Succeeding the Nintendo 3DS in a Smartphone World

Smartphones take the “pick-up” out of “pick-up and play.” We live in a society where peoples’ cameras, music-players, maps, e-mails, phones, and pretty much every other electronic task you can think of, are all functions of the one device: smartphones. With games for sale on their app-stores, Android and Apple iOS smartphones are even considered… Read more »


Pokemon Trading Card Game to Release on iPad This Year

Soon the Pokemon Trading Card Games will follow the likes of Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone as it makes it’s way to the Apple iPad. Popular YouTuber Josh Wittenkeller, better known to his fans as “The JWittz” snapped the above picture while at the Pokemon World Championships, which are taking place this weekend at the… Read more »


GenGAME Interview: Tinker Games Talks Pale Blue

I was very lucky to interview Tinker Games, developer of upcoming title Pale Blue. This is the tale of Ellen, a normal girl who ended up live her life bringing fear and chaos upon this world; brawling every single heroes thrown at her, and carry the burden as nemesis of humanity. Loving the genius idea of… Read more »