any console will receive a beta code for the next installment in the Doom franchise. However, those who pre-order for PS3 will… Read more »


External Storage Support For Xbox One ‘Coming Soon’

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb confirmed via Xbox One’s subreddit on Wednesday that external storage will in fact be making its way to Microsoft’s latest console. An exact date as to when compatibility will become available is still unknown, but Hryb did state that the feature will be “coming soon.” Responding to a Reddit user’s… Read more »


Prepare Your Crew, GTA V Online Heists are Coming

Rockstar announced today that the Spring Update for Grand Theft Auto V will bring many fan-requested features. The most important feature coming is the inclusion of heists, which have been teased since before the game launched. You can participate in these new co-op missions with your crew or with random online players, meaning everyone can… Read more »


Xbox Games With Gold Program For The Month of April

Xbox’s “Games With Gold” program continues in April with two more free games for your collection. “Hitman: Absolution” ($20) will be free starting April 1 and ending April 15. The second game will be the XBLA game “Deadlight” ($15) and that will start April 16 and go to April 30. A lot of people have… Read more »


Phil Spencer Taking Over Xbox Division

As one of his final executive decisions before his resignation, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer combined the Xbox division with the mobile phone and tablet division, making Julie Larsen-Green the new ‘Head of Devices.’ However, after Satya Nadella assumed control of the company, Larsen-Green was replaced by Stephen Elop. This was a cause for concern… Read more »


Metro Redux Confirmed For Xbox One and PS4

Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed that the Metro series will be headed to current-gen consoles in the form of a project titled Metro Redux. 4A Games will continue to act as the games’ developer, with an official reveal before E3 this year, according to Deep Silver. According to a leak from Italian site EveryEye, the game… Read more »

Spartan Assault

No More Steam Plans for Halo Franchise

With Halo: Spartan Assault launching on Steam on April 4th, the franchise’s future on the platform may already be decided. “We have no further ‘Halo’ releases on Steam planned at this time”, said a Microsoft spokesperson, meaning the upcoming title could be the first and last Steam will ever see.

alien isolation

Alien: Isolation Set to Release Oct. 7

Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly’s homage to Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien, will launch on Oct. 7, the developer announced during a panel at EGX Rezzed in Birmingham, England today. Pitted against a single, massive Xenomorph, Alien: Isolation will force players to outwit the game’s savage creature in order to survive as they traverse a gritty space station. Alien:… Read more »