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Zombie Company Crusade

GenGAME Interview: Zombie Company Crusade Creator Thad David Talks Kickstarter and Development

By Kevin O'Rourke, February 6, 2014 0

Just last week, we reported on a game that just started a Kickstarter campaign called Zombie Company Crusade. I was able to sit down and talk with Thad David, the creator of Zombie Company Crusade which is up on Kickstarter right now. Zombie Company Crusade is planned to be a mobile free to play real-time strategy game on iOS and Android. I spoke with Thad about his experience in the military and how that shaped his work on Zombie Company Crusade. We also talked about some of the aspects of the game and the filming of the movie his team put together on Kickstarter. The concept of the game seems very interesting and it’s something that would be great to see done on mobile devices. If you’re interested in the full interview take a look after the break.

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playstation now 2

Pachter: PlayStation Now is a Joke, No Prayer of Working

By Ben Lamoreux, February 5, 2014 15

Last month Sony officially unveiled PlayStation Now, a streaming service that lets you play PlayStation titles on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita, tablet, or smart TV for a fee. Subscription plans and game-to-game ‘rentals’ will both be available, but pricing has not yet been revealed.

Reactions to the announcement have been mixed. Many believe it will revolutionize gaming and trigger a shift away from hardware, but others are skeptical of the idea and doubt its reliability. Well-known and often controversial analyst Michael Pachter spoke to Game Informer in this month’s Game Informer, and he has a strongly negative view of the service. Hit the jump to see why.

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Zombie Company Crusade

New Kickstarter Project Zombie Company Crusade is an RTS for iOS and Android

By Kevin O'Rourke, January 30, 2014 1

A Kickstarter project for Zombie Company Crusade has started and looks to bring RTS strategy and action to mobile platforms. The game centers around defending your base from zombies and saving the world from the massive outbreak of zombies that are attacking random locations across the globe. The game is planned to feature a single-player story mode as well as a multiplayer battle mode. The Kickstarter video mixes some live-action with some gameplay that boasts some very realistic 3D models of the players base. If you’re a fan of zombies, real time strategy games or both, check out more information on Zombie Company Crusade below.
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mario mobile 2

Nintendo Denies Report That They Will Put Demos and Mini-Games on Mobile Devices

By Ben Lamoreux, January 28, 2014 16

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata is set to meet with investors on January 30 to discuss his plans for the company going forward following the disappointing sales forecast from two weeks ago. Among other topics, Iwata is expected to discuss the potential to utilize mobile devices as part of a revamped Nintendo marketing strategy. According to a report out of Japanese publication Nikkei, that will include putting free demos and mini-games on phones and tablets. However, Nintendo has since indicated that this is not the case.

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Zelda on phone

Report: Nintendo Will Unveil Mobile Marketing Strategy on January 30

By Ben Lamoreux, January 27, 2014 18

Nintendo’s investors have been pressuring CEO Satoru Iwata to tap into the mobile market for quite some time now, and they may finally get what they want…sort of. According to a report out of Japanese publication Nikkei, Iwata will unveil mobile plans for the company at his investor’s meeting on January 30. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing Nintendo video games for sale on smart phones and tablets. Hit the jump to see what Iwata may have in store for the company.

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deep down

Capcom Aims to Hire 100 Employees Per Year

By Ben Lamoreux, January 23, 2014 2

Capcom is among the larger video game companies that have been forced to scale back due to financial losses in recent years. The company’s restructuring process has led to significant downsizing, especially in Europe, but Capcom expects PlayStation 4 and Xbox One development to require up to ten times more work than last generation. How will Capcom handle this increased workload? According to the company’s latest report, they intend to hire at least 100 new employees a year.

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playstation now

10 Things You Need To Know About PlayStation Now

By Ben Lamoreux, January 11, 2014 0

During CES 2014, Sony unveiled the reason they spent $380 million to purchase Gaikai back in 2011: PlayStation Now. This streaming service will give gamers access to a ‘vast library’ of PlayStation games for a fee, allowing you to play games without a full download and without having a physical disk. A lot of people are still fuzzy on all the finer details, so the good folks over at PlayStation Access have put together a video explaining everything there is to know about PlayStation now to date. You can catch all the juicy information after the jump.

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Square Enix’s “Destiny-VIII” Revealed to be a Mobile Game

By Max Warwick, January 9, 2014 5

Around a week ago, GenGAME reported on a new game that was being teased by a Japanese Square Enix site. The site showed the text “Square Enix x Gloops”, and with Gloops being a Tokyo-based social game developer, it was assumed that the game would be something similar. It has been revealed that “Destiny-VIII” is actually known as Glorious Blades: The Princess of Fate and the 8 Warriors, and is being developed as a mobile game for Android and iOS.
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playstation now 3

PlayStation Now Requires 5Mb/s Internet Connection, DualShock 3

By Ben Lamoreux, January 9, 2014 5

When PlayStation Now launches this summer it will give players the ability to stream games to their PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita, tablet, smart phone, or smart TV, but there will be some requirements. In order to achieve “a good experience,” PlayStation Now requires an internet speed of at least 5 Mb/s. For those who want to use PlayStation now on smart devices, a DualShock 3 controller will be required, as Sony wants to keep the experience as close to the original as possible. PlayStation 4 and Vita will both be able to use their standard controls.

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Popcap Gives the Gift That Keeps on Giving: New Levels and “Swell Prizes”

By Jared Bonaminio, December 24, 2013 1

Recently, Destructoid released a story on the Plants vs Zombies 2 Feastivus, a special event taking place from December 24 until December 28. During this time frame, a special Christmas bonus level will be released every day. According to Pop Cap’s blog post, upon completion of each level, the player will have the chance to win “swell prizes”.

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angry birds

Report: US Video Game Market Totals $20.5 Billion in 2013, 65% of Sales Are Digital

By Ben Lamoreux, December 19, 2013 1

As 2013 comes to a close, analysts are crunching the numbers and finding out just exactly how much money we spend on video games each year in the US. According to a report put together by The Gamer’s Paradise, the video game industry in the US alone totaled around $20.5 billion. Hit the jump to see how that breaks down.

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lift london

Microsoft’s Lift London Studio To Reveal Three New Games Soon

By Ben Lamoreux, December 4, 2013 0

A few months ago it was revealed that Microsoft’s Lift London studio was hard at work on four titles that bridge the gap between free-to-play and AAA. Details have been scarce up to this point, but that should change soon. Lift London studio head Lee Schuneman has revealed to Official Xbox Magazine that we can expect three of the games to be unveiled in the near future.

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